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LPG Heating Service in Maidstone

There are many great LPG heating service engineers in Maidstone who are recommended by your neighbours. With a quick search, we can help find the right heating engineer for you.

Just try the following two options:

  1. Search online for LPG boiler service experts and contact them directly.

  2. Save time by using our handy request a quote feature and let us do the hard work for you. Give us the information about your job and we’ll send this to three professionals offering LPG boiler services in Maidstone. They’ll then get in touch with you directly to offer you a quote.

  • Why is LPG heating servicing important?

    No matter the time of year, we rely on having hot water in our homes for showers, baths and washing. So, if your boiler breaks down or isn’t functioning properly this is a real issue.

    Regular servicing can allow professionals to spot any potential issues with your boiler before they happen. This can prevent boiler failure and expensive emergency repairs. Servicing also ensures your heating system is functioning as efficiently and safely as possible.

  • What is involved in an LPG boiler service?

    During your LPG boiler service, an engineer will check to make sure your boiler is working properly and is safe to use. Some of the main checks involve:

    • Visually checking your boiler for leaks and any damage
    • Making sure the flame in your boiler is working properly
    • Ensuring the flue is not blocked or damaged
    • Looking under your boiler casing to make sure each component is working
    • Cleaning inside your boiler
    • Checking the pressure of your boiler is correct
  • Who can service an LPG boiler?

    While LPG is safe to use to power your central heating system, it can be dangerous to work with. That's why it’s so important to hire a qualified professional to service your LPG boiler. Similar to mains gas boilers, you’ll need to choose a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out your boiler service.

  • How often should my LPG central heating be serviced?

    Regular servicing is key to make sure your LPG central heating is performing as well as possible. It can also extend the life of your boiler. For optimal function, a yearly service is recommended.

  • How much does an LPG heating service cost?

    While LPG heating services aren’t free, they can spot developing issues before large scale repairs are needed. This will save you from paying expensive repair costs or even boiler replacement costs. The average price for an LPG heating service is £80.

    LPG heating servicing extra costs

    When a Gas Safe engineer comes to service your boiler, they may notice other issues with your central heating system. These issues will need to be resolved for an extra cost. Some examples of additional costs include:

    Radiator bleeding: £80 - £150 Fitting a new thermostat: £150 - £280 Boiler repairs: £100 - £500

    How much does boiler cover cost?

    If you’re on a tight budget, paying for boiler servicing may be tricky. One of the best solutions is to sign up for boiler cover. You’ll pay a monthly fee that covers annual servicing and other issues.

    The average cost of boiler cover is £9 - £13 a month. You can find more prices and information in our boiler service cost guide.

  • How much does it cost to replace an LPG boiler?

    If your boiler breaks down regularly, is particularly old or you’re unable to source new parts, it may be time for a replacement. While this can be costly, you’ll save on your energy bills by having a new, more efficient boiler. The average cost of a new LPG boiler is £4,300 + VAT.

    LPG boiler installation cost

    In addition to the cost of your new LPG boiler, you’ll need to pay for installation. Remember, it’s illegal to install an LPG boiler yourself, this needs to be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The average installation cost for a new boiler is £3,000 + VAT.

    How long do LPG boilers last?

    Most boilers last between 10 and 15 years, however with regular services and maintenance, your LPG boiler could last up to 20 years. Please note, the more you invest in your boiler, the longer its lifespan usually is.

  • How can I maintain my LPG central heating?

    As well as getting regular services, you can carry out maintenance on your LPG central heating system. This is a great way to prolong the life of your system. Try the below maintenance tips to keep your boiler in tip top shape:

    • Annual radiator bleeding.

    • Regularly checking the pressure of your boiler. You can look in your boiler manufacturer's instructions to ensure your boiler is set to the right pressure.

    • Making sure your boiler flame is the right colour. The flame should be blue, not yellow or orange. If the flame isn't blue, we’d recommend speaking to a Gas Safe engineer straight away.

    • Checking your radiators are working and balancing them.

    • Looking for leaks and drips then getting these repaired.

    • Lagging your outside pipes to prevent them from freezing during the winter.

    Want to speak to LPG heating service professionals in Maidstone?

    LPG heating servicing is key to getting the best performance from your boiler. Along with regular maintenance, you can make sure your system is safe, efficient and long lasting. If you’ve had your LPG boiler for a year or more, now is the time to book an LPG heating service.

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