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Emergency central heating engineer in Lewes

If you've discovered that you have no hot water, no heating, or no hot water and heating, then you'll want to find an emergency central heating engineer in Lewes, fast!

Getting help doesn't need to be difficult. In a matter of seconds through Checkatrade, you find top-rated and qualified emergency central heating engineers in Lewes, and give them a ring!

Scroll or swipe up to see the 24 hour central heating repair professionals who service your area.

  • What to do if central heating stops working?

    There are a few steps you can take to potentially resolve the issue if your central heating stops working:

    1. Check appliances and electrical outlets

    You may be experiencing a power cut, in which case there’s nothing to worry about. If other appliances are working, move onto the next item.

    2. Check the thermostat

    Make sure your thermostat is set high enough to trigger the boiler.

    3. Check your isolator and trip switches

    Something may have disrupted the power supply to your boiler. If these switches are off, turn them on.

    4. Check the timer

    Make sure the timer is set correctly and adjust it if not.

    5. Check for frozen pipes

    Frozen pipes are a fairly common issue in winter. You can try to unfreeze the affected pipes by applying a warm compress.

    6. Check your radiators

    If certain radiators stop working, you may need to bleed the air from them using a radiator key. Be very careful if you attempt this, as hot water can spray out after the air is released.

    7. Check the pilot light

    Your boiler’s pilot light is supposed to be on all the time. If it’s gone out, this is likely the cause of the issue, and you can relight it by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer if none of these steps work.

    If it’s cold or you need to get your central heating back up and running urgently, contact a local emergency central heating repair specialist.

  • Who do you call when your boiler breaks?

    Most households in the UK depend on a daily supply of warm water for hygiene and to keep our homes feeling cosy. If something goes wrong with your boiler, especially during the winter, this is classed as a heating emergency.

    So, who do you call when your boiler breaks? We’d recommend contacting an emergency central heating engineer as soon as possible.

  • What does an emergency central heating engineer do?

    Emergency central heating engineers work throughout the UK to fix broken central heating systems. Many operate 24-hours a day to prevent people going without heating no matter the time of day. Remember, if you have an issue with a gas boiler, it’s essential to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to make the repairs.

  • When do I need to call an emergency heating engineer?

    Having trouble with your central heating system isn't always considered an emergency. In many cases you can call a normal heating engineer to fix your issue. For example, your boiler needing a service is not an emergency so you can book an appointment with a non emergency engineer.

    An example of a central heating emergency is complete boiler breakdown where you have no hot water or heating. You may need to contact a 24-hour central heating engineer depending on what time of day this happens.

    What can I try before calling an emergency heating engineer?

    Sometimes what seems like an emergency has a quick and easy fix you can do yourself. Before booking an appointment for emergency heating repairs, try the following fixes:

    • Check the gas valve is open

    • Make sure your boiler thermostat settings are switched on

    • Check your boiler pilot light hasn't gone out (if it has one)

    • Check the pressure on your boiler

    • Ensure the power supply to your system is switched on, you may need to check the circuit breaker

    • Try resetting your boiler

    Common boiler issues

    There are many different things that could cause your heating system to fail so it's not surprising that this affects many UK homes. Some of the most common boiler issues include:

    • Broken thermostat

    • Frozen pipes

    • Leaking pipes

    • Broken pump

    • Low pressure

    • Build up of air

    • Build up of limescale or sludge

  • What can I do to stay warm while I wait for an emergency heating engineer?

    If after trying the above quick fixes your boiler still isn't working, you’ll need to call an emergency heating engineer. In the meantime, particularly if your boiler breaks down during the winter, there are a few ways to stay warm. If you’re feeling cold try:

    • Putting on extra layers: This could be a coat, a blanket or even a warm pair of gloves.

    • Using other heat options: If you have a fire or burner, turn this on to stay warm. You can also buy a small electric heater to have as a backup incase there’s an issue with your central heating.

    • Warm up some water: You can do this using a gas hob, with an electric kettle or using an electric shower.

    • Stopping draughts: Make sure to block any draughts coming into your home through doors or windows.

    • Use a hot water bottle or electric blanket

  • What is the cost of emergency heating repair?

    Emergency heating repair is usually more expensive than standard boiler repairs due to the urgency of the situation. Luckily, many engineers offer an emergency heating repair service so you should have no issue finding someone to fix your boiler. The price you pay for repairs will vary depending on the below factors:

    • The condition of your boiler

    • The age of your system

    • They type of boiler you have

    • The issue

    • Any replacement parts

    • Whether you have boiler insurance

    • The time needed for the repair

    The average cost of emergency heating repair is £410, however you may also need to pay for any necessary parts.

    Want to speak to an emergency heating engineer in Lewes?

    If your boiler stops working suddenly and you’re left without hot water and heating, you need to call an emergency heating engineer. It's important to find an engineer who is experienced and qualified to fix your system as soon as possible. Luckily, we can help you find the right professional for your job.

    One way of doing this is to use our free search feature. Type in your postcode and we’ll show you a variety of emergency central heating engineers in Lewes who are waiting for your call.

    Or, try our request a quote feature. This is the perfect option for busy homeowners and we’ll do the hard work for you. Just fill in the information about your project and we’ll pass your details on to three local engineers. They’ll then contact you directly with a quote. It couldn't be easier!

  • Is having no heating considered to be an emergency?

    No heating is generally considered an emergency, especially if it's cold out.

    It's that important that most landlords will aim to resolve the issue of no heating within 24 hours of you telling them.

    So, if you need to, it's highly recommended that you treat no heating as an emergency. Make sure to find your local emergency central heating repair specialist, and then call them to arrange for them to come and fix the problem.