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South Coast Home Improvements (Dorset) Ltd
South Coast Home Improvements (Dorset) Ltd Logo
South Coast Home Improvements (Dorset) Ltd
10(4 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

Good availability

We are a general building team based in Poole and have over 25 years experience in the building industry. We pride ourselves on delivering high standards of work a very competitive price.
Call07893 905674
Premier Home Projects Ltd
Premier Home Projects Ltd Logo
Premier Home Projects Ltd
9.64(11 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

With over 40 years' experience I offer a wide range of building services incl. renovations, single and double storey conversions and more - call today for a FREE quotation!
Call07488 829501
Insurance unverified
Hobbs Brickwork
Hobbs Brickwork Logo
Hobbs Brickwork
9.38(10 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

Builder and all aspects of brickwork & masonry
Call07458 180859
KK Builders (Dorset) Ltd
KK Builders (Dorset) Ltd
9.9(242 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

Small family business started 35 years ago by myself followed by my son joining me 8 years ago. We now have my youngest son working with us as an apprentice.We aim to provide a good service at...
Call07458 176375
Hoare Developments Ltd
Hoare Developments Ltd Logo
Hoare Developments Ltd
9.83(12 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

From loft conversions and extensions, to garden builds, structural landscaping and complete property renovations, Hoare Developments has a proven track record for delivering on time and on budget.
Call07458 186542
Insurance unverified
LivinLofts Logo
9.97(9 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

Loft conversion specialist. Cut roofs, we cover all areas of carpentry and extensions
Call07488 830465
Insurance unverified
Empire Builders
Empire Builders Logo
Empire Builders
8.56(139 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

Building, Driveways/ Patios/ Paths, Fencing/ Gates, Property Maintenance, Painter/ decorator, Plasterer, Plumber. Please feel free to call us or e-mail, for a free, no obligation quote.
Call07458 178772
Lowey Building Limited
Lowey Building Limited
9.62(6 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

I have 40+ years of experience and a good team of tradesmen working with me to ensure that all work undertaken is completed to a very high standard.We specialise in,ExtensionsConversionsNew...
Call07458 174595
Lindemann Constructions
Lindemann Constructions Logo
Lindemann Constructions
10(14 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

Bournemouth based, we are multidisciplinary builders. From home extensions, loft conversions, house refurbishment, kitchen fitting to garden rooms, garden kitchens, landscaping and more…we can help.
Call01202 129644
SDM Builders Ltd
SDM Builders Ltd Logo
SDM Builders Ltd
10(42 reviews)

Operates in Bournemouth

is a family run business with 40 years experience between us in the building trade. We work to a very high standard and always aim to complete contracts on time.
Call07458 180227

Foundations builders in Bournemouth

Looking for foundation builders in Bournemouth doesn’t need to be complicated. Let us help you find trustworthy foundation builders in your area who are recommended by your neighbours.

Consider using the below options:

  1. Look online for foundation builders in Bournemouth and contact them directly.

  2. Try our quick and easy request a quote feature. If you’re short on time, send us the details of your project and we’ll contact three qualified foundation builders near you. They’ll then get in touch asking for further information or send you a quote.

  • What is a building foundation?

    Building foundations are located under your home and designed to support your property while evenly distributing its weight. This ensures the building is stable and secure and will last for years to come. Adding house foundations is one of the key stages in construction and they’re often made using concrete and metal reinforcements.

  • What are the different types of foundation?

    When building a house, it’s essential to use the right type of foundation. The soil and ground conditions need to be factored in as well as the size and type of structure. In fact, there are a few different building foundation types, including:

    Shallow foundations

    These building foundations are used to support smaller buildings with a low load. Common types of shallow foundations include:

    • Strip foundations: Perfect for load bearing walls, strip foundations are well suited to new conservatories.

    • Raft foundations: Made up of a large slab, raft foundations cover the entire base of a building.

    • Pad foundations: Used to support localised loads, pad foundations are often positioned under columns.

    Deep foundations

    Generally deep building foundations are used when the ground is not strong enough to support larger loads. Common deep building foundations types include:

    • Pile foundations: These deep foundations are built using steel columns that are set under a building to add extra support.

    Caissons: Caissons are made by drilling a column into the ground. This hole is then filled with concrete and reinforced steel.

  • What are the different types of soil?

    Before picking a type of house foundation, it’s important to look at the soil covering the area. There are a few different types of soil, each with its own properties.

    When building foundations, your tradesperson will look at your subsoil before beginning. The categories of soil are:

    • Clay

    • Gravel and sand

    • Chalk

    • Rock

    • Peat

    • Firm clay over soft clay

    • Filled ground

  • What house foundation is best?

    If you’re planning to build a new house or structure, picking the right building foundations is one of the most important steps. So, what house foundation is best? Well, this really comes down to the type of soil and ground conditions, the size and weight of the building and access to the site.

    It’s the job of your tradesperson, structural engineer and architect to decide on which house foundation is best for your project. This will also be approved by a building inspector before you can start construction.

    For example, if you’re adding a small annex to your property, this isn't too heavy a load so using shallow foundations is a great option. Whereas building a large three storey house will require deeper foundations.

  • How to construct building foundations

    The stability and durability of your home depends strongly on the strength of its foundations. Unless you are a DIY expert, we’d recommend leaving foundations to the professionals. That way you can feel safe in your new home and prevent any future issues.

    Wondering how to construct building foundations? Below is a summary of the process:

    1. Preparation: Making sure the ground is ready to support your foundations by removing any plants, stones and trees

    2. Marking: Measuring the area your foundations will cover and marking the lines it will follow

    3. Excavation: Digging into the ground where your foundations will sit

    4. Sub base: Adding and compacting your sub base

    5. Formwork: Adding formwork to keep the concrete in place while it sets

    6. Concrete: Pouring the concrete into the form you created

    7. Levelling: Levelling and tamping down the newly poured concrete before it sets

    8. Curing: Covering the concrete with a tarp and allowing it to cure

  • How much do building foundations cost?

    If you have plans to build any kind of structure on your property, you’ll know that adding foundations can be labour intensive. So, how much do building foundations cost? This really depends on the type of foundation you’re using as well as the size of the foundations.

    As a rough guide, the average house foundation cost for strip foundations is £110 per square metre. If you want to know more about foundation cost per square foot, check out our new home foundation cost guide. There you can also find advice and tips for choosing foundations, different building foundation types and important considerations.

    How much do foundation repairs cost?

    Over time foundations may need to be repaired to keep your home stable and secure. It’s vital you get your house foundations repaired sooner rather than later before your home becomes damaged.

    If you’re curious how much foundation repairs cost, read our handy guide. For reference, the average cost to repair foundations is £8,500.

    Want to speak to foundation builders in Bournemouth?

    If you’re planning a construction project, you’ll want to find an experienced, qualified professional to take on your project. Using our online search feature is one of the best ways to find a foundation builder you can depend on. Just type in your postcode to find a variety of experts in your area.

    Another option is to try our request a quote feature. Send us all the details of your project and we’ll forward these to three recommended foundations builders in Bournemouth. You’ll then receive three quotes, it really is that simple.