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Smart thermostat installation in Glasgow

Finding smart thermostat installers in Glasgow doesn’t need to be complicated. We can save you time and energy that could be better spent relaxing or having fun. Our members even come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

So, how can you find companies who offer smart thermostat installation in Glasgow? Try one of the following two options:

  1. Look online for smart thermostat businesses and get in touch with them.

  2. Or, to save time, try our request a quote feature. Send us the details of the work you need doing and we’ll find three experienced smart thermostat installers in Glasgow. They’ll then contact you with a quote.

  • What is a smart thermostat?

    Smart thermostats work in a similar way to normal thermostats: they control the temperature of your home’s central heating. The main difference with a smart thermostat is that your thermostat connects to the internet and your smartphone/computer. This gives you control over your central heating when you're out of the house.

    There's nothing better on a cold winter day than returning to a warm cosy home. With a smart thermostat you can turn your central heating on from your smartphone at any time. Weather warmer than expected? No problem, you can also turn your central heating off.

  • What are the benefits of smart thermostats?

    Not only are smart thermostats a convenient way to control the temperature in your home, they also have other benefits.

    Firstly, having a smart thermostat can save you money on your energy bills. While you can set a schedule, they also allow you to switch your heating on only when it's needed. This helps prevent wasted energy.

    What's more, some smart thermostats come with additional features. You can choose from models that prevent your pipes from freezing, learn your heating preferences and make automatic adjustments, and even detect if you’ve left a window open.

    Will a smart thermostat work with my HVAC system?

    While smart thermostats are a great choice, they aren't compatible with every HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. The best way to check if your system will work well with a smart thermostat is to look online. Most smart thermostat suppliers will have a section on their website that helps you see if your system is compatible.

  • Do you need a professional to install a smart thermostat?

    You don't need a professional to install a smart thermostat but it certainly helps. The installation process can be a little confusing so hiring a professional will save you a few headaches. What’s more, a smart thermostat installer will do the job in a fraction of the time it would take you. Plus, they can guarantee it’s properly set up for optimal performance.

  • How to install a smart thermostat:

    Want to give smart thermostat installation a go? No problem, below we’ve summarised the installation process to make it easier for you to follow:

    1. Switch your central heating off

    2. Remove the front cover of your current thermostat

    3. Take a photo of the wire positions to help you later

    4. Take the thermostat backplate off the wall

    5. Attach your smart thermostat backplate to your wall, making sure to pull the wires through the plate

    6. Connect the wires to your new thermostat

    7. Attach the front cover of your smart thermostat

    8. Turn your central heating back on

    9. Link the new thermostat to your WiFi

    How to install a Tado smart thermostat

    Tado smart thermostats are one of many excellent options available to you. They work in a similar way to other smart thermostats but one of their selling points is the easy home installation process.

    If you’re wondering how to install a tado smart thermostat, all you need to do is scan the QR code on your starter kit. This will then guide you through the process. Or, you can hire a professional to install it. Our guide on how much Tado installation costs has all the details you’ll need.

  • How much does it cost to install a smart thermostat?

    This really comes down to the smart thermostat you choose. There are a range of popular brands of smart thermostat all of which have different prices. Many include the cost of installation saving you the trouble of doing the work yourself. However, if you have to hire an electrician separately, their average hourly rate is £40.

    Ok, let's look at a few smart thermostat installation costs. Below we’ve listed the most common brands of smart thermostat with their average prices and whether or not that includes installation:

    1. Tado smart thermostat - £170 for the unit and installation

    2. Hive smart thermostat - £225 for the unit and installation

    3. Nest smart thermostat - £250 for the unit only

    4. Wave smart thermostat - £180 for the unit only

    You can find more smart thermostat installation costs as well as further information and advice when picking a new thermostat in our smart thermostat cost guide.

    Want to speak to smart thermostat installers in Glasgow?

    Looking for professional smart thermostat installation in Glasgow? Let us help find the right installer for you. Our members pass 12 full checks so you can be sure you’re getting the best service every time. They’re even recommended by your neighbours.

    If you’re ready to contact a smart thermostat installer in Glasgow, why not try our online search feature? It’s completely free and allows you to view a range of professionals in your area at the touch of a button.

    In a hurry? Our request a quote feature is the perfect choice for busy homeowners. Simply give us the details of your job and we’ll get in touch with three professionals who offer smart thermostat installation in Glasgow. Then you can sit back and relax while you wait for the quotes to roll in.