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Dream Doors (Solihull & Birmingham East)
Dream Doors (Solihull & Birmingham East)  Logo
Dream Doors (Solihull & Birmingham East)
9.96(72 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

Dream Doors Solihull and Birmingham East - New Life for Old Kitchens. Transforming kitchens across Solihull and the surrounding areas.
Call01215 167922
City Bathrooms & Kitchens
City Bathrooms & Kitchens Logo
City Bathrooms & Kitchens
9.75(122 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

We are a family run company that has been professionally installing full bathroom, kitchen and bedroom renovations for over 30 years. We have a beautiful showroom with a large free car
Call02475 186899
Kitchens World Ltd
Kitchens World Ltd Logo
Kitchens World Ltd
9.9(24 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

A local family run business based with a wealth of knowledge in trade. We create bespoke solutions at affordable prices in Nuneaton, Coventry, Hinckley, Tamworth and surrounding areas
Call02475 186898
James Field Kitchens Ltd
James Field Kitchens Ltd Logo
James Field Kitchens Ltd
9.73(78 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

Call us now for a complete job carried out by professionals. We’re very experienced in fitting and designing kitchens with over 20 years experience.
Call07458 194318
Dream Doors (Birmingham South)
Dream Doors (Birmingham South)  Logo
Dream Doors (Birmingham South)
9.6(47 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

Make your kitchen the heart of your home with Dream Doors Birmingham South. Speak to our designers and view our stunning collection at your local kitchen showroom.
Call07488 818995
Dream Doors (Worcester)
Dream Doors (Worcester) Logo
Dream Doors (Worcester)
9.84(499 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

Dream Doors Worcester is your local family run kitchen makeover specialist. Contact David and Kate for a free kitchen makeover quotation.
Call01905 947562
Fantasy Kitchens
Fantasy Kitchens
9.56(207 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

Fantasy Kitchens is owned and run by Daren Faulkner we are well established with 25 years experience. We offer a bespoke kitchen bedrooms and bathrooms service.
Call07458 165062
9.95(14 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

bathroom installation, kitchen installation, flooring, plumbing
Call07458 184254
Insurance unverified
HC Granite Worktops
HC Granite Worktops  Logo
HC Granite Worktops
(18 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

Welcome to Home Counties Granite we specialise in Granite, quartz, marble, glass. We can offer a very professional service cheaper than our competitors, all manufacturing is produced in house our...
Call07488 830108
Eaton Stonemasons Ltd
Eaton Stonemasons Ltd Logo
Eaton Stonemasons Ltd
10(223 reviews)

Operates in Warwickshire

Eaton Stonemasons based in Wareham offers granite, quartz & marble surfaces for both residential & commercial purposes. Produced in our Dorset factory and installed by our highly skilled stonemasons.
Call01929 508249

Kitchen showrooms in Warwickshire

If you’re planning for a new kitchen, visiting local kitchen showrooms can give you the burst of inspiration and valuable professional advice you need.

From choosing the look and feel to deciding on the exact kitchen fixtures and fittings you want, head to your local kitchen design showrooms in Warwickshire to get started.

How do you find kitchen showrooms in Warwickshire? Simple, scroll up and you’ll see a list of your local kitchen showrooms. Or, if you’re pressed for time, request a quote and we’ll reach out to local kitchen showrooms in your area and they'll contact you directly.

  • Who are the biggest kitchen manufacturers in the UK?

    Some of the biggest and most popular kitchen manufacturers in the UK include:

    • Magnet

    • Howdens

    • Wren

    • British Standard

    • Wickes

    • IKEA

    All the major kitchen manufacturers have local kitchen showrooms where you can go and see a selection of their kitchens in person.

    You’ll be able to talk with experienced kitchen professionals who can answer your questions, offer advice and discuss the details of the options that are available to you – as well as the costs of a new kitchen.

    Tips for visiting kitchen showrooms in Warwickshire

    Here are some of our top tips to help you make the most of your visits to local kitchen showrooms:

    1. Work out your budget – Knowing how much you have to spend will help you make the most appropriate decisions for your budget. Your future self will thank you for keeping the costs under control right from the beginning.

    2. Do some online research – Take some time to look at kitchens online and find examples of the styles, colours and features you like the most. And before you go to a specific kitchen showroom, take a look at their kitchen ranges online to see which ones you like the most. That way, you can focus on your favourites and see what they’re like in person.

    3. Take measurements before you go – It’s important to know what space you’re working with when planning a new kitchen, so take measurements of your existing kitchen before you go. Knowing the measurements also means you can also work out a more accurate price for materials.

    4. Draw a rough floor plan – Not only are measurements important, it’s also useful to have a floor plan that shows the layout of your kitchen, including and architectural features that might impact the design of your new kitchen.

    5. Take photos of your existing kitchen – As well as measurements, it can be really helpful to show the staff at local kitchen showrooms exactly what your current kitchen is like.

    6. Speak with their in-house kitchen design expert – If a kitchen manufacturer has a showroom then they’ll most likely have in-house who can offer you practical advice for your new kitchen design. They’ll also be able to create draft layouts and kitchen plans for you.

    As part of your kitchen project planning, you might find some of our guides useful for bedtime reading:

    Need help finding kitchen design showrooms in Warwickshire?

    When planning a new kitchen, it’s always helpful to get advice from local kitchen showrooms as a first step. If you scroll up this page, you should see a list of kitchen showrooms in Warwickshire that you can contact directly.

    Alternatively, you can request a quote for your kitchen project and we’ll do the legwork for you and get kitchen showrooms in Warwickshire to get in touch with you directly.

  • Should I go to a local kitchen showroom?

    We would always recommend visiting local kitchen showrooms before making decisions on your new kitchen, whether you’re renovating your existing kitchen or installing a brand new kitchen.

    Visiting a kitchen showroom lets you see the kitchen units, appliances, fixtures and fittings in person – and some materials, styles and colours do look different to pictures online when you see them in the flesh.

    Benefits of visiting kitchen showrooms in Warwickshire

    Here are some of the reasons why might want to add visiting local kitchen showrooms to your to-do list:

    • Expert advice – At a showroom you can talk to members of staff and kitchen experts about specific products or designs. If you have a vision, they can offer you ideas and suggestions on the spot, and they‘ll be able to show you different options in person.

    • See what kitchens really look like – You can’t beat looking at kitchen ranges in person to fully appreciate the details and differences between the styles, colours, and the feel of the materials.

    • Realise what you want / need – Being able to experience kitchens in a showroom can highlight which features you really want – some you may not have thought of, and others you might have wanted but then realise in person they’re not needed after all.

    • Start designing – Most kitchen showrooms will offer a kitchen design service, where you can sit with an experienced kitchen designer and work on your kitchen plan. You just need to provide them with detailed measurements, or book them in to visit your home and measure up before you visit the showroom.

    • Compare costs – It’s often easier to compare the costs of various kitchen options with the help of trained kitchen showroom staff. They’ll often be able to point out where you can save some money on products or appliances.

    • Free refreshments – Any decent showroom will offer free tea and coffee, and maybe even biscuits if you’re lucky!

    Ready to start visiting local kitchen showrooms in Warwickshire?

    As we’ve mentioned, there’s a whole host of reasons why visiting local kitchen showrooms is a good idea.

    If you’re ready to get out there and start seeing kitchens in person, scroll up and get in touch with the kitchen showrooms around Warwickshire that are listed at the top of this page.

    Don’t have time to browse kitchen showroom options right now? Don’t worry, you can request a quote and we’ll reach out to multiple local kitchen design showrooms for you and they'll be in touch directly.