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Last updated on May 29th, 2023

How much does it cost to renovate a house?

Does your home need a new lease of life? Or are you buying a new property to renovate? To help you start budgeting, here's an estimated cost of renovating a house.

Fast Facts

  • Average renovation cost for 3 bed house is £5,500
  • Add 10-15% contingency to your budget for unexpected issues

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be focusing on the average cost of renovating a 3-bedroom house.

To get a better idea of accurate prices and professional advice for your project, we recommend speaking to local house renovation experts.

How much does it cost to renovate a house?

Every house renovation project is unique, with its own set of components that make up the project. As a result, the total cost of renovating a house can vary considerably.

Item (for an average 3-bed house)Cost range (+VAT)Average cost (+VAT)
New gas supply£500 - £2,500£1,500
New heating system£3,000 - £8,500£5,500
Rewiring£4,000 - £7,500£5,750
Windows£2,500 - £6,000£4,250
Replaster walls£3,000 - £5,000£4,000
Replaster walls & ceilings (re-skim existing)£10,000 - £15,000£12,000
Replaster walls & ceilings (hack off existing)£20,000 - £28,000£24,000
Replace skirting throughout£2,200 - £3,800£3,000
Paint walls & ceilings£5,000 - £7,000£6,000
New cloakroom w/c (including tiling)£1,500 - £2,500£2,000
New kitchen£10,000 - £25,000£17,500
French doors£1,500 - £3,500£2,500
Kitchen extension (12 m2)£15,000 - £24,000£19,500
Skirtings for new extension£200 - £500£350
Knock down walls£1,000 - £2,500£1,750
Damp proofing course£500 - £5,000£1,500
New roof£3,000 - £18,000£5,500
TOTAL£82,900 - £164,300£116,600

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Although it’s hard to give a price for renovating a house, as a guide you can expect to pay between £500 - £5,000 for renovating a 3-bed house.

There are so many potential costs to consider so it’s important to start by making a list of the jobs you think need doing on your property. From there, you can calculate the renovation costs and start planning your budget accordingly.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

Factors affecting the house renovation costs

As mentioned, the list of jobs and costs for a house renovation can be long and be influenced by many factors. Some of the main ones are:

  • Size of the property
  • Age and condition of the property
  • Complexity of renovation
  • Any structural work
  • Building extension work
  • Quality of materials, fixtures and finishings
  • Decoration
  • Where you live

House renovation in progress

The average cost of renovating a 3-bedroom house

The average total cost of renovating a 3-bedroom house is around £5,500. Below we’ve broken down that cost into various elements, to help you see which costs you might want to mix and match for your project:

  • A new heating system could cost about £5,500, which includes a combi boiler and radiators
  • The average cost of a new gas supply will cost around £1,500, depending on the route of the supply. There may be additional costs if you need to do any major work to extend the gas supply line
  • The cost of rewiring a house is in the region of £5,750. That price will depend on the complexity of the electrical system and the size of the property
  • Installing a new set of windows can range from £2,500 - £6,000, with an average cost of about £4,250
  • Replastering walls will add a cost of between £116,600 to the total renovation budget
  • Installing a new toilet (including tiling for the floor and distribution pipework and waste) will cost around £2,000. That cost will be lower if the tiling isn’t disturbed. If you need a new room to be built, you’ll need to factor in additional costs for creating the stud walls, a door, painting costs, as well as any other fixtures such as a radiator
  • A new kitchen will cost between £10,000 - £25,000. That often includes the cost of design, the supply of materials and installation. For more details on the cost of fitting a new kitchen, take a look at our new kitchen cost guide
  • Most renovations will need a new bathroom. The average cost of installing a new bathroom is around £5,000. To find out more, check out our new bathroom cost guide
  • If you’re looking to install French doors, you’ll need to factor in a cost of about £2,500, including the doors, lintels, brickwork and plasterwork
  • Many homeowners incorporate a kitchen extension into their renovation plans. A 4-metre kitchen extension with floor space of roughly 12 m2 and a flat roof comes at an average cost of £17,500
  • As part of the kitchen extension, if you need to add matching skirtings they’ll cost around £350. For more detailed costs about extensions in general, read our house extension cost guide
  • If you’re renovating a house the likelihood is you’ll want to knock down walls. The average cost of knocking down walls is about £1,750

Before and after shots when renovating a house

House renovation cost calculator

To calculate the cost of your house renovation in the UK, you’ll need to consider all the key factors that will add up and affect the total price of the project. The best place to start is with a full survey of the property to make sure you know all the issues that will need to be dealt with.

