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Steel work design in Gloucester

If you’re looking for a steelwork design company in Gloucester we can help speed up the process. We can even show you the professionals who are recommended by your neighbours.

You can find a steel designer in one of two ways:

  1. Search Checkatrade for steel work design companies and contact them directly.

  2. Try our handy request a quote feature. Just send us the details of your project and we’ll pass these on to three steel designers in your area. They’ll then contact you asking for more details or to send you a quote.

  • What is steel structure design?

    Steel structure design involves using steel to construct a building (often making up the skeleton of the structure). Steel is usually used in the form of beams and columns, making any structure strong, durable and long lasting.

    Different types of steel design

    There are three commonly used types of steel design. These look at the joint movement to help plan steel construction. Below are the three types of steel design:

    1. Continuous design

    2. Semi-continuous design

    3. Simple design

  • What are the advantages of using steel in construction?

    As a material, steel has many advantages over alternatives. So, it isn't surprising steel is widely used in the construction industry. Some of the main benefits of using steel include:

    • Strength-to-weight: Steel has a brilliant strength-to-weight ratio.

    • Durability and quality: Steel is both strong and safe to use. Plus, it isn't damaged by bad weather due to its high quality.

    • Connection to other materials: Steel works well in connection with other materials to build new structures.

    • Customizability: Steel can be shaped and manipulated to the exact specifications needed.

    • Sustainability: Steel is recyclable and sustainable.

    • Cost: Using steel instead of concrete to build the structure of a building can save over 5% on construction costs.

    • Speed of construction: Steel structures are usually built off-site, making installation quick.

    What different types of beam are available?

    One of the most common uses of steel is in beams for construction. Steel work is widely used to support structures and some of the most common beam types include:

    • Universal beams

    • Channels

    • Joists

    • Compound sections

    • Flat sections

    • Hollow sections

    • Circular hollow sections

    • Lattice beams

  • What does a steel designer do?

    Steel design is a type of structural engineering that helps professionals to plan and design new structures using steel. Steel designers work on projects including residential homes, offices, schools, warehouses and even stadiums. They analyse everything from the load to the size and shape of the structure to find the best steel solutions.

    Other considerations are:

    • Height of the structure

    • Depth of the structure

    • Fire resistance

    • Construction costs

    • Flexibility of the structure

    • Ground conditions

    • Sustainability

  • What is the cost of steel buildings?

    Once a steel structure has been designed, it can be built and installed in its new location. Using a steel frame will help to save construction time and allow the metal to be shaped in precise dimensions.

    If you’re planning to use steel to help build your home, you may be wondering how much this will cost.

    Our steel building price guide looks at some of the main average costs. For example, the average steel building construction cost is £250 per m².

    Want to speak to steel work designers in Gloucester?

    Finding the right professional to work on your construction project is essential so ensure you hire someone qualified and experienced. It’s also worth looking at examples of past jobs and Checkatrade reviews.

    Did you know our members pass 12 checks to ensure they’re right for your job? They even come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

    Once you’re ready to find a steelwork design company, there are two excellent ways of locating them. Firstly, you can try our free search feature, just type in your postcode to see a range of steel designers near you.

    Alternatively, use our request a quote feature. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do the legwork for you, finding three qualified steel work designers in Gloucester. They’ll then contact you to send you a quote.