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Partition walls installation in Caterham

Finding tradespeople who offer partition wall installation in Caterham doesn’t need to be a long, complicated process. We can help you easily find partition contractors in your area who are recommended by your neighbours.

Consider using one of the below options:

  1. Search Checkatrade for partition installers and contact them directly.

  2. Try our quick and easy request a quote feature. If you’re short on time, give us the details of your job and we’ll forward these to three professionals who offer partition services in Caterham. They’ll then get in touch to send you a quote.

  • What is a partition wall?

    Not all walls inside homes are the same. Whilst load bearing walls are designed to hold upper floors and the roof of a property, partition walls are a little different. They’re usually not used for structural support (although they can be) and instead they help to divide a room or space in a home.

    Types of partition walls

    Partition walls can be load bearing or non load bearing, although the latter is more common. In addition to this, there are a range of partition wall types designed to suit any home.

    Below are some of the most popular types of partition walls:

    • Glass
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Hollow and clay
    • Plaster
    • Metal
    • Lumber
  • What are the advantages of partition walls?

    Now we know a little more about what partition walls are, let's look at their advantages and disadvantages over other walls:


    • Perfect to divide a room or space into two areas
    • Give privacy inside a home
    • Can be made from lightweight, affordable materials
    • Can be fire resistant, damp resistant and mould resistant
    • Can hold up shelves and other decorations
    • Can be full height or shorter


    • Not as sturdy as load bearing walls
    • Can be tricky to install
    • Installation can be messy
  • How much does a UK partition wall cost?

    In order to calculate the cost of putting up a partition wall, we need to first consider the factors that impact the price. Any of the below variables will alter the price of your partition wall:

    • Materials used

    • The thickness of the wall

    • Whether you need added insulation or soundproofing

    • Where you live

    • How many studs are used

    • The size of the wall

    Cost of putting up a partition wall

    Bearing in mind the above factors, we can look at some average costs to build partition walls. Something that has a big impact on the price you pay is the materials used. Below are a example costs:

    • Timber frame stud wall including two sided plasterboard: £60 per sqm

    • Metal frame stud wall including two sided plasterboard: £60 per sqm

    • Glass frame partition wall: £2,700 per sqm

    For more information and prices, check out our partition wall cost guide.

  • How to build a partition wall

    Building a partition wall can be quite a straightforward process if you plan to build a non load bearing wall. Load bearing walls are more complicated and any mistakes could damage your home. As such, we recommend leaving load bearing partition wall construction to the professionals.

    If you have DIY experience, you may be able to build a partition stud wall yourself. Although bear in mind you may not get the results you are hoping for. Want to give building a partition wall a go? Use the below steps:

    1. Prepare by checking building regulations, planning how you will light and heat your new space, and buying the necessary materials

    2. Build a frame

    3. If necessary create a doorway

    4. Add your studs

    5. Fit any electrics and pipes

    6. Install plasterboard

    7. Decorate your new wall

  • How to remove a partition wall

    If there’s a partition wall blocking part of your home or restricting light flow, you may want to get rid of it. Learning how to remove a partition wall isn't too difficult. Although you shouldn't even consider taking down any load bearing walls without a structural survey and professional approval.

    Partition wall removal can be messy so ensure you protect anything valuable or breakable before starting. Use the below steps for safe partition wall removal:

    1. Remove the skirting boards

    2. Turn off the power supply to your home

    3. Disconnect any lightswitches and sockets, this is a good time to call an electrician so these can be rerouted

    4. Use a claw hammer to dismantle the plasterboard

    5. Remove the noggins

    6. Remove the studs

    7. Remove the head and sole plate

  • What to look for in partition contractors:

    If you’re planning to install or remove a partition wall, the best way to guarantee great results is by hiring a partition contractor. So, how can you tell you’re hiring the right tradesperson for the job? Check that any professional you speak to has the following:

    • A friendly, professional manner

    • A willingness to answer your questions

    • Examples of their past work

    • Positive reviews on Checkatrade

    • Time to explain the process to you

    • Years of experience

    • Necessary qualifications

    Looking for partition wall installation in Caterham?

    Once you’re ready to get started on your partition wall project, you need to find a trustworthy, experienced professional. The good news is that we can help you find partition contractors near you. Our members pass 12 checks and come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

    So, if you’re looking for partition services, try one of the following options:

    Use our free search feature to find partition installers near you. Just type in your postcode and we’ll show you a range of tradespeople in your area who are waiting for your call.

    Alternatively, consider using our request a quote feature. Send us the details of your project and we’ll pass these on to three contractors who offer partition wall installation in Caterham. They’ll then get in touch with you directly to ask for more information or to offer you a quote. This option is perfect for busy homeowners.