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Electric boiler repairs in Doncaster

Looking for electric boiler repairs in Doncaster? We can help you find qualified professionals you can depend on. They even come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

Here are two ways of finding electric boiler specialists:

  1. Search Checkatrade for electric boiler repair experts in Doncaster and contact them directly.

  2. Fill in our request a quote form with information bout your job and we’ll forward this to three electric boiler repair professionals in Doncaster for quotes.

  • What can go wrong with an electric boiler?

    Electric boilers work by using heating elements to warm up the water in your home. This hot water is then used to heat your property and supply your taps and showers. Electric boilers work using only electricity, which means they’re often more efficient than gas boilers and generally have lower maintenance costs.

    So, what can go wrong with an electric boiler? Well, there are a range of common issues seen in homes throughout the UK. These include:

    • Water leaks

    • Faults with circuit breakers

    • Thermostat issues

    • Pest damage (particularly rats)

    • Loud noises such as hissing or banging

  • How to know when your boiler needs to be repaired:

    Boiler issues are common in UK homes but it's important to spot any warning signs that your boiler needs to be repaired. If you’re unsure what to look for, regularly check your boiler keeping an eye out for:

    • Pressure loss

    • Water leaks from your boiler or pipes

    • Noises such as banging or clanking

    • Strange smells

    • Your boiler turning itself off

  • How long do electric boilers last?

    Similar to gas boilers, electric boilers are designed to last between 15 and 25 years. However, there are a few factors that affect the lifespan of your boiler. For example, buying a more expensive, higher quality boiler means it’ll usually last longer than a budget boiler.

    In addition, regular maintenance can help your boiler reach its potential lifespan.

  • Can a plumber fix an electric boiler?

    This really depends on whether the issue is with your boiler itself or your radiators or pipes. A plumber has the qualifications to make repairs to radiators or pipework, but not an electric boiler. If you’re having problems with an electric boiler, we’d recommend hiring a heating engineer who’ll be able to make any necessary repairs.

  • How much does it cost to repair an electric boiler?

    It can be difficult to give an accurate price for electric boiler repairs as the amount you pay will vary from job to job. The below factors can influence your electric boiler repair cost so bear them in mind when setting your budget:

    • Call out fee - Many heating engineers will charge a call out fee, ensuring they earn a minimum amount for each job. This will usually be in addition to your boiler repair cost.

    • Age of boiler - Older boilers can be more expensive to repair as parts aren't readily available any more.

    • Condition of boiler - If your boiler’s in poor condition, extra repairs may be needed to bring it up to code. Very damaged boilers will need to be replaced which is more expensive than most repairs.

    • Parts needed - Any extra parts needed for your boiler repairs will need to be paid for in addition to labour costs.

    • Size of boiler - Larger boilers can be more expensive to repair.

    • Warranty - If your boiler is still under warranty, you may not have to pay for the repairs yourself.

    • Repair time - Many electric boiler specialists charge an hourly rate for their services. That means the longer your boiler takes to repair, the more you’ll pay.

    Considering the above variables, you should be in a better position to estimate the cost of your boiler repairs. As a rough guide, you can expect to pay around £300 for this job. For more prices and advice, check out our boiler repair cost guide.

    How do you repair an electric boiler?

    Boilers are complicated machines that should only be repaired by a qualified professional. Making any changes to your boiler yourself puts you and your family at risk and is also illegal. Hiring a boiler repair expert will guarantee your boiler is safe to use and will be back up and running in no time at all.

    Want to speak to electric boiler repair specialists in Doncaster?

    If you’re having issues with your electric boiler, let us help you find a electric boiler repair expert today. Our members pass 12 full checks to ensure you’re getting the best tradespeople that come recommended by your neighbours.

    We can help you find electric boiler specialists in two quick and easy ways. Firstly, our free search feature allows you to look through our members using just your postcode. You’ll see a range of professionals in your area at the touch of a button.

    Alternatively, fill in our request a quote form with the details of your job and we’ll pass this to three experts in electric boiler repairs in Doncaster for quotes.