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M Bubb Construction
M Bubb Construction Logo
M Bubb Construction
9.15(50 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

We specialise in all types of brickwork, internal and exterior plastering as well as providing a full general building service.
Call07488 826217
Absolute Building Services Limited
Absolute Building Services Limited  Logo
Absolute Building Services Limited
9.75(110 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

At Absolute Building Services we take pride in the way we operate our business and the professional relationship we have with our clients. We specialise in Loft conversions and Extensions.
Call07488 826656
Alpha Group Building Services Ltd
Alpha Group Building Services Ltd Logo
Alpha Group Building Services Ltd
9.78(28 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

House extensions , loft conversions , refurbs and general builders
Call07488 814401
JNA Developments (London) Limited
JNA Developments (London) Limited Logo
JNA Developments (London) Limited
9.75(81 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

Since I started my company I have tried to maintain a fresh approach to building.  I liase with the customer through the whole project to create exactly what the customer wants...
Call07488 826735
Collison & Co Building Contractors Ltd
Collison & Co Building Contractors Ltd Logo
Collison & Co Building Contractors Ltd
9.75(16 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

Collison & Co Building Contractors offer a complete service from Design to Build.
Call07488 842048
Clear-Cut Carpentry Ltd
Clear-Cut Carpentry Ltd Logo
Clear-Cut Carpentry Ltd
9.88(38 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

Here at Clear Cut Carpentry we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality work in an unobtrusive, professional and timely manner. Customer satisfaction is our priority.
Call02039 596562
Butts Build
Butts Build Logo
Butts Build
10(23 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

Butt's Build & Construction- we lead on all aspects of build and construction including loft conversions, rear or side extensions, garden room/offices.
Call07488 816690
Alcourt Landscapes
Alcourt Landscapes Logo
Alcourt Landscapes
9.83(330 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

Driveway, Patio & Landscaping Specialists in Surrey. Free Quotes. Focused on high quality workmanship and excellent standards of customer service.
Call07488 825193
Clarence Loft & Extensions
Clarence Loft & Extensions Logo
Clarence Loft & Extensions
9.87(16 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

CLC is a highly skilled building company, specializing in Lofts and all things carpentry.
Call07488 821660
RDB Building & Electrical Services
RDB Building & Electrical Services Logo
RDB Building & Electrical Services
9.98(469 reviews)

Operates in Tadworth

Extensions, garage conversions, loft conversions, kitchens, bathrooms, plastering, Re wires, repairs, fault finding, car chargers, solar pv, led lighting, additional sockets landlord certificates
Call07488 830300

Cladding installers near me in Tadworth

There are many excellent local cladding installers in Tadworth who come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

You can find local cladding fitters in two quick and easy ways:

  1. Search for local cladding installers in Tadworth and contact them directly

  2. Use our helpful request a quote feature and we’ll do the hard work for you – just tell us what you need doing and we’ll reach out to recommended cladding installation specialists in your area. They will then contact you directly.

  • What is cladding?

    Cladding is used in construction to increase the insulation of a building and improve its weather resistance. It’s also used decoratively to enhance the appearance of any structure from homes to high rise buildings.

    Many homeowners choose to add cladding to their properties to improve security and reduce sound pollution. Cladding works well at blocking noise from travelling through the walls of a building, creating a more peaceful environment. Cladding can be used internally or externally.

    How does cladding work?

    Cladding adds an extra layer to the outside of any building, protecting the structure from rain and wind. Often, cladding isn’t waterproof but having this extra layer prevents moisture from seeping through the walls of a building.

    Paying for cladding installation by specialists is an excellent choice if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Having this second skin of material means that the heat you generate in your home can’t escape through small cracks and holes.

    With cladding you’ll use less energy to heat your home, saving you money.

    What are the different types of cladding?

    Cladding can be made from many different materials and is available in a variety of styles and colours. Some of the most common types of cladding include:

    • Timber: Possibly the most common type of cladding, wood cladding creates beautiful aesthetics with a natural, welcoming feel.

    • Stone: Often used externally and made up of a thin covering of stone, this type of cladding gives any property a natural, rustic feel.

    • Brick: Designed to suit any building, brick cladding is available in many colours allowing you to create stunning patterns.

    • UPVC: Low maintenance and weatherproof, UPVC cladding is a great choice for anyone looking to protect their home from the rain and fires.

    • Weatherboard: This type of cladding is perfect to enhance and protect your home.

    • Glass: Designed to create a luxurious finish to any structure, glass cladding is affordable, strong and lightweight.

    • Metal: Metal cladding is often used on high rise buildings as it’s very affordable and modern.

    If you’re unsure what’s the best type of cladding for your home, read our exterior wall cladding ideas guide.

    What does cladding look like?

    This really depends on the type of cladding you choose. It can create a natural, rustic, elegant, luxurious, or modern feel to any building.

    For example, choosing timber cladding will give your home a warm, welcoming aesthetic.

  • How much does cladding cost?

    Cladding prices will vary between the different materials available. Some of the more affordable options include metal, uPVC and glass.

    The cost of cladding will also depend on the size of your home, the quality of the materials you choose and where your property is located.

    Average cladding prices

    Our house cladding cost guide covers some of the most common types of cladding and their average prices. You can also read more about the factors that affect cladding prices.

    For example: The average cost of uPVC cladding is £20 per m2, while the average cost of timber cladding is £35 per m2.

  • Can I fit cladding myself?

    This comes down to your experience with DIY projects. If you’re a beginner, fitting cladding is too complex for you. Plus, you risk damaging your home if you don’t install cladding correctly.

    If you have some experience, it’s definitely possible to fit cladding yourself.

    How to fit cladding

    Learning how to fit cladding can take time, so make sure you find some time to get to grips with this new skill.

    You’ll need to gather the right tools and materials before beginning. These are listed in our guide on how to install cladding.

    While you’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions in the above guide, the basic process of installing cladding involves:

    • Letting the material acclimatise

    • Preparing the walls

    • Fitting each batten and nailing in place

    • Trimming and sanding the cladding

    • Hammering the boards onto your walls

    How much cladding do I need?

    If you plan to install cladding yourself, you’ll need to know the right amount of materials to buy. You can calculate how much cladding you need by measuring the walls of your home. Check the width and height before multiplying to give you the square metre total you’ll need.

    Next, divide this figure by the width of the cladding boards you’ve chosen. Make sure to bear in mind that cladding overlaps. So, take the amount of overlap away from the width of your cladding boards before dividing.

    For example, if your cladding boards are 200mm wide and they overlap by 10mm, the width figure you need to use is 190mm.

    Finally, divide this figure by the length of your cladding boards. It’s also worth adding 10% extra to allow for mistakes.

  • Want to speak to cladding installers in Tadworth?

    If you’re planning to enhance your home with cladding, contacting an experienced, qualified installer is essential. They’ll be able to give you a quote and explain the installation process.

    A professional cladding fitter will also be happy to assist you with choosing the right type of cladding for your home.

    Once you’re ready to take the first steps on your cladding journey, we can help you find professionals to fit your cladding in Tadworth.

    Use our online search feature to explore your local options.

    Alternatively, why not try our request a quote feature? Just give us the details of your job and we’ll pass these on to three local cladding installers who’ll get in touch directly.