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Find a curtain fitter near Staffordshire

There are plenty of good local curtain fitters and blind fitters in Staffordshire who come well recommended by your neighbours.

We have two quick and easy ways to find a reliable local curtain or blind fitter near you:

  1. Search for local curtain fitters in Staffordshire and contact them yourself

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature and we’ll find them for you – tell us what you need doing, we’ll reach out to recommended curtain or blind fitters in your area and they'll contact you directly.

  • How much should it cost to have curtains installed?

    The total cost to install curtains in your home will depend on the type of curtains you choose and how many need fitting, but below are some average prices you can expect to pay in the UK:

    • Fit curtain track (per room) – £100 - £150

    • Fit blinds – £60 - £115

    • Fit curtain pole (per room) – £60 - £90

    Factors affecting the cost to install curtains

    There are a number of different factors that will affect the total price you pay for curtains to be installed in your home, including:

    • Size, style and number of windows you need curtains for

    • Quality and quantity of materials used, including curtain poles, fixtures and curtain material

    • Complexity of the installation

    • Any prep work needed, such as plastering or painting walls

    Quotes for curtain installation costs

    For exact costs it’s always a good idea to contact local curtain installers to get accurate quotes for the job. As with all home improvement projects, we always recommend obtaining at least three quotes from different tradespeople in your area.

    By shopping around you can make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price to install curtains in your home. And, thankfully, our request a quote feature makes finding multiple quotes super easy. You simply post details about the work you need doing and we’ll send it out to local curtain fitters in your area. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

    Costs to dry clean curtains

    If you already have curtains in place but want to get them looking as good as new, you might want to know how to wash curtains correctly. Due to the nature of curtain fabric, we often recommend you get them dry cleaned – rather than washing them yourself.

    The average cost for dry cleaning curtains ranges from around £4 to £17 per m2, depending on the type of curtains you have. The thicker and heavier the curtain, the more you’ll pay for them to be cleaned.

  • What does a curtain fitter do?

    When hiring a curtain fitter it’s useful to understand what they do as part of the curtain fitting process. There are typically three main parts to the curtain fitting process…

    1. Measuring up

    Although you can measure up yourself, it can be an expensive mistake if you accidentally note down the wrong measurements. That’s why most reputable curtain fitters will offer to visit your home and take the measurements for you. That way they can make sure that your new curtains will fit perfectly in the space.

    2. Supply curtains and materials

    Curtain fitters will have access to a wide range of curtains and related products, such as curtain tracks, poles, and fixtures – as well as blinds and curtains themselves. They will be happy to show you samples of the various options to help you decide which are the right ones for your home.

    3. Curtain installation

    Once you’ve decided the type of curtains you’re having installed, curtain fitters will ensure that the curtains and all related fixtures and fittings are carefully fitted. Experienced curtain fitters will carry out the work safely and efficiently, leaving you with beautiful new curtains to enjoy.

    Hiring local curtain fitters

    Experienced curtain fitters will be well-versed in how to measure curtains, how to measure for blinds, and how to hang curtains in just the right way. Before hiring a local curtain fitter, it’s useful to discuss the job with them first and feel free to ask questions about their experience and ask to see examples of previous work they’ve done. Reputable curtain fitters will be happy to oblige to ensure that you’re happy and confident in hiring them.

    Ready to find the best local curtain fitters in Staffordshire? Get started now by using our quick and easy online search. Or request a quote and we’ll do the legwork for you by contacting multiple curtain fitters in your area and we’ll get them to contact you directly.

  • How do you fix a curtain track?

    Curtain tracks are a very popular way to hang curtains, and provide a neat and sturdy system for opening and closing. If you need to fix a curtain track to the wall, here’s our quick guide to follow…

    How to hang curtains with a track

    1. Mark the location on the wall where your curtain track will go – ideally about 10cm above the window and longer than the window width by roughly 10cm on each side

    2. Centre the curtain track above the window and mark where the end brackets need to be fitted (usually around 2cm from the end of the track)

    3. Distribute other brackets evenly along the length of the curtain track at a maximum of 50cm apart

    4. Fix the brackets in place according to the manufacturer’s instructions

    5. Curtain gliders can then be slid on the end of the track, or sometimes clipped to the front

    6. Attach hooks to the top of the curtains in the holes or pleats provided

    7. Fit the hooks into the curtain gliders on the track, and job done.

    How to measure curtains

    Getting measurements right is an important part of installing new curtains. Rather than simply measuring the size of the window, you need to consider the track or pole width for the curtains – and a curtain track or pole will typically extend 15cm - 20cm either side of the window and at least 15cm above.

