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Concrete companies in East-Grinstead

We have the details of many highly qualified concrete contractors in East-Grinstead who come with the recommendation of your neighbours. You can find concrete companies in East-Grinstead in two quick and easy ways:

  1. Search online for concrete contractors and contact them directly

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature to save time and energy. In fact, we’ll contact a concrete construction company for you – just send us the details of your project and we’ll pass these to three concrete contractors in your area. They’ll then contact you directly.

  • What is concreting?

    Concrete is a building material usually made from combining sand, water, cement, and gravel. Used throughout the country, concrete is a strong, durable material with a variety of uses from building structures to supporting foundations.

    So, what is concreting? Well, this covers mixing and pouring concrete during construction.

    What is the role of concreters?

    Concreters use sand, gravel, cement and water to create concrete. They then use the mixture to strengthen construction projects and add support to buildings. Concrete can be poured into any form as it starts as a liquid then hardens over time.

    What are the two types of concrete?

    PCC (plain cement concrete) and RCC (reinforced cement concrete) are used for different construction projects. Unlike RCC, PCC concrete doesn’t contain reinforcement steel, making it less strong.

  • What to look for from concrete contractors

    While starting a new home renovation project is exciting, it’s important not to get carried away. The most important step is finding the right concrete construction company for your job. Look for a professional who’s friendly, experienced, qualified, happy to answer your questions and has great customer reviews.

    What construction services are available?

    Concreters generally work on a range of different projects, these could include jobs at residential properties, industrial locations, or even retail establishments. Concrete is often used for building roads, bridges and parking structures as well as home construction.

  • How much does concreting cost?

    The price you pay for concrete and concreting will be impacted by a few key factors. These include how much concrete is required, the complexity of the project, how easy it is to access the site, the location of your home and any extra work that’s needed.

    The longer the job takes, the higher the labour costs will be.

    Concrete cost per yard

    The total concrete cost you pay will usually be calculated based on how much is needed per cubic metre rather than a concrete price per yard.

    Average concrete prices

    To work out average concrete costs, you’ll need to consider the grade of concrete being used. For example;

    • Grade C8/C10/C15 will cost an average of £90 per m3

    • Grade C40/C45 will cost an average of £130 per m3

    For more prices and advice when it comes to concreting, why not try our concrete pouring cost guide?

  • What is the process of concreting?

    Concreting follows a process that ensures the end result is not only strong and durable, but also looks neat and smooth. If you’re wondering what the process of concreting is, below are the key stages:

    1. Properly preparing the area and laying a subbase

    2. Creating a form so the concrete settles in the shape you choose

    3. Mixing the right amounts of water, sand, gravel and cement depending on what you are using the concrete for

    4. Pouring the concrete into the form

    5. Screeding and smoothing the surface

    6. Floating

    7. Adding joints

    8. Creating traction

    9. Letting the concrete cure for 28 days before sealing

    How to do concreting

    Concrete needs to be used in the correct way or you risk causing damage to your home. The process isn’t too complicated but you’ll need to work quickly before the concrete starts to set. Concrete is very heavy so using large amounts could cause injuries if you aren’t careful.

    We’d recommend taking on smaller concreting projects to reduce the risks involved. Once you get to grips with using concrete, you can then build up to larger jobs. The above steps give a brief explanation of how to do concreting but hiring a professional to do the work for you will guarantee excellent results.

    How can I mix my concrete?

    Getting a smooth, even mixture will allow your concrete to properly set, creating a strong, durable surface.

    There are two ways to mix concrete, by machine and by hand. If you’re working on a big project, hiring a mixer will save you time and energy. You can mix small amounts of concrete by hand using a spade or shovel.

    How can I properly prepare the ground when using concrete?

    This is a key step that’ll determine how your finished concrete looks and functions. Make sure to remove any debris, plants, stones and trees before starting. Always ensure the ground is flat and even.

    Using a subbase is the best way to get great results so always add this before you start pouring your concrete.

    What tools and materials do I need to concrete?

    If you plan to start concreting yourself, you’ll need the following tools and materials:

    • Subbase material

    • Timber to create a form

    • Sand

    • Gravel

    • Water

    • Cement

    • Rebar

    • Concrete sealer

    • Hammer

    • Nails

    • Tape measure

    • Spirit level

    • Bucket or large container

    • Spade for mixing

    • PPE

    • Screeding tool

    • Float

    • Groover

    • Clean broom

    Want to speak to concrete contractors in East-Grinstead?

    If concreting is essential to your home renovations, getting in touch with a qualified professional will guarantee the best results. After visiting your home, an expert concreter can provide you with a quote and explain the details of the job to you. They’ll also advise you on the best concrete mixture and grade to use.

    Eager to get started? We can help you find the right worker for your project. Try our online search feature to locate a range of concrete companies in East-Grinstead. Alternatively, our request a quote feature allows you to post the details of your job. We’ll send these to three local tradespeople who’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.