Once you have a to-do list of everything that needs to be changed, repaired or replaced, you can speak to local tradespeople to start calculating an accurate budget for those jobs. In addition to the issues identified in the survey, you’ll also need to consider any additional work that you’re choosing to do, e.g. creating an open plan kitchen or building an extension.

House renovation costs spreadsheet

A handy way to keep track of all the home renovation costs is to create a spreadsheet for the project. That way, you can note all the quotes and cost estimates you receive from tradespeople to plan your budget.

You can also use the same spreadsheet once the renovation work starts to track your spending throughout the lifecycle of the project.

One of the keys to keeping costs down in a house renovation project is knowing what you’re spending, where and when. Avoid going over budget by managing all your costs in one place with your own house renovation spreadsheet.

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Labour costs

TradespersonRange - Low (per day)Range - High (per day)Average cost (per day)
Double glazing installer£200£250£225
Painter and decorator£150£250£200
General builder£200£250£225

When you’re renovating a house you’re going to need to hire a number of different tradespeople, who’ll each come at a different cost. Most tradespeople will charge a daily rate, but it’s worth confirming with each one how much they charge and whether it’s based on an hourly or daily rate.

The average rate for plumbers and electricians are around £76,900. General labourers and trainees are between £2,500 - £15,000 per day. Many of the other tradespeople (including roofers, plasterers, carpenters, painters and general builders) generally tend to cost a similar amount – around per day.

Each job will vary in time and therefore affect the total labour cost. For example, installing a new central heating system and boiler will take between one to two weeks and so you will need to factor in the labour of around  upwards.

Fully rewiring a house will take, on average, between 6-15 days, so it’s worth factoring in a minimum of  for an electrician. The time taken will depend on how much work is needed and the size of the property.

House renovation quotes

We always recommend obtaining at least three quotes from our trusted tradespeople. Our request a quote feature is perfect for getting quotes – you post details about the job you want doing and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area. Try it out!

How long does it take to renovate a house?

The time you’ll need to complete your renovation project will vary, depending on the extent and complexity of your renovation. Some properties can be renovated in a couple of weeks, if they only require superficial work, e.g. minor plastering, painting and decorating, and no structural work.

On the other hand, more extensive renovations can take between three and six months (or even longer) to complete. To get a clearer idea of a realistic timeline for your renovation project, we recommend you speak to local renovation experts.

Should I renovate my house or move?

If you’re a homeowner considering a house renovation project, chances are you’ve asked yourself: should I renovate my house or move?

Whether you need more space or a better layout for your home, renovating your existing house and moving home can both offer good solutions. Here are some of the pros and cons of renovating vs moving.

Painter and decorator renovating a house

Benefits of renovating your house

  • Renovations often cost less. A well-planned renovation project can cost a lot less than upgrading to a new home. You can also renovate in stages, so the financial outlay can be spread over a longer period of time
  • Achieve your perfect look. There’s nearly always some kind of compromise when buying a new home, whereas renovating means you can personalise everything. You’ll be able to achieve all the special touches and home improvements to make your ideal home
  • Keep enjoying your home and neighbourhood. Renovating means you can keep living in the home and area that you know and love. There’ll be no adjusting to a new house, new commute or new neighbours

Benefits of moving house

  • Enjoy a fresh start. Moving to a beautiful new house can give you a fresh lease of life. You can choose somewhere in a better location, a nicer neighbourhood, closer to work and/or schools
  • Avoid stressful building work. Moving house means avoiding months of living on a building site. It also means you won’t have to coordinate all the different tradespeople involved in a renovation
  • Benefit from downsizing. If you don’t need more space, moving house offers the perfect opportunity to move to a smaller house and potentially save money. Choose wisely and you could have a lovely new home and reduce your mortgage at the same time

Additional costs of renovating a house

As well as the obvious costs of structural work, installations and decorating, there are some other costs that can quickly add up.

