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Drummond Brown Building Contractors Ltd
Drummond Brown Building Contractors Ltd
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House extension builders/ steel structural beams/ shop fitting/ Joinery works/General House repairs/resin drives/mono block and slabbing works/ decoration works/insurance works/UPVC facia
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Thomas Stewart Builders Ltd
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Thomas Stewart Builders Ltd
9.06(68 reviews)

Operates in Paisley

A little bit about us and what we offer...Thomas Stewart Builders Ltd is a Multi-Trade building company specialising in both commercial and residential works, carrying most trades in house we...
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Cloud City Building Ltd
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Cloud City Building Ltd
9.95(13 reviews)

Operates in Paisley

Cloud City Building Ltd offers Glasgow a multi-trade construction service. Undertaking all sizes of projects from Kitchen/Bathroom refurbishments, through to full property renovations/extensions.
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Design Build Services Limited
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Design Build Services Limited
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Operates in Paisley

Design build services Ltd,We aim to provide a unique and personal service whilst bringing plans to reality. Small projects to large extensions renovations.Whilst changing lives we provide the...
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8.14(71 reviews)

Operates in Paisley

We are your local plumbers and maintenance company for Glasgow. We have qualified plumbers, joiners, painters, tilers, bathroom & kitchen fitters and all building work tradesmen.
SMJ Joiners and Builders
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SMJ Joiners and Builders
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Operates in Paisley

At SMJ, we are passionate about our work and we always put customer satisfaction first. Backed by more than 30 years’ experience in the construction trade. Free No Obligation Quotes Available.
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Diamond drilling in Paisley

If you’re looking for diamond drilling in Paisley we’re here to help. Our members are fully qualified and trustworthy, making them perfect for your project. Plus, they’re fully recommended by your neighbours.

There are two ways to find a diamond drilling company in your area:

  1. Search for diamond drilling services in your local area online and contact them directly.

  2. Alternatively, to save time, try our request a quote feature. Pass the details of your project on to us and let us do the hard work. We’ll get in touch with three local diamond drilling companies who’ll then contact you directly.

  • What is diamond drilling?

    Diamond drilling uses drill bits made of diamond to make precise holes in different materials such as metal or glass. Diamond is the strongest natural material on Earth making it perfect for use in construction. In addition, diamond drill bits are used with a rotary drill, ensuring there’s no structural damage when drilling.

    What is diamond coring?

    Diamond coring is another term used to describe diamond drilling. Both terms are interchangeable and cover the process of using a diamond drill bit to create accurate holes in many different materials.

  • What is diamond drilling used for?

    Using a diamond drill bit allows you to make precise holes in strong materials during construction or renovations. As well as metal and glass, diamond drilling is often used on concrete, stone, tile and asphalt to achieve an accurate finish.

    Diamond drill bits ensure perfect results no matter the size of the hole being drilled.

    Diamond drilling services

    Diamond drills can be used in a variety of different ways and thanks to their incredible accuracy, can achieve excellent results. The most common diamond drilling services include:

    • Drilling holes in floors or walls

    • Creating anchor holes

    • Drilling into the strongest materials

    • Installing cables

    • Fitting ducting

    Can diamond drilling be used underwater?

    Yes, diamond drills are designed to function both above and underwater making them highly functional.

    What is stitch drilling?

    If you need to create a hole that is larger than 1500mm during your home renovation, the diamond drilling contractor can use the stitch drilling technique. This involves drilling holes that overlap to create a larger hole in your chosen shape.

    What are the benefits of diamond drilling?

    Far superior to other types of drill bit, diamond drill bits allow professionals to work quickly and accurately. Projects will be completed to a higher standard with less risk.

    So, what are the benefits of diamond drilling? These include:

    • Very precise holes.

    • Non-percussive drilling means less risk of damaging the structural integrity of the material that is being drilled.

    • Thanks to water flowing through the driving shaft, diamond drilling doesn’t produce any dust.

    • Makes quick work of drilling through incredibly strong materials.

    • Less noise than conventional drills.

    • Can be used underwater.

  • What does a diamond driller do?

    Unlike other general builders, diamond drillers work on specialist projects. This may include anything from drilling through reinforced concrete to working on demolition projects or public roads.

    A diamond driller can also help with your home renovations, particularly if you need a professional to drill exact holes or through durable materials.

    What to look for from a diamond drilling contractor

    First things first, you’ll want to make sure your diamond drilling contractor is properly qualified and experienced to take on your job. You can check this by asking for references and evidence of qualifications. It’s essential that you hire someone you can trust so take a little time to read reviews through Checkatrade.

    We’d also recommend hiring a diamond drilling contractor who you feel comfortable inviting into your home. Plus, if a professional is willing to answer your questions and explain the process, this is a good sign.

  • How much does diamond core drilling cost?

    Generally, hiring a diamond drilling company is quite affordable. However, the price you pay will depend on a few important factors. These include:

    • Number of holes: The more holes that need to be drilled, the longer this will take, increasing labour costs.

    • Location of holes: Holes that need to be drilled in more difficult to access areas will be more expensive.

    • Size of holes: Larger holes will increase labour times and push up the cost of diamond drilling.

    Diamond drilling cost

    As we mentioned previously, this will vary from job to job but we can look at some average prices. For example, the diamond drilling cost for a small 52mm hole will be on average £30.50. However, the diamond drilling cost for a larger 300mm hole will be £101 on average.

    What’s more, if you need to hire a diamond drilling contractor for a whole day, this will cost roughly** £400**. For more prices and information on diamond drilling, take a look at our how much does diamond core drilling cost guide.

  • How long does diamond core drilling take?

    Diamond drilling is much more accurate and effective than conventional drilling, meaning it won’t take long to drill a single hole. If you need a large amount of drilling in your home, this will increase the timescale.

    Looking for diamond drilling in Paisley?

    If you need a diamond drilling contractor to assist with your home renovations, finding an experienced professional is essential. It’s also important to get a few quotes when looking for diamond drilling in Paisley as this ensures you’ll pay a fair price for services.

    Once you’re ready to start your project, try our free search feature to look through our database of trusted members at the touch of a button. Or, to save time, check out our request a quote feature. Just give us the details of your job and we’ll send these to three local diamond drilling companies. They’ll then get in touch with you as soon as possible.