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Roof window installers in Crawley

Looking for a roof window installer in Crawley? No problem, we can help you find qualified roof window fitters in your local area today. They’re even recommended by your neighbours.

You can find roof/dormer window installation specialists in one of the following two ways:

  1. Search online for roof window fitters and get in touch with them directly.

  2. Try our request a quote feature. Just fill in our online contact form and we’ll find three professionals who offer roof window or skylight installation in Crawley who can help. We’ll send them your details and they’ll send you a personalised quote.

  • What is a roof window?

    Roof windows are installed in the roof of your home, perfect to increase light and ventilation. These windows are often used in loft conversions but they can also be added to solid conservatory roofs.

    Roof windows are sometimes confused with skylights, however there’s a difference between the two. Generally, skylights aren't designed to open while roof lights are. Roof windows are also larger and offer amazing views over your local area.

  • What are the different types of roof windows?

    There are a few different types of roof windows, some that are perfect for pitched roofs, while others work well with flat roofs. Below are the most common types of roof windows:

    • Balcony windows

    • Centre pivot windows

    • Top hung windows

    • Skylights

    • Flat roof domes

    • Roof lanterns

    • Walk on rooflights

  • What is a dormer window?

    If you’re looking to enhance your loft, why not choose to install a dormer window? These popular windows are made of wood or brick and installed on a pitched roof. They’ll add extra headheight and room to your loft making the entire area feel more spacious and light.

    What are the different types of dormer windows?

    You can choose from a few different types of dormer windows depending on your needs and preferences. Below are the most common types of dormer windows:

    • Gabled

    • Flat

    • Eyebrow

    • Segmental

    • Hipped

    • Shed

  • Do you need planning permission to put a window in a roof?

    If you’re considering adding a roof window, you’re probably also wondering whether you need roof window planning permission. The good news is that generally you won’t need permission to add your roof window. However, if you plan to install a dormer window that’s higher than your roof, you may need to get permission before getting started.

  • How much does a roof window cost to install?

    The price of roof windows varies from job to job. There are a few important factors to consider before estimating how much a roof window costs to install.

    Bear the following in mind when deciding how much to budget for this job:

    • Type of roof window: Different types of roof window will have different costs. For example, a large skylight will usually cost more than a basic roof dome.

    • Size of roof window: The larger your roof window, the more it’ll cost to buy and install.

    • Glass used: High quality glass will be more expensive than basic glazing.

    • Location: Installation costs will vary throughout the UK.

    Average roof window costs

    Ok, let's look at some example roof window costs. Depending on the type of roof window you choose, the average price of the window and installation ranges from £80 - £1,000+. Our skylight installation cost guide has more prices and tips for buying a new roof window.

    Below are a few example roof window costs:

    • Velux roof window cost: £550-£800

    • Roof dome: £450-£650

    • Skylight: £600-£1,000

    How much does a dormer window cost to install?

    Similar to roof windows, the cost to install a dormer window will be affected by a number of variables. These include the size, style and materials of your dormer window. These windows tend to be more expensive to install than basic roof windows as the installation process is more complex and time consuming.

    Average cost to install dormer window

    So, what’s the average dormer window installation cost? Well, depending on the quality of material used, the price of a dormer window ranges from £5,000-£15,000.

  • What to look for from roof window installers:

    If you’re hoping to add a roof window to enhance your home, you need to know what to look for in roof window fitters. It's normal to be a little anxious about inviting a stranger into your home. But inviting them round to give you a quote is a great way to get a feel for whether the professional is right for your project.

    When deciding who to hire to fit your roof windows consider the following points:

    • Are they open and willing to answer your questions?

    • Are they friendly and professional?

    • Can they show you examples of their work?

    • Do they have positive reviews on Checkatrade?

    • Do they have a good amount of experience?

    • Can they offer you a fair quote?

    Want to speak to roof window installers in Crawley?

    Once you’re eager to get started on your project, you’ll need to find a roof window fitter you can trust. Our members pass a range of checks to ensure they can offer you fantastic service time and time again. They’re even recommended by your neighbours!

    Instead of spending time searching online for the right roof window/dormer window installation specialist, try our free search feature. Just type in your postcode to see a variety of roof window installers in Crawley.

    Or, to save even more time, why not use our request a quote feature? Give us the details of your job and we’ll find three specialists who offer roof window/skylight installation in Crawley. They’ll then contact you directly with a quote. It couldn't be easier!