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Gas safety checks in Berkshire

Gas safety certificates are a legal requirement for landlords and a great way of ensuring your home appliances are safe to use. We can help you get a gas safety check in Berkshire with a qualified engineer. Our engineers are recommended by your neighbours so you know you’re hiring the right tradesperson for your job.

If you need a gas safety inspection in Berkshire, try one of the below options:

  1. Look online for Gas Safe Engineers and get in touch with them directly.

  2. Use our request a quote feature to save time. Getting a gas safety certificate in Berkshire couldn't be easier. Just send us the details of your job and we’ll pass these to three experienced professionals. They’ll then contact you with a fair quote for your job.

  • What does a gas safety check involve?

    If not properly cared for and maintained, gas appliances can be dangerous, threatening the safety of your family and your home. Gas safety checks are designed to spot any developing issues to ensure your appliances are safe to use.

    So, what does a gas safety check involve? Well, your engineer will check the following:

    • Whether there are any leaks at your gas meter

    • That each appliance has a sufficient air supply

    • Any appliances have been installed correctly and in the right position

    • Whether your chimney and flue are clear to allow fumes to safely leave your home

    • The pressure of your appliances

    • That the safety devices on your appliances are functioning well

  • How long does a gas safety check take?

    This depends on the size of your home, the number of appliances you own, and whether any immediate repairs are needed. Usually, you can expect your gas safety check to take an average of 30 minutes.

  • How often should gas safety checks be done?

    Gas safety checks are not a legal requirement for homeowners but getting your appliances regularly checked is the best way to avoid accidents. Landlords or the owners of hotels and B&Bs will however need to get an up-to-date gas safety certificate following an annual check.

  • What does a gas safety certificate cover?

    This certificate will have the following information on it:

    • The date of the inspection
    • Your address
    • The position and condition of each appliance
    • The engineer’s name, signature and registration number
    • Date the next check is due
    • Any issues that need to be repaired and how they can be fixed
  • Who can issue a CP12?

    A CP12 is another name for a gas safety certificate and you need to ensure this is up to date legally.

    So, who can issue a CP12? To comply with legal requirements, this can only be issued by a qualified engineer on the Gas Safe Register. If you’re unsure whether your tradesperson is qualified, you can check their name on the Gas Safe website.

  • How much does a gas safety check cost?

    In order to meet the legal requirements, you’ll need to pay a gas safety inspection cost. This covers your gas safety check as well as the cost of a gas safety certificate. The amount you pay for a gas safety check will depend on how many gas appliances are in your home as well as the size and location of your property.

    Usually, gas safety inspection costs are a fixed price but if you have multiple boilers and extra appliances, this price will rise. The average gas safety certificate cost usually falls between £60 and £90. Engineers will often charge an extra £10 for each additional appliance that needs to be checked.

    Read our handy guide to learn more about how much a gas safety check costs. We also cover how to know when you need an inspection and how to get a certificate.

  • What to look for in a Gas Safe Registered Engineer near you

    If you’re concerned about the safety of the gas appliances in your home or if you’re a landlord, now is the time to organise an inspection.

    So, what should you look for in a Gas Safe Registered Engineer? We’d recommend asking yourself the following questions:

    • Are they properly qualified and on the Gas Safe Register?

    • Are they happy to answer any questions you have?

    • Do you feel comfortable to have them in your home?

    • Do they have good reviews on Checkatrade?

    • Are they willing to visit your home to give you a quote?

    • Do they seem trustworthy?

    • Does the quote seem reasonable?

    If you can answer yes to most of these questions, you can have confidence that the engineer you’re talking to is the right worker for your job.

    Need a gas safety check in Berkshire?

    Once you’re ready to book a gas safety inspection in Berkshire, we can help you to find someone experienced and qualified for the job. Our online search feature is the perfect way of searching through our trusted members at the click of a button. Just type in your postcode, it’s as easy as that.

    Alternatively, our handy request a quote feature is a great option for busy homeowners or landlords. Give us the details of what you need doing and we’ll pass these on to three engineers in your area. You can then sit back and relax while they prepare quotes for you.