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Underfloor heating repair in Coventry

To get your underfloor heating repaired in Coventry, you’ll want to find and choose the best underfloor heating experts to help repair your system.

There are several underfloor heating repair specialists located across Coventry. To find the best underfloor heating repair workers in your area, Checkatrade can help.

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  • What are common problems with underfloor heating?

    Underfloor heating systems are generally highly reliable. Sometimes, however, you may experience problems with your underfloor heating system.

    Some common problems with underfloor heating systems are:

    • Trapped air or a blockage in the water pipes

    • Leaks in the system indicated by the boiler constantly dropping pressure

    • Problems with incompatible flooring

    • Problems due to poor quality installation

    • Thermostats incorrectly set

    • Poor levels of insulation

    For some of these problems you may want to attempt to troubleshoot and fix the problem yourself. In most cases, however, it’s best to call an underfloor heating repair specialist.

  • Can underfloor heating systems be repaired?

    Yes. All problems with underfloor heating systems can be repaired.

    Depending on the location of the problem, however, the flooring may need to be lifted to gain access and carry out the repair works.

  • How do you fix underfloor heating problems?

    This depends on the problem. For problems with the boiler, thermostats or electric controls, a plumber or gas engineer will be able to fix the problem with minimal disruption to your home.

    If you have a leaking pipe on a hydronic underfloor heating system, however, the flooring will need to be removed to gain access to the damaged pipework.

  • How do you find a fault in underfloor heating?

    If the problem is with the boiler or thermostat, then an engineer will test the system to identify the fault.

    If the fault is located under the floor, such as a damaged pipe or cable, an engineer will use a thermal imaging camera to locate the precise location of the fault.

    They can then lift the flooring in the specific location to access the fault without causing too much disruption to other areas of the flooring.

  • How common are leaks in underfloor heating?

    Leaks in underfloor heating systems are rare. They usually occur during installation when a pipe becomes damaged.

    In this case, the installer will notice the problem and fix it before the flooring is laid on top.

  • How do you repair an underfloor electric heating system when you have tiles on top of it?

    Firstly, you will need to locate the area that needs repairing. Once this is done, you can carefully remove the tiles and grout at the precise area you need to access.

    Ensure that the heating system is turned off while working on the system. Once the problem has been fixed, the tiles can be re-laid.

    Allow at least five hours for the grout to set before turning on the heating system to ensure that it is fully set.