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Last updated on August 18th, 2023

How much does concrete pouring cost in 2023?

Concrete pouring is a key part of many home improvement projects. Whether you're planning a new driveway, laying new flooring or need foundations for a new house, this concrete pouring cost guide is for you.
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Let’s look at the average costs in the UK for pouring concrete slab, pouring an average concrete driveway and pouring a concrete foundations.

It’s important to understand the prices of concrete pouring so that you can plan your budget and manage your spending for the project.

Check out our concrete calculator to get an idea of the cost you can expect.

How much does concrete pouring cost?

Concrete calculator for pouringRange - Low Range - HighAverage cost
Grade C8/C10/C15 (per m³)--£90
Grade C20/C25 (per m³)--£100
Grade C30/C35 (per m³)--£110
Grade C40/C45 (per m³)--£130
Semi-dry screed (per m³)--£125
Concrete driveway£600£8,000£4,000
Concrete slab (per m³)£150£200£175
Concrete foundations (per m³)--£190

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The average price for concrete pouring is about £100 per m3. The price you’ll pay will vary on a number of factors, most notably the quality (or ‘grade’) of the concrete you use. The concrete grade refers to the compressive strength required after 28 days of curing. So the higher the ‘C’ number, the stronger/better quality the concrete is, hence the more expensive.

Typical uses are as follows:

  • C10 – non-structural (patios, pathways)
  • C20 – lightweight domestic use, i.e. garages, shed bases
  • C25 – domestic foundations
  • C30 – pavements and driveways
  • C40 – industrial/commercial use

The other factors that will affect the cost of pouring concrete are:

  • Amount of concrete
  • Access to the site
  • The complexity of the job
  • Any prep work needed
  • Where you live
  • The requirement for mesh/reinforcement in foundations

For accurate prices, speak to your local concrete pouring experts about your project and ask for a quote.

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Pouring concrete cost per square foot

The cost of pouring concrete is actually calculated per cubic metre (m³), rather than the cost per square foot. That’s because, generally, you need to fill a certain volume rather than just an area, so speaking in terms of square footage (or even weight) doesn’t translate easily. But as an example:

It all depends on ground conditions, loading design and an engineer’s calculations, but for a strip foundation, a typical concrete width of 0.6m and thickness of 300mm is required. Then multiply by the length of the wall gives the m³ figure. So a 10m wall will require a concrete pour of 10m x 0.6m x 0.3m = 1.8m³.

For a trench foundation, a typical concrete width of 0.6m and thickness of 700mm is required.

For grades C8/C10/C15, the average concrete pouring cost is around £90 per m3. For grades C20/C25 you’re looking at a cost of about £100 per m3. For grades C30/C35 the average price is £110 per m3. Or, if you want grades C40/C45, the average cost of concrete pouring is about £130 per m3.

If you’re not sure how much concrete you’re going to need, speak to your local concrete pouring specialists for their professional advice. If necessary, they can carry out an inspection of the site in order to give you an accurate quote.

Concrete pouring down chute

Concrete cost calculator

How is the concrete cost calculated? Whilst all concrete might look the same to the untrained eye, there are in fact, a number of contributing factors that can affect the cost of the concrete. These include:

  • The grade and mix of the raw materials that make the concrete
  • The amount of concrete needed
  • How the concrete will be offloaded
  • The time a concrete supplier needs to spend on site
  • The distance from the concrete plant

When it comes to offloading the concrete, using a pump is more expensive, but it is faster, cleaner and requires less manual work and heavy lifting.

Average cost of a pouring concrete driveway

Concrete driveways used to have a bad name as they tended to be pretty ugly. Thankfully, things have changed, and concrete driveways, particularly imprinted concrete, are becoming a more popular choice with British homeowners. The quality and variety of finishes for concrete these days make them a much more attractive option.

The average cost of pouring a concrete driveway can vary considerably, anywhere from £600 up to £8,000. Two of the most important factors that will influence the total price you pay are the size of the driveway and the quality of the concrete used. The larger the driveway and the better quality of the concrete, the higher the cost of concrete pouring.

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Pouring concrete driveway labour costs

The labour costs for pouring a concrete driveway are somewhere in the region of £40 – £50 per m2. That may vary depending on the complexity of the job and the time it takes to pour the concrete. As a guide, you’ll be paying around £220 – £450 per day for the labour.

A small driveway can take about two days to complete. Larger driveways can take up to seven days, depending on the size and complexity of the job.

Cost of pouring concrete slab

Concrete slabs are used in modern buildings to provide a flat, horizontal surface. They’re most commonly used for floors, ceilings and roof decks. In many domestic buildings, a concrete slab is used on top of the foundations to provide a solid ground floor – this is known as a ground-bearing slab.

The average cost of pouring a concrete slab is about £150 – £200 per m3. Like with other types of concrete pouring, that price will vary depending on the quality of the concrete used, the size and complexity of the job, and where you live in the country.

As an example, if you have a floor area of 130m2 and need a concrete slab 300mm thick, then you’re looking at a volume of around 40m3. The cost of pouring a concrete slab for that project would be somewhere between £6,000 and £8,500, plus labour.
Levelling a concrete slab

Cost of pouring concrete foundation

The cost of pouring concrete foundations tends to be more expensive than other concrete pouring jobs. The average price is around £190 per m3.

The challenge with concrete foundations is that it’s very difficult to plan accurately until you’ve started the work. Factors like the ground conditions and specific requirements for the project vary, and you’ll only discover the reality once you’ve started digging.

We always recommend speaking with your construction company for their advice and planning a healthy budget for the foundations. After all, they’re the base for your whole project, so they need to be done right.

Concrete shed base price

If you’re looking to build a shed on top of a concrete base, you’ll want to know the rough price you can expect to pay. The average price for a concrete shed base ranges from £500 to £750 for a 6′ x 4′ base or, for a larger shed, it will cost around £1,000 – £1,500 for a 12′ x 8′ base.

The exact concrete shed base price will depend on a number of factors, including the size and shape of the base needed, any prep work before the concrete base can be installed, and the labour costs involved.

For accurate prices in your area, we recommend speaking to your local concrete specialists and ask for a breakdown of costs.

Concrete shed price

Concrete sheds are a solid alternative to a common wooden garden shed, if you’re looking for a sturdier outbuilding for your home. The average concrete shed price ranges from £2,000 – £5,000 – depending on the size, style and finishes of the shed.

If you already have a shed that you’re thinking of converting to make better use of the space, check out our shed conversion cost guide.

Concrete pouring quotes

Having read through all this information, you’re now ready to get a concrete pouring quote. With any project, we always advise getting at least three quotes to compare the service and price. Use our handy search feature below and shortlist local recommended tradespeople by typing in your postcode.

You can also use our request a quote feature. Simply post the details of your project, and we’ll send the details to three tradespeople for a quote.

Useful concrete pouring checklist

  • Calculate the volume of concrete that you’re going to need. If in doubt, seek the help of a concrete pouring specialist
  • Discuss the needs of the project with your local concrete experts to get their professional advice
  • Shop around for fair and competitive concrete pouring costs
  • Ask for detailed information about what is included in the price of the quote
  • Always hire tradespeople with experience and relevant qualifications and/or accreditations
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Thank you for the clarity and helpfulness of the guide. In my case, I used the information to balance the costs of poured foundations v part poured and part block foundations, for the footings a single story addition to my house.

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