    Here’s our quick guide on how to measure curtains:

    • For curtain poles you need to measure the width of the pole between the curtain finials or end caps

    • For curtain tracks you can simply measure the full width of the track

    • For curtain tracks with an overlap you’ll need to measure the full width of the track as well as the width of the overlap, and then add the two lengths together to get the total measurement for the curtain

    • For the curtain drop you can hang curtains to the floor, to the sill or to below the sill. Here are recommendations for measuring the curtain drop:

    • 1.5cm above the floor

    • 15-20cm below the window sill (or 2-3cm above the radiator)

    • 1.5 cm above the window sill

  • How much does it cost to fit blinds?

    If curtains aren’t for you and you’re wondering how much do blinds cost, the answer will depend on a number of factors including the type of blinds you choose, the quantity of blinds. Below are average costs for some of the most common types of blinds in the UK.

    Electric blinds costs

    Automated blinds have become increasingly popular with homeowners throughout the UK, particularly for bifold doors and conservatories. Here are typical costs to install electric blinds:

    • Electric bifold blinds (covering 3.5m to 14m) – £2,750 - £6,600

    • Conservatory blinds (2m x 2m) – £3,200

    • Conservatory blinds (3m x 3m) – £3,800

    How much do shutter blinds cost?

    The average cost of shutters varies depending on the size, style and quality of the shutters you choose but you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of the prices below:

    • Interior (plantation) shutter installation cost – £180 - £300 per m2

    • Exterior shutter installation cost – £160 - £360 per m2

    • Wood shutter installation cost – £50 - £300 per m2

    • Roller shutter installation cost – £590 - £3,920

    • Bay window shutter costs – £360 - £720

    • Shutters only – £150 - £200 per m2

    How much do blinds cost for a conservatory?

    Blinds in a conservatory give you the perfect way to control the amount of light that you let into the room, and can add a beautifully stylish touch too. Here are the average prices for conservatory blinds:

    • Conservatory blinds cost – £940 - £1,950

    • Conservatory roof blinds cost – £950 - £8,100

    • Conservatory sail blinds cost – From £1,200

    • Electric conservatory roof blinds cost (materials only) – From £50 per blind

    • Pleated conservatory blinds cost – £650 - £3,400

    How much do fitted blinds cost to repair?

    If you have damaged or broken fitted blinds that you need to have repaired, you can expect to pay roughly £35 - £50 per hour for a window blind repair specialist. A typical fitted blind repair job costs somewhere in the region of £40 - £230, depending on the nature of the and extent of the repairs needed.

    Choosing between curtains and blinds

    Curtains and blinds both have their pros and cons, and the right choice will depend on you and your home. To find out more, check out our guide to curtains vs blinds.

  • What does a blind fitter do?

    Blinds can be tricky to install yourself, so you might find hiring a blind fitter saves you time, hassle and stress. Experienced local blind fitters will be experts in safely and efficiently fitting blinds in your home to create the perfect finished results.

    Here’s a quick overview of the process that most reputable blind fitters will follow…

    1. Offer professional advice & guidance to help you identify the type of blinds you want and show you samples of fabrics, blinds & other accessories.

    2. Measure up to both provide an accurate quote and to make sure that your blinds fit perfectly.

    3. Provide a quote to show you the breakdown of costs for the blinds and installation for your chosen specification of blinds.

    4. Install the blinds safely and efficiently with minimal disruption and mess to ensure your blinds are hung with precision.

    How to measure for blinds

    When ordering blinds, you want to make sure you’re measuring accurately so that the blinds will fit exactly how you want them. There are typically two ways to measure for blinds: measuring the recess or measuring exactly.

    To measure a recess, you’ll need to:

    1. Measure the width of the recess at the top, middle and bottom and take the smallest measurement as the width for your blinds

    2. Measure the vertical height of the recess at the left side, middle and right side and the smallest measurement of the three will be the drop length of your blinds

    For exact blind measurements, you’ll need to:

    1. Decide where you want the edges of your blinds to be and then measure the outside of the recess from one side to the other.

    2. Measure the drop by starting where you want the top blind rail to be and ending where you want the bottom of your blinds to sit.

    Top tips for how to clean blinds

    Here are a few quick tips for keeping your blinds looking clean and fresh:

    • Stock up on the right cleaning gear, including baby wipes and a micro-fibre cloth

    • Make sure you dust your blinds regularly to stop any dirt and stains building up

    • Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the blinds

    • Don’t forget to clean the handle / rod – it’s the part of the blinds that gets used the most but often gets forgotten about

    Hire the best local blind fitters in Staffordshire

    If you’re ready to find reliable local curtain fitters in Staffordshire, we’ve got two quick and easy ways to find the best tradespeople in your area. You can use our online search to find local blind fitters recommended by your neighbours and get in touch with them yourself. Or request a quote and we’ll do the legwork for you by contacting multiple blind fitters in your area and we’ll get them to contact you directly.