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CJ Plumbing & Heating Ltd
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CJ Plumbing & Heating Ltd
9.78(526 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

Experts in gas central heating, boiler changes, power flushing and radiators. Friendly, reliable, honest service. Very competitive. Free fixed price quotations.
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G. Stinton Plumbing, Drainage & Building
G. Stinton Plumbing, Drainage & Building
9.42(63 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

Call07458 191252
Smart Heating Solutions Ltd
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Smart Heating Solutions Ltd
9.5(195 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

Based in Suffolk we provide professional Heating & Boiler Services to the whole of Suffolk & Essex. We are experts in all aspects of Gas for Commercial and Domestic properties.
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Jts Plumbing And Gas Ltd
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Jts Plumbing And Gas Ltd
9.87(394 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

JTS Plumbing and gas is a small family run business, with over 20 years of experience, Good Availability to take on new work, please check out my page.
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AM Plumbing & Gas Services
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AM Plumbing & Gas Services
9.93(205 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

Our unrivalled central heating expertise and boiler repair experience allows us to assess any given situation promptly and accurately. We ensure the highest quality in boiler servicing.
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Thackeray Heating Ltd
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Thackeray Heating Ltd
9.91(604 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

We cover a wide range of work including bathroom installations, boiler breakdowns, servicing, landlord certificates, hot water cylinder replacements, radiator changes, power flushing, leak repairs.
Call07458 191598
Prime Time Boilers
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Prime Time Boilers
9.74(163 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

5* Rated Boiler Installation Specialist , we offer Flexible Finance Options including 0% APR with No Deposit , 12 year Warranty , Top Brand Boilers and Friendly Professional service.
Call01992 949210
Goodey Services Ltd
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Goodey Services Ltd
9.98(237 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

Goodey Services is an independent, family run business, specialising in domestic & commercial heating services. We are qualified to work with Gas, Oil and LPG. We have over 20 years experience.
Call01206 986854
Willowserve Limited
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Willowserve Limited
9.69(318 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

Willowserve Ltd Plumbing and Heating Services was founded in 1991, with Dale having 35 Years experience in the Plumbing and Heating trade.
Call01359 300717
Gold Star Plumbing and Heating
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Gold Star Plumbing and Heating
9.58(51 reviews)

Operates in Suffolk

No job to big no job to small. Quality and reliability is first priority in every job.
Call07488 846510

LPG central heating installation in Suffolk

If you’re looking for LPG gas engineers in Suffolk who come with the recommendation of your neighbours, we can help.

Finding LPG gas fitters in Suffolk doesn’t need to be complicated, just try the following two options:

  1. Search online for local LPG gas engineers and contact them directly.

  2. Save time by using our handy request a quote feature and let us do all the work for you. Give us the information about your job and we’ll send this to three LPG central heating installation specialists in Suffolk. They’ll then get in touch with you directly to offer you a quote.

  • What is LPG central heating?

    Throughout the UK, several million homes aren't connected to the gas mains supply. This means these homeowners need to look at other ways of heating their properties. An excellent alternative is to choose LPG central heating.

    So, what is LPG central heating? Well, LPG or liquid petroleum gas, is a fuel source that can effectively heat your home. Your boiler converts the LPG into heat to warm your radiators and tap water.

    LPG systems require a storage tank located on your property where the LPG is kept until needed. You’ll also need regular deliveries of LPG to keep your tank full.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing LPG central heating?

    While you might not have heard much about LPG systems before now, they’re an excellent alternative to mains gas systems. Let's look at some of the pros and cons of choosing an LPG central heating system:


    • Highly efficient, often running at over 90% efficiency

    • More affordable than some other types of systems e.g. oil systems are more expensive

    • Large variety of choice when it comes to size of tank and different models

    • Not too noisy

    • Low carbon emissions compared to many other central heating systems

    • Low maintenance


    • Large tanks can be an eyesore, although it’s possible to choose an underground tank

    • You’ll need to arrange for regular deliveries of LPG

    • LPG can be expensive to buy

    How economical is LPG heating?

    LPG is a brilliant option for any home not connected to the mains gas network, but how economical is LPG heating? LPG heating systems can be expensive to run but when you take their high efficiency of at least 90% into account, it's clear, these systems are, in fact, quite economical.

  • What alternatives are there to LPG central heating?

    When choosing a new central heating system, it’s important to consider all the options available. Before making a final decision, read the brief summary of your options below:

    • Oil central heating system: Similar to LPG systems, you’ll need a storage tank for your oil before it's used. Oil boilers can be efficient and more affordable to run than LPG.

    • Gas central heating system: Only an option if your home is connected to the gas mains grid. These systems are generally cheap to run and don't require a storage tank.

    • Electric central heating system: Another option if your home doesn't get a mains gas supply. Electric central heating systems use storage heaters to collect electricity during the night to be used throughout the day.

  • Who can install LPG central heating?

    As with mains gas central heating systems, you shouldn’t try to install an LPG system yourself. LPG can be dangerous if not fitted by a qualified professional and it’s illegal to do the work yourself. Once you’re ready to have your LPG system installed, make sure you find a Gas Safe registered engineer to complete the job.

  • What size storage tank do I need?

    This comes down to how much LPG fuel you use. You’ll need to arrange regular deliveries of LPG to power your heating. It’s essential to buy a big enough tank to keep your central heating running between deliveries. This means if you have a large home, you’ll need a bigger tank than you would for a small property.

  • How much does it cost to install LPG central heating?

    The cost to install LPG central heating will vary depending on a few key factors. These include:

    • Type of boiler: There’s a price difference between different types of LPG boiler. For example, an LPG heat only boiler may be cheaper than an LPG combination boiler.

    • Size of tank: You’ll need to pick the right size storage tank depending on your central heating needs. Larger tanks will be more expensive.

    • Current system: If your current central heating is very different to your new LPG system, it’ll require more labour time and costs to alter.

    • Location of tank: Whether you have your storage tank fitted above or below ground will affect the price you pay. Underground tanks are usually more expensive.

    • Size of your home: LPG central heating systems will usually be more expensive when installed in larger homes.

    LPG central heating installation cost

    If you’re budgeting for your new LPG system, it may help to know some rough costs as a guide. The average LPG central heating installation cost is made up of the price of your LPG boiler, the price of your storage tank and labour. For example;

    • The average cost of an LPG boiler is £4,300 + VAT

    • The average cost of an underground LPG tank is £1,250

    • The average cost to install LPG central heating is £150 - £200 a day

    You can find more prices for boilers and central heating systems in our handy guides below:

    How much does it cost to run an LPG central heating system?

    Running your LPG central heating system to provide hot water and heat to your home isn’t too expensive. Really the price you pay will depend on how large your home is and how much LPG you use. According to Which, the average annual cost to run your LPG system is £796. This figure is based on a household using 12,000 kWh a year.

    Looking for LPG central heating installation in Suffolk?

    There are lots of LPG gas engineers in Suffolk, waiting to take your call. What’s more, we can help you find the right worker for your job. Our members pass a range of thorough checks so you know you’re hiring someone you can trust.

    A quick and easy way of finding LPG gas fitters in Suffolk is to use our free search feature. Type in your postcode and we’ll show you a variety of engineers near you.

    Alternatively, try our request a quote feature and let us do the hard work for you. Just tell us about your project and we’ll pass your details on to three local, qualified engineers. They’ll then contact you directly with a quote. It really is that simple!