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Grass cutting services near me

​​There are plenty of good local grass cutting services in Salford that come well recommended by your neighbours.

We have two quick and easy ways to find reliable local grass cutting services near you:

  1. Search for local grass cutting in Salford and contact them yourself

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature and we’ll find them for you – tell us what you need doing, we’ll reach out to recommended grass cutting services in your area and they'll contact you directly.

  • How much does grass cutting cost?

    The average grass cutting services cost in the UK varies depending on a number of factors, including the size and condition of the grass that needs cutting and when it was last cut.

    Grass cutting services cost in the UK

    Here are some of the average costs of grass cutting services you can expect to pay in Salford:

    • Residential lawn mowing – £20 per hour

    • Commercial lawn mowing – £30 - £50 per hour

    • Strimming – £15 - £110

    Grass cutting cost per square metre in the UK

    If you want to know how much grass cutting costs based on the square metre area, you can expect to pay around £10 per 100 m2 for residential lawn mowing and about £25 per 100 m2 for commercial lawn mowing.

    Why use professional grass cutting services?

    Mowing the lawn is certainly a potential DIY job, but there are a number of reasons why many homeowners choose to use professional grass cutting services, such as:

    • Saves you the time and hassle of cutting the grass yourself

    • Perfect for homeowners with mobility issues or physical limitations

    • Using a regular grass cutting service keeps your lawn looking good all year round

    • Professional grass cutting services can also treat your lawn to keep it healthy

    Quotes for grass cutting costs

    To get accurate grass cutting costs in your area, we always recommend getting at least three quotes from local grass cutting services near you. By shopping around you can make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price for the work.

    Thankfully, our request a quote tool makes getting multiple quotes super easy. Simply post details about the work that you need help with and we’ll send it out to the best local grass cutting services in your area, who will contact you directly. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

  • Why does grass turn yellow after cutting?

    There are actually a number of reasons why grass turns yellow after cutting, most of which can be easily remedied by simply knowing what the cause is. Here are the most common reasons why cutting the grass turns it yellow:

    1. The blades of the lawn mower aren’t sharp enough – When mower blades aren’t sharp enough, the grass is actually torn not cut and this damage can lead to the grass turning yellow.

    2. Your lawn is lacking nutrients – A good fertiliser will be able to help you add back any missing nutrients to the grass and hopefully return it to a lovely green colour

    3. The grass is cut too short – When grass is cut very short the tips of the blades lack moisture and combined with sunlight this can turn them yellow

    4. Petrol may have leaked from the lawn mower – Harsh chemicals like petrol will almost certainly turn grass yellow as it breaks down the Chlorophyll in the grass

    5. Cutting grass in hot weather – During long periods of hot, dry weather it’s common for grass to turn yellow due to lack of moisture

    6. Your lawn my have a fungal disease – There are some fungal diseases that will cause your grass to turn yellow and will need treating to help the lawn recover

    Need help with cutting the grass?

    Whether you need a quick lawn trim or regular grass cutting, it’s always helpful to get advice from local grass cutting services before you get started.

    Find the best local grass cutting specialists near you with our quick and easy online search. Or request a quote and we’ll reach out to multiple local tradespeople for you and they’ll get in touch with you directly.

  • How long to let new grass grow before cutting?

    If you’ve recently grown a new lawn of grass, it’s important to know when it’s the right time to start cutting the grass for the first time. You might be eager to mow your fresh lawn, but you don’t want to damage the grass or cause issues that would stop you from having healthy, luscious green grass in the future.

    How long to leave grass seed before cutting

    As a general rule, a newly seeded lawn is usually ready for the first garden grass cutting when the grass blades are about 6-7 cm long.

    If you cut the grass before that when it’s shorter, you run the risk of the roots not being developed enough to support the grass recovering properly after being cut. Leave it too long and cutting long grass can be a bit of a pain to deal with.

    Top tips for cutting a new lawn for the first time

    Here are our top tips for mowing your fresh lawn for the first time:

    • Check that the grass plants have all rooted in well before starting

    • Make sure your lawn mower blades are really sharp

    • Set the mower blades high, so you don’t cut the grass too short – ideally try to remove a maximum of a quarter of the length of the grass

    • Choose a day when the weather is reasonably warm and the grass is dry

    • Never mow your lawn if any frost is forecast

    • If the weather has been very dry, make sure you water the lawn immediately after cutting the grass

    Want to speak to grass cutting experts in Salford?

    Sometimes it helps to have a quick chat with local grass cutting companies to understand what services are available in your area and how much they’ll cost.

    If you’re ready to reach out to local grass cutting services, you’re in the right place. We can help you find the best tradespeople in your area with our quick and easy online search – or request a quote and we’ll get multiple local grass cutting services to contact you directly.

  • Is it OK to cut grass in the rain?

    The short answer to that question is, no. You should avoid cutting grass in the rain or after rainfall. Instead, wait for the grass to dry out before you whip out the lawn mower and try to cut the grass. Here are some of the reasons why cutting wet grass is a bad idea:

    • Wet lawns are slippery and cutting wet grass can be dangerous with a risk of your slipping and falling whilst using a heavy lawn mower with sharp blades

    • You’ll often get uneven results if you mow wet grass because some blades will be weighed down by the weight of the moisture and be missed by the mower blades

    • Cutting damp grass can encourage mould and other lawn diseases to take hold, due to the damp conditions

    • Some lawn mowers struggle to cut grass when it’s wet, which can cause the mower to overheat

    • The process of cutting grass on a wet lawn can lead to compacted soil and create ruts in the surface of your lawn

    Want to find out more about local grass cutting services?

    If you need help looking after your lawn and keeping the grass in good condition, speak to local grass cutting specialists to find out what services they can offer and how much they charge.

    Keen to get started? Search for the best local grass cutting services in Salford and get in touch with them yourself. Alternatively, you can get multiple quotes from local grass cutting experts by using our request a quote feature – simply post details of what you need and we’ll get reliable local tradespeople to contact you directly.