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Demotion companies in Addlestone

Planning a demolition project? We can help you easily find demolition companies in Addlestone who come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

Try one of the following two options:

  1. Look online for demolition contractors and get in touch directly.

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature to save time and energy. Give us the details of your demolition job and we will send it to three local professionals. They will then contact you directly and provide you with a fair quote.

  • What is demolition?

    Demolition is a term that covers the destruction or tearing down of man made buildings or structures. This is always done safely to ensure nobody is injured and surrounding buildings aren’t damaged. Building demolition is often necessary to make way for new construction to start.

    Advantages of building demolition

    The purpose of demolition isn't to just destroy structures, there are actually many advantages to building demolition. In addition to removing eyesores from the local neighbourhood, demolition is also great for:

    • Helping the environment: Demolition can have a positive impact on the environment as older buildings are often unsafe and full of asbestos which is a hazard for anyone living in the area.

    • Recycling materials: Demolition contractors often take the time to sort through the rubble of demolished buildings to recycle materials that are no longer being used.

    • Helping improve the local community: If a building is old and unusable, demolishing it can make space for a new building that can help to develop the local community.

  • What does a demolition worker do?

    A demolition contractor or worker is a professional who works in the field of demolition. They work with other professionals to safely demolish buildings and structures. A typical day for a demolition contractor may involve putting up safety screens, operating heavy machinery, searching for reusable materials, and disposing of hazardous substances.

    What demolition services are available?

    Wondering what the types of demolition are? Well, if you own a building or structure that’s unusable in its current condition, there are many demolition services offered by professionals.

    Aside from the total destruction of a structure, other demolition services include:

    • Dismantling buildings

    • Demolishing the interior of a building

    • Only demolishing part of a structure

    • Demolition using explosives

  • What does the demolition process involve?

    Usually done in stages, demolition is not simply a case of slapping an explosive on the side of a building and running away before it blows up. Demolition is actually quite complex and experts go to great lengths to ensure the entire process is planned out and safe.

    Demolition generally happens in 5 main stages, these include:

    • Surveying and checking the condition of the structure and looking for dangerous materials.

    • Disposing of any materials that may be hazardous, like asbestos.

    • Making a plan to demolish the building, while taking everything from surrounding homes to schools and roads into account.

    • Checking the plan follows health and safety guidance. This may involve using noise reduction measures, checking all workers use the proper PPE, as well as making a plan in case of fire.

    • Demolishing the structure.

    How long does demolition take?

    This depends on the size, location and type of structure that is being demolished. A demolition company will usually take between 4 and 8 days to demolish a residential property from start to finish.

  • How much does demolition cost in the UK?

    Demolition is not a quick and straightforward process. It can be time consuming and labour costs can add up. Demolition costs will depend on factors such as:

    • The size of the structure: Larger structures are more expensive to demolish.

    • Location: Depending on where you live in the UK, demolition costs will vary.

    • Materials used: The materials that were used to construct your building will impact the price of demolition.

    • Disposing of waste: After your structure has been demolished, you’ll need to pay for the waste materials to be disposed of. You may be able to save money by recycling anything in good condition.

    How much does demolition of a house cost?

    The total house demolition cost you pay will largely depend on the size of your home. For example, demolition costs for a small house will be on average £6,750. However, large house demolition costs will be much higher, on average £20,000.

    For more prices and advice about hiring a demolition company, check out our demolition cost guide.

    Demolition cost estimates

    If you’re looking for demolition companies in Addlestone we’d recommend speaking to a few professionals and asking for quotes. These demolition cost estimates will allow you to get a fair price and ensure you’re hiring the right worker for your project.

    Try our free search feature to find demolition companies in Addlestone.

  • What to look for in a demolition company:

    Demolition is often a large scale project that can be expensive and time consuming. As you’ll be spending days with your demolition contractor it’s important to work with someone you can trust to do a great job.

    If you’re unsure how to find the right demolition company for your job, consider checking for:

    • A friendly manner

    • A willingness to answer questions

    • A contractor with years of experience

    • A qualified professional

    • A demolition company with great reviews on Checkatrade

    • A tradesperson who’s happy to explain the process to you

    Want to speak to demolition companies in Addlestone?

    Paying for demolition is a brilliant way of making space for new construction on your property. You can easily get rid of any dangerous, ugly or unusable structures, helping you to achieve the home of your dreams.

    We can help you to find trustworthy demolition companies in Addlestone. Just try our online search feature. You can scour our database of members at the touch of a button, finding qualified house demolition contractors in your area.

    Another excellent way of saving time is to use our request a quote feature. Send us the details of your demolition project and we’ll forward these to three local demolition experts. They’ll then get in touch with you directly to provide a quote.