Surveys & planning application costs

If your renovation project involves structural work or building extensions you’ll need to have surveys done and pay for planning applications. The more extensive the work, the higher the cost.

Stamp duty & legal costs

If you’re buying a property to renovate, don’t forget to factor in stamp duty and solicitor costs. If it’s a second property then stamp duty will be charged at a higher rate. (If you sell your first property within 36 months you’ll be eligible for a refund.)

Rent costs

If you’re renting before moving into your renovated home, or if you need to find temporary accommodation, you’ll need to pay rent during the renovation process.


With any large project, it’s important to factor in a contingency to cover unexpected costs. Discoveries like asbestos, dangerous wiring or rotting beams can all add hefty costs to your project. It’s sensible to add an additional 10-15% on top of your total budget for contingency.

Useful house renovation checklist

  • Plan, plan, plan – it’s important to think about all the details for your renovation and make a list of what you want to include in the project
  • Calculate a total budget and add 10-15% contingency
  • Speak to local renovation experts to get professional advice and understand renovation options
  • Contact your local council to discuss any planning requirements
  • When hiring tradespeople always choose qualified professionals with the appropriate experience and accreditations
  • Always shop around for fair and competitive prices

I’m a builder, what can I earn?

From a newly qualified builder up to being a builder business owner, you can earn anywhere from £18,000 to £81,000. If you’re a sole trader or limited business owner, your earning potential as a builder is much higher.

Find out what you could earn as a builder.

The Checkatrade guarantee
The Checkatrade guarantee

When you contact a trade through Checkatrade, our guarantee could cover you for up to 12 months. You can claim up to £1,000. Exclusions and T&Cs apply.

Working with professional estimators, we collate cost estimates for the common home improvement and repair jobs in the UK.

All the costs are estimates only. For accurate costs for your particular requirements, you are encouraged to reach out to professional tradespeople to receive a quote for your job.

Our estimators are Chartered Members (MRICS) of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Members of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB). See full disclaimer.

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Hi Jo, it really depends on the condition of your property and how much work is required for the renovation. I recommend you give a little more information about your property in our post a job form - we'll then forward your job details to 3 of our members who will get in touch with you. You may want to submit separate jobs for different types of tradespeople (e.g., builder, plumber, electrician etc.)


Does the cost vary if the property is an old cottage with stone floors and walls etc?

Darren Brewer

Thanks found this page very useful told me a lot of things I need to know thank you.


Hi Una, we have added some more information into the blog for you. Hope that helps!


Building upon what Saurabh asked: to be able to truly estimate total cost of your project, it would be great to get an idea of person-hours for each job would be helpful. So the new heating system materials costs £6500 but you need to add on (e.g.) 10 person-hours of plumber time at £400 each, making the total job about £10,500. Would that be possible?


Hi Saurabh, we have included rough labour costs HERE for you. I hope this is helpful.


Does the above estimates includes labour?


Hi Kala, please take a look at our garage conversion cost guide for more information. Hope that helps!


what about the cost for changing garage into office or play room.


Hi Donna, I think that's a great point. We do have a main sewer line repair cost guide right here you can check out. As well as drain repair cost and drain unblocking cost. We'll also make sure it gets a mention in this guide as a consideration in any renovation project.


It is really imporatant to consider all costs before you renovate - great guide

Donna Criswell-Sanderson

I think this is very useful and it covers many things. However I think drainage is a major problem and it is this factor that people appear to ignore. Most properties for renovation are old so I believe it is a very important factor for consideration.

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