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Suspended ceiling installers in Malton

Finding a suspended ceiling installer in Malton doesn’t need to be a long, complicated process. We can help you find the right suspended ceiling contractor in your local area. They’ll even be recommended by your neighbours.

You have two options when it comes to finding suspended ceiling fitters in Malton:

  1. Search Checkatrade for suspended ceiling installers and contact them directly.

  2. Or, try our request a quote feature and let us do the hard work for you. Just send us the details of your job and we’ll pass these on to three local suspended ceiling contractors. They’ll then get in touch with you to offer you a quote.

  • What is a suspended ceiling?

    Suspended ceilings are an additional ceiling that’s installed several inches below a building's main ceiling. Also known as dropped or false ceilings, they’re very popular in offices, schools, commercial buildings and hospitals. Suspended ceilings are usually made from tiles that are available in different materials and colours.

    Common materials are:

    • Plasterboard

    • Metal

    • Mineral fibre

    Common suspended ceiling tiles

    Some of the most common tiles used to create suspended ceilings are microlook tiles, square edge tiles, tegular edge tiles and concealed grid.

  • What are the benefits of suspended ceilings?

    While suspended ceiling tiles vary in appearance, their main function is the same. Suspended ceilings are used to hide everything from wires to pipes, lighting, air conditioning, and speakers. Suspended ceilings also offer a range of other benefits including:

    • Insulation - Lowering the ceiling in a room helps to keep heat in during colder days, meaning less energy is used.

    • Safety - Suspended ceilings are often made from fire resistant materials to prevent the spread of fire.

    • Sound barrier - Installing a suspended ceiling is a great way of reducing noise pollution between the floors of a building.

    • Lighting - Suspended ceilings are often made from tiles with a high light reflectance score, bouncing light around the room and keeping the space bright.

    • Choice - You have a wide range of colour, style and design options when installing a suspended ceiling.

    • Aesthetics - Older buildings may have stained, worn ceilings. Suspended ceilings can hide unsightly ceilings to give the space better aesthetics.

  • How to install a suspended ceiling:

    Suspended ceiling installation isn’t easy and is a job best left for the professionals. However, if you have the right experience and are a DIY expert you may choose to do the work yourself.

    Drop ceiling installation can be complex so below we have summarised the process:

    1. Measure the dimensions of your current ceiling.

    2. Mark where your suspended ceiling will sit along your walls.

    3. Cut your wall angles to the correct length and screw in place.

    4. Trim and fit the metal grid that’ll support your drop ceiling.

    5. Add any extras like lighting, air conditioning or sound systems.

    6. Fit your new tiles.

  • How much does it cost to install a suspended ceiling?

    The amount you pay for suspended ceiling installation will vary depending on a few key factors. This can make it difficult to plan your budget for this job. The best way to estimate your suspended ceiling installation cost is to consider the following variables that’ll impact the price:

    • Tile material - Different materials will be priced differently

    • Size of ceiling - The larger your ceiling, the higher the price to fit a suspended ceiling.

    • Number of rooms/areas - If you plan to have a suspended ceiling fitted in more than one room, this will push up the cost.

    • Ceiling height - The higher your current ceiling, the more time needed to fit your suspended ceiling, meaning higher labour costs.

    • Location - Depending on where you live in the UK, labour prices will vary.

    • Extra features - Adding sound systems, air conditioning and other features will raise the amount you pay.

    Suspended ceiling installation cost

    As we mentioned previously, the average suspended ceiling installation cost will vary. However, as a rough guide you can expect to pay around £1,500 for a 10’ x 12' drop ceiling.

    Suspended ceiling costs per square metre

    One of the main factors that affects the price of your drop ceiling is the size. The average suspended ceiling cost per square metre is £28.50. You can find more prices, advice and information in our suspended ceiling cost guide.

  • How to fix a suspended ceiling:

    Repairing your drop ceiling can be straightforward or complicated depending on what exactly the damage is. For example, you can easily replace a tile yourself but repairing a badly damaged grid is not so simple. That’s why we’d recommend leaving suspended ceiling repair to the professionals.

  • How to remove a drop ceiling:

    Suspended ceiling removal requires you to work at height from a ladder so this can be a tricky process. For quick, hassle free results it's worth considering hiring a professional to do the job for you. If you want to know how to remove a drop ceiling yourself, use the below steps:

    1. Remove all the tiles, leaving any lighting in place.

    2. Switch off your electricity supply and disconnect the ceiling lights.

    3. Take down your lighting system carefully.

    4. Remove the metal grid that supported your suspended ceiling.

    Please note, you may need to make repairs to your original ceiling depending on its condition.

    Want to speak to suspended ceiling installers in Malton?

    If you’re planning to have a suspended ceiling installed, it's worth spending a little time doing your research. We recommend getting multiple quotes and seeing if they’re friendly, qualified and experienced. All Checkatrade members pass thorough 12 checks, so you know you’re going to get the best service possible.

    We can help you find suspended ceiling fitters in Malton in two easy ways. One option is to use our online search feature. Simply enter your postcode to search for suspended ceiling contractors near you.

    Alternatively, try our request a quote feature. Tell us what you need doing and we’ll contact three suspended ceiling installers in Malton. They’ll then send you quotes for your project.