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Last updated on May 17th, 2023

Suspended ceiling cost guide

Hide unsightly pipes, add fantastic new features or increase insulation with our guide to suspended ceiling costs featuring useful information and up to date prices.

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The Checkatrade guarantee

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Why install a suspended ceiling?

Commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, suspended ceilings are becoming more popular in residential spaces. As a quick way to cover old stained and unattractive ceilings, suspended ceilings are versatile and can look amazing if done well.

These ceilings are also a great choice to hide unsightly wires or pipes and even come in fire-resistant options. Not only can suspended ceilings be versatile and attractive, but they can also increase your homes’ insulation and improve acoustics.

Whether you’re looking to replace an old, damaged suspended ceiling or to install a new one, keep reading to discover the average suspended ceiling cost, helpful information and price considerations.

How much do suspended ceilings cost per m2?

Project costsCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Suspended ceiling cost / drop ceiling cost£22 - £35 m2£28.50 m2
Suspended ceiling tiles price - 10’ x 12’£1,500
Suspended ceiling kit - 600 mm2£386.23
Insulation cost£5 - £8 per m2£6.50

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

While it is unlikely two suspended ceiling jobs will be the same, it is possible to look at the average cost per metre square. This in mind, check out our table of costs to help you when budgeting for your new suspended ceiling.

The average suspended ceiling cost per m2 is £28.50.

What are suspended ceilings?

While you may have heard the term suspended ceiling, it can be difficult to understand exactly what these ceilings are and how they can benefit you. Suspended ceilings are an extra ceiling fitted below your existing ceiling.

A metal grid is usually hung from above and tiles are then fitted onto this grid to create a whole new ceiling. These ceilings are often used to hide pipes, wires and ducts, or can be used to add extra features into your room such as sound or lighting systems.

Usually found in commercial, retail or industrial settings, suspended ceilings are also a great choice to enhance your home.

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cost of suspended ceilingSuspended ceiling additional features

As mentioned above, suspended ceilings create extra space for added features, including the following:

  • Lighting systems.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Fire sprinklers.
  • Extra insulation at an average cost of £6.50 per m2.
  • Sound systems.

Factors affecting the cost of suspended ceilings

Above, we have looked into average suspended ceiling costs, however, this amount will vary from job to job due to a number of influencing factors. The most common of these factors are:

  • Ceiling height: Higher ceilings mean increased labour times which raises the price.
  • Ceiling material: Suspended ceilings can be made from materials such as MDF, other woods, tiles and plastics, each with a different cost.
  • Number of areas: You may wish to install a suspended ceiling in more than one room. Each extra room will add on additional costs.
  • Ceiling area size: Larger rooms will need more materials and labour times which will increase the total cost.
  • Added features: Every added feature from lighting systems to fire sprinklers will incur an extra cost.
  • Type and quality of tiles: There are a large variety of ceiling tiles to choose from. The higher the quality, the higher the price.
  • Location: Finally, the higher the living cost, the more the professional will charge.

Suspended ceiling tiles price

As mentioned above, the quality, style and material of the ceiling tiles you choose will influence the overall cost. Looking at a 10’ by 12’ area, the average suspended ceiling tiles price is £1,500.

suspended ceiling tiles priceCan I install a suspended ceiling myself?

Installing a suspended ceiling is not an easy, straightforward job. Unless you have the training and are confident in your skill level, it is not recommended you take on this job yourself. That being said, there are kits you can purchase to assist you with the DIY, priced at £386.23 per 600mm2.

Even with a kit, you will need to climb a ladder or even scaffolding to reach your ceiling, which is not a good idea for anyone with reduced physical capabilities. There is a relatively high potential for injury and if the ceiling is not installed correctly it could fall down, damaging everything in its path.

Furthermore, it is unlikely that you will achieve a similar quality of finish to that of a professional. To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalised suspended ceiling installation quote use our free search feature.


How much do drop ceilings cost?

The term drop ceiling is an alternative way to say suspended ceiling, therefore the cost of a drop ceiling would be equal to the cost of a suspended ceiling.

What are the most common types of ceiling tile?

With the huge variety of ceiling tiles available, consumers are spoilt for choice! Some of the most common types of tiles are:

  • Square edge
  • Tegular edge
  • Microlook
  • Concealed grid

Useful suspended ceiling checklist

  • Suspended ceilings were traditionally used in commercial or industrial settings, however, are becoming more popular in residential areas.
  • These suspended or drop ceilings can hide unsightly pipes or wires, support a lighting system and even be used to add insulation.
  • The suspended ceiling cost is impacted by materials used, size of area and ceiling height.
  • Kits are available for those wanting to tackle the ceiling installation themselves, but this job can be complex, arduous and dangerous if not done correctly.
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