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Energy efficient lighting installation in Fakenham

Finding an energy efficient lighting company in Fakenham doesn't have to be a long, complicated process. We can help you find professionals in your area in no time at all. Our members are also recommended by your neighbours.

Here are two ways of finding experts in energy efficient lighting installation in Fakenham:

  1. Go online and search for local energy efficient lighting specialists and contact them directly.

  2. Or, if you’re busy, why not try our request a quote feature? Tell us about the work you need doing and we’ll pass your information to three energy efficient lighting companies in Fakenham. They’ll then get in touch to offer you three fair quotes.

  • What is energy efficient lighting?

    Lighting is an essential part of our day to day lives, however, it takes a lot of power to brighten up our homes. In fact, lighting accounts for around a fifth of the energy used worldwide. If you want to use less energy and be kind to the planet, energy efficient lighting may be the solution.

    So, what is energy efficient lighting? Well, this term refers to lighting that uses less energy, while still producing the same amount of light.

  • How does energy efficient lighting help the environment?

    Not only does energy efficient lighting reduce your energy bills, it’s also great for the environment. The main reason for this is that using less energy cuts down on your greenhouse emissions. These dangerous emissions contribute to climate change and air pollution. Bad news for both our health and the planet.

  • What is the most energy efficient lighting?

    There are two common types of energy efficient lighting, LED (light emitting diodes) and CFL (compact fluorescent lighting). The right choice for your home will depend on your circumstances.

    So, what is the most energy efficient lighting? Well, LEDs and CFLs both have their advantages. Below is a summary of your two options:

    LEDs Often considered more efficient, LED bulbs have lower running costs than CFL bulbs. They are also a great option to replace spotlights or dimmable light bulbs. In addition, LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours while CFL bulbs only last for around 8,000 hours.

    CFLs CFL bulbs are more affordable than LED bulbs. They’re also capable of producing more light from a single bulb than LEDs. CFLs even take less time to reach full brightness than LED bulbs.

  • How are LED lights energy-efficient?

    LED bulbs are considered energy efficient because they use less energy to produce the same amount of light as other types of bulbs.

  • How much do LEDs and CFLs cost?

    If you’re unsure about which energy efficient bulb to choose, it may be helpful to know their average prices and running costs. For starters, LED bulbs are more expensive to buy than CFL bulbs, however they last a lot longer. The average CFL bulb costs £2, while the average LED bulb costs £5.

    When it comes to running costs, LEDs are definitely the winner. The average hourly price to power a 15W LED bulb is £0.002, while the average hourly price to power a 20W CFL bulb is £0.03.

    If you decide to try LED bulbs in your home, you may need a lower wattage and the average running cost for a 3W LED bulb is only £1.86 a year! If you’d like to learn more about LED bulb running costs, check out our ‘how much do LED lights cost to run guide?’.

  • How can lighting be made more energy-efficient?

    The best way to make your lighting more energy efficient is to change the bulbs. Most lamps and lights work well with LED or CFL bulbs rather than halogen or incandescent bulbs.

    How else can I reduce my environmental impact at home?

    If you’re looking for more ways to live sustainably, our green home idea guide is a brilliant resource. You can learn all about:

    • Switching to eco friendly interiors

    • Designing a green home

    • Using sustainable energy sources

    • Growing your own food

    • Helping the bee population

    • Living sustainably in big cities

    • Improving your air quality

    Want to speak to energy efficient lighting companies in Fakenham?

    Once you’re ready to get started switching to energy efficient lighting, you’ll need to find a trustworthy, qualified professional to take on your job. Our members each pass 12 checks and come with the recommendation of your neighbours so you can be sure you’re hiring the best person for your project.

    We can help you find experts in energy efficient lighting installation in Fakenham in two easy ways. Firstly, our online search feature is completely free to use. Type in your postcode to see a range of energy efficient lighting specialists near you.

    Alternatively, our request a quote feature is a great way of saving time. Just fill in our online form and we’ll send your details to three energy efficient lighting companies in Fakenham. Then you can just sit back and relax while they put together three personalised quotes.