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Asuka Euro Limited
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Asuka Euro Limited
9.75(4 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

Asuka Euro is a full-service construction company that specialises in a wide range of services. We provide new builds, extensions, renovations, maintenance, and demolitions services to our clients.
Call07458 184375
Aspec Building & Decorating
Aspec Building & Decorating  Logo
Aspec Building & Decorating
10(28 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

Experienced building company covering all aspects of building and refurbishment work, inside and out. Free estimates. Quality assured.
Call07488 831140
HMB Property Maintenance Ltd
HMB Property Maintenance Ltd Logo
HMB Property Maintenance Ltd
9.77(99 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

HMB pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and our ethos and main objective is to be consistent in providing our customers with workmanship at the highest standard.
Call07488 829949
General Building Services
General Building Services Logo
General Building Services
8.87(7 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

Great availability currently, please check out my profile and give me a call!
Call07458 177236
Tanta Builders
Tanta Builders Logo
Tanta Builders
10(10 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

A highly experienced builder offering Friendly, Reliable and Professional services in general building aspects interior & exterior We make sure we meet our clients needs
Call07458 191247
Lewin Construction Ltd
Lewin Construction Ltd Logo
Lewin Construction Ltd
9.67(73 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

Lewin Construction Ltd offers a complete and comprehensive range of construction services with a professional, friendly, and reliable approach to all our work undertaken.We are specialists in all...
Call07488 825620
Hammers Construction
Hammers Construction Logo
Hammers Construction
9.92(141 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

Hammers Construction specialise in Loft Conversions, Extensions, Groundwork & General building work. We can also plan, manage & build multi-phase jobs. We are experts in the
Call07488 828031
S&S Luxury Constructions Ltd
S&S Luxury Constructions Ltd Logo
S&S Luxury Constructions Ltd
9.67(12 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

A team of builders available for your building projects including building work, including, new builds, refurbs, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms
Call07458 172705
A Iqbal Constructions Ltd
A Iqbal Constructions Ltd Logo
A Iqbal Constructions Ltd
10(11 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

A IQBAL Constructions are quality, experienced contractors that provide a marker and efficient yields. We assemble, remodel, restore anything in your settlement and we will surpass your
Call07488 849040
Dhaliwal22 Construction Ltd
Dhaliwal22 Construction Ltd Logo
Dhaliwal22 Construction Ltd
9.24(14 reviews)

Operates in Buckinghamshire

Hi its my facebook page you can see my all jobs on my page .I mention below my link.Thanks
Call07893 900033

Structural steel contractors

Finding structural steel contractors in Buckinghamshire doesn’t need to be a long, complicated process. We can help you easily find a structural steel company in your area that comes recommended by your neighbours.

Consider using one of the below two options:

  1. Look online for structural steel erectors in Buckinghamshire and contact them directly.

  2. Alternatively, try our quick and easy request a quote feature. If you’re short on time, give us the details of your job and we’ll forward them to three structural steel contractors. They’ll then get in touch to send you a quote.

  • What is structural steel?

    Steel is a strong material with a variety of uses, whilst structural steel is a type of steel that’s frequently used in construction. It can be used in beams, columns and other shapes to create the skeleton structure of a building, adding support and strength.

    What is a structural steel contractor?

    Structural steel contractors and construction companies work with structural steel on a daily basis. They use it to create building components in different shapes and sizes. The structural steel can then be used to construct buildings and structures that’ll stand the test of time.

    What is structural steel used for?

    Primarily used in construction, structural steel is a versatile material. This means that different companies will offer different types of structural steel services.

    Common uses include:

    • Building houses

    • Building warehouses

    • Building bridges

    • Building stadiums

    • Building industrial factories

    • Building industrial equipment

  • What are the benefits of structural steel?

    Structural steel is often the preferred material for construction experts due to its many advantages. While it does have a few drawbacks, structural steel is very popular and commonly used to support structures. Below we’ve summarised the pros and cons of using structural steel:


    • Good strength to weight ratio: Steel is quite lightweight considering how much strength it provides

    • Versatile: Steel is a versatile, flexible material than can be made into any shape

    • Construction time: As steel is usually produced offsite, the construction process sees less delays

    • Affordable: Compared to the alternatives, structural steel is quite affordable


    • Buckling: Steel can buckle over time if it’s under too much strain

    • Maintenance: Steel does need regular maintenance to keep it from corroding, this can be quite expensive

    • Fireproof: Steel is not naturally fireproof so it needs to be fireproofed which can be costly

  • How much does structural steel cost?

    The price of structural steel is always changing, in large part due to supply and demand. As recently as 2022 the price of structural steel increased due to high levels of demand so bear this in mind if you’re considering using this material.

    Other factors that influence the average structural steel cost are:

    • The amount of steel you need

    • The complexity of your steel design

    • The quality of steel you choose

    • Your location

    Structural steel cost

    As we mentioned above, the price of steel has seen an increase recently pushing it to around £700 per ton. To learn more about structural steel costs, please visit our steel building cost guide.

  • What to look for in a structural steel contractor

    When searching for a structural steel contractor, it’s important to find the right worker or company for the job. If you’re unsure how to find a professional you can trust, it’s well worth asking yourself the following questions:

    • Do they have the right qualifications?

    • Do they have enough experience?

    • Are they friendly and professional?

    • Are they happy to visit your home and give you a quote?

    • Can they show you examples of past jobs

    • Do they have positive reviews on Checkatrade?

    • Will they make time to answer your questions?

    If you can answer yes to most of the above questions, you can feel confident you have found the right structural steel company for your project.

    Want to speak to structural steel contractors in Buckinghamshire?

    If you’re looking for a structural steel company, we can help you find the best professionals for your job. Our members all pass thorough checks so you know you’re hiring someone you can depend on. They’re even recommended by your neighbours.

    Unsure how to find structural steel erectors in Buckinghamshire? No problem, try our free search feature. With just your postcode we can find you a variety of structural steel contractors in your area.

    Or, to make things simple, use our request a quote feature. Enter the details of your job and we’ll find three structural steel construction companies near you. They'll then send you three separate quotes. It really is that easy.