Oil Boiler Installation in Worcestershire (1)

Oil boiler installation in Worcestershire

Finding oil boiler installers in Worcestershire doesn’t need to take hours of searching. We can help you find oil boiler fitters in Worcestershire in a fraction of the time it would take on your own. Plus, our members come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

Below are two ways of finding oil boiler installers in your area:

  1. Go online and search for companies that offer oil boiler installation in Worcestershire and contact them directly.

  2. Alternatively, use our request a quote feature to save time. Just tell us about your project and we’ll pass the details on to three oil boiler installers in Worcestershire. They’ll then get in touch to offer you a quote.

  • What is an oil boiler?

    The majority of homes in the UK use gas boilers to provide heating and warm water. However, not every home is connected to the mains gas grid. If your home isn't connected, you’ll need to use an alternative fuel source to power your boiler. Oil boilers are a popular alternative to gas boilers and function in a similar way.

    How does an oil boiler work?

    The main difference between oil and gas boilers is that oil boilers run off fuel that’s stored on your property in a tank. You’ll need to set up a contract for regular oil deliveries to top up your tank depending on how much oil you use.

    So, how does an oil boiler work? Well, oil is ignited in your combustion chamber which then powers a heat exchanger, heating water to run your central heating system.

  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of oil boilers?

    What are the advantages of oil boilers?

    If you are unsure whether an oil boiler is right for your home, it may help to hear some of the excellent advantages to these boilers. Benefits of oil boilers include:

    • Efficiency - Oil boilers are as efficient as gas boilers.

    • Convenience - If your home isn't on the mains grid, arranging regular oil deliveries is a convenient way of fueling your central heating system.

    • Noise - If you choose an external oil boiler, you won’t need to worry about noise in your home.

    • Safety - Oil can be flammable but it won’t cause a big explosion like gas could. Choosing an oil boiler also eliminates your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

    • Cost - Oil boilers are often cheaper than gas boilers.

    What are the disadvantages of oil boilers?

    Despite their many benefits, oil boilers do have a few drawbacks. These include:

    • Limited supply - Unlike being connected to the gas mains, having an oil boiler means you can run out of fuel. However, once you’ve set up regular oil deliveries, this shouldn't be an issue.

    • Running costs - It can be more expensive to run an oil boiler than a gas boiler.

    • Maintenance - Oil boilers need regular maintenance to ensure they keep running efficiently.

  • What type of oil boiler is the best?

    This really depends on your requirements. You have the option of buying one of the following types of oil boiler:

    • System boilers - Use a hot water cylinder to store heated water as well as supplying your central heating system. They’re also fed using a mains water supply, ensuring you have good water pressure.

    • Conventional boilers - These boilers require a hot and cold water tank. They’re easy to maintain and can provide hot water even if your mains pressure reduces.

    • Combi boilers - Combi boilers work using both direct fired hot water and stored hot water. This ensures you have a constant, unlimited supply of hot water.

    You can learn more about the different types of boiler, including pros, cons and prices in our new boiler cost guide.

  • What size oil boiler do I need?

    There are a range of oil boiler sizes so it’s important to pick the right option for your home. The size of oil boiler you need will depend on how large your home is, how many people live there and how much hot water you use. For example, if you live in a 1 bedroom flat, you’ll need a smaller boiler than if you live in a 4 bedroom house.

    As a rough guide, for any home that has three bedrooms or less you’ll need a 24 - 30kw boiler. The best way of ensuring you get the right size boiler is to discuss your needs with a professional oil boiler installer.

    How long does an oil boiler last?

    The lifespan of your boiler will vary depending on how much you use it and the type/size of boiler you choose. Generally, an oil boiler will last at least 15 years.

  • How much does a new oil boiler cost?

    It can be tricky to calculate how much your oil boiler will cost without considering the variables that impact the price. If you’re planning to have a new oil boiler installed, consider the following factors:

    • Size of boiler - Larger boilers can produce more hot water but will be more expensive.

    • Brand and model of boiler - Different brands and models of boiler will be priced differently.

    • Type of boiler - System, combi and conventional boilers have different costs.

    • Current set up - If your current set up is very different than your new boiler requires, this will cost more to change. For example, if you currently have a gas boiler, more labour is required to make the switch.

    • Extra work needed - If your system has issues or damage, it’ll cost more to repair.

    • Age of tank - If you currently have an oil boiler tank that’s quite old, you may need to pay extra for a new tank.

    • Location - Labour prices vary depending on where you live in the UK.

    Oil boiler installation cost

    Bearing the above variables in mind, you can now estimate your new oil boiler installation cost. The average price for a combi oil boiler is £3,675, while the average price for a system oil boiler is £3,163. When it comes to installation, you can expect to pay an average of £2,000 to have your oil boiler fitted.

    For more prices and information about new oil boilers, please visit our new boiler cost guide.

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