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Exterior painting in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for exterior painting in Edinburgh, we can help speed up your search by showing you exterior painters who are recommended by your neighbours.

Here are two ways of finding local exterior painters in Edinburgh:

  1. Search Checkatrade for exterior house painters in Edinburgh and contact them directly.

  2. Fill in our request a quote form with information about the work you need doing and we’ll pass your details onto three exterior painters in Edinburgh for quotes.

  • What are the benefits of exterior house painting?

    The exterior of your house is the first thing guests will notice when they visit. This gives you the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression.

    Aside from the aesthetic benefits that come with a fresh coat of paint, painting your home has a few other advantages, including:

    • Property value - If you plan to sell your home, potential buyers are more likely to be wowed by a property that has a beautifully painted exterior than a shabby exterior. This can even help to increase the value of your home.

    • Protection against the weather - Using the right kind of house paint can weatherproof your home for years to come.

    • Increased lifespan - Adding a lick of paint to timber and woodwork can help to increase its lifespan.

    • Preventing any issues - Painting your home can highlight developing issues with your property exterior. These can then be dealt with before they become a serious problem.

  • What alternatives are there to exterior house painting?

    If painting the exterior of your home isn't an option you’d choose, there are a few alternative ways of protecting and improving your property. You can choose to use cladding, wall coatings or rendering to create different effects. These options will transform the appearance of your home and simultaneously add protection.

  • When is the best time to paint a house exterior?

    In order for your home to look its best after painting, it’s important to choose the right time of year to do the work. Generally the best times to paint are at the start of summer or the start of autumn. During these times, you’ve got less chance of it raining and ruining your paint and you can also avoid hot summer days that may affect your paint drying unevenly.

  • How long does it take to paint the outside of a house?

    The amount of time needed by exterior painters to cover the outside of your home, will vary from job to job. The larger your property is, the longer it’ll take. As a general rule, you can expect exterior house painting to take around 4 days.

  • How much does exterior painting cost?

    It's difficult to say exactly how much exterior painting costs without considering the factors that impact the price of this job. Before setting a budget, take a moment to think about:

    • Size of home - The bigger your home, the more expensive house painting will be.

    • Number of walls - The more walls that need painting, the more you can expect to pay.

    • Access - If your home has difficult to access areas, this will increase your exterior painting cost.

    • Prep needed - Depending on the current condition of your home, extra prep work may be needed. This can increase the amount you pay.

    • Location - Labour prices will vary based on where you live in the UK.

    • Scaffolding - If scaffolding is needed for the job, this is an additional cost to consider.

    Exterior painting cost

    The average price to paint a property’s exterior is upwards of £2,000. You can find more prices and advice in our guide on the cost to paint the exterior of house.

  • How much does it cost to remove paint from a brick house exterior?

    If your home is painted but no longer looks its best, removing the paint can give your property a new lease of life. The amount you can expect to pay for removing house exterior paint will vary depending on the size, layout and condition of your home.

    As a rough guide, the average price of brick paint removal is £50 per m². If scaffolding is required, the price will increase. Check out our cost to remove paint from a brick house guide for more information.

  • How do you prep your house for exterior painting?

    Similar to other types of painting, before you paint the exterior of your home, the walls will need to be properly prepped. This usually involves brushing away any peeling paint, repairing any holes or cracks, removing dust and debris, and letting the walls dry before getting started. If you hire a professional for this job, they’ll carry out the necessary prep.

  • How do you remove paint from brick exterior?

    Choosing to remove paint from a brick exterior is a fantastic way of improving the appearance of your home. However, it needs to be done carefully to avoid damaging the brickwork. A professional will use different methods of paint removal depending on the type of paint used. For example, they may use soda blasting or paint remover.