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Structural survey cost guide

Also known as a building survey, a full structural survey is an in-depth analysis that reports on a property’s structure and condition. If you’re thinking of buying a property that is over 50 years old or a bit of a fixer-upper, this is a must. But what does a full structural survey cost?

While new builds come with a structural survey as part of the warranty, older properties will require this inspection to be sourced by the buyer. To help give you an idea on the average price range you can expect, check out our guide to the cost of structural surveys below. 

Property price rangeAverage structural survey cost
up to £100,000£630
£100,001 - £200,000
£200,001 - £300,000
£300,001 - £400,000£900
£400,001 to £500,000+£990+

Full structural survey cost

A building survey is the most comprehensive home survey. It’s most appropriate for older or unusual properties, as well as those that have been modified significantly in the past.

Due to the number of variables between properties, there is no standardised price for a structural survey.

The exact cost will depend on the size, condition and location of the house, as larger homes and those in poorer conditions will naturally take longer to complete.

How much does a structural survey cost?

Depending on the size of your home, the cost of a RICS building survey will range between £500 to £1,500. If you are intending to purchase an older property, source a quote for a structural survey in advance. The findings from the survey will shine a light on all the defects, snags or structural issues that need addressing. From here, we recommend comparing the details of the repairs required against the lender’s valuation as you may able to save money.

Structural engineer survey cost

The average cost of a structural survey is £800, based on the average UK house price of £231,185.  The quote provided will reflect the size of the property and the price, which are often inextricably linked. A qualified surveyor will carry out the inspection and provide a full report upon completion. To save time, use our search bar to find structural engineers in your area:

Find a local building surveyor

What does a structural survey include?

A structural survey is a report that is carried out to provide a full analysis of a property to protect the interests of the buyer. Examples of what the report will cover include, but are not limited to:

structural engineer survey cost

  • Construction materials
  • Roofing
  • Rainwater goods and waste pipes
  • External and internal walling
  • Condition of doors and windows
  • Ceiling material and height
  • Electrics
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Internal flooring
  • Decorations (e.g. paintwork and plastering)
  • Damp and ventilation
  • Garage and outbuildings
  • Full site description

Structural survey FAQs

Do I need a structural survey?

If you are planning on buying a home that is particularly old or has had structural changes made in the past, it’s worth getting a structural survey. A surveyor will provide a full report on their findings that details all the potential defects that will need repairing upon moving in.

Full structural survey cost

Are structural surveys worth the price?

The upfront costs for a structural survey may seem steep, but it’s a fee worth paying to get a clear overview on problems with the property ahead of purchase. If the report finds a list of issues that will cost thousands to put right, this could influence your decision to proceed with the purchase.

What kind of survey do I need?

There are 4 types of property survey. These are:

  • A valuation report
  • A condition report
  • A homebuyer report
  • A full structural survey

The survey you need will depend on the type and age of the property you want to buy. Homebuyers purchasing older properties (generally a house rather than a flat) should seek a full structural survey to identify costly repairs ahead of purchase.

Find a local building surveyor

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