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Solar thermal installers in East-Grinstead

Looking for solar thermal installers in East-Grinstead? No problem, let us help you find the right worker for your project. We can even show you solar thermal professionals who are recommended by your neighbours.

You can find companies who offer solar thermal servicing in East-Grinstead in the following two ways:

  1. Go online and search for solar thermal experts in your area, then contact them directly.

  2. Or, to save time, try our request a quote feature. Complete our online form with all the details of your project and we’ll pass these on to three solar thermal installers in your area. They’ll then contact you to offer you three quotes.

  • What is solar thermal heating?

    Solar thermal heating is the process of using solar power to heat the water and provide electricity in your home. The sun is a constant, carbon neutral source of energy. This means that by using solar thermal panels you can absorb this heat and use it throughout your property.

    How does solar thermal energy work?

    Solar thermal energy is an excellent way to produce electricity and heat the water in your central heating system. It uses solar collectors (panels) that absorb the sun's energy. Hot liquid from your solar collectors is then converted into electricity or it flows to your hot water cylinder to be used in your home. Warm water can then be stored until you need it.

    What is the difference between solar thermal panels and solar panels?

    While these two technologies have similarities, they aren’t the same. Solar thermal panels use the power of the sun to heat a fluid which can then be converted into electricity or warm water. Solar PV panels on the other hand, work using sunlight and semiconductors to produce power or warm water.

    What does a solar thermal installer do?

    Solar thermal installers work on solar thermal systems. They have the right training and experience to install new solar thermal systems. In addition, solar thermal installers can repair and service your system to keep it running efficiently.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar thermal energy?

    A great option for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, solar thermal energy is used throughout the UK.

    What are the advantages of solar thermal energy?

    Well, you can look forward to the following benefits:

    • Sustainable energy - The sun is constantly producing energy which means your solar thermal system has a sustainable supply.
    • Fossil fuels - Using solar thermal energy reduces the need for fossil fuels.
    • Running costs - The running costs for a solar thermal system are very low, the sun's energy is free after all. This massively reduces your monthly energy bills.
    • Functionality - These systems are designed to function even on cloudy days, which is essential in the UK.

    What are the disadvantages of solar thermal energy?

    While solar thermal energy has a range of benefits, it also has few drawbacks. These include:

    • Price - Setting up a solar thermal system isn’t cheap. You’ll need to make an initial investment, however, your energy bills will be hugely reduced, making up for this.
    • Space - Many solar energy systems take up a lot of roof space and can be heavy so ensure your roof is strong enough before installing.
    • Appearance - While some homeowners are happy with the way their solar thermal system looks, this may not be to your taste.
    • Effectiveness - While solar thermal systems can function even without the sun shining, they’re more effective on sunny days.
  • How much does solar thermal cost?

    It’s difficult to know exactly how much your solar thermal system will cost without considering a few factors. The below variables will impact the amount you pay for your new system:

    • Energy needed - The more energy you need to produce, the higher your solar thermal system will cost.

    • Number of panels - The more panels you require, the more you’ll pay.

    • Roof direction - If your roof faces north, you’ll need more panels to produce the same amount of power, increasing the cost.

    • Battery - Installing a solar battery allows you to collect excess solar energy to be used at nighttime and darker days but this is an additional cost.

    • Location - Where you live in the UK will affect how much you pay for labour.

    Solar thermal system cost

    Bearing the above factors in mind, the average solar thermal system cost is £4,500 for a 3.6m2 set up.

    You can find more information and prices in our solar panel installation cost guide.

  • Looking for solar thermal servicing in East-Grinstead?

    Regularly servicing your solar thermal system is important to keep it running properly.

    During a service, a solar thermal expert will check your system is functioning safely and effectively. This helps your solar thermal system to produce more power and last longer. Yearly servicing is lSO recommended.

  • Looking for solar thermal maintenance in East-Grinstead?

    One of the benefits of solar thermal systems is that they need little maintenance. Having said that, there are a few things you can do to optimise performance.

    You can also pay a professional to help maintain your system. Make sure you regularly:

    • Clean your panels by wiping with a cloth dipped in warm water and soap
    • Check for any leaks
    • Keep your system clear of any plants and trees
  • Want to speak to solar thermal installers in East-Grinstead?

    If you’re searching for solar thermal installers in East-Grinstead, make sure you hire someone experienced and qualified.

    Trust is also important, which is why our members pass a range of checks and come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

    Even better, we guarantee their work - that’s how much we trust the quality of each of our members’ work!

    How do you find local solar thermal installers?

    There’s two super easy ways.

    Option 1, our online search feature is completely free. Type in your postcode to see a variety of solar thermal installers in East-Grinstead.

    1. Alternatively, why use our request a quote feature. Simply send us the details of the work you need doing and we’ll forward these to three solar thermal installers. You can then sit back and relax while they draw up three quotes for your job.