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Alarm & Security installers in Berkshire

​​There are plenty of alarm and security installers in Berkshire who come well recommended by your neighbours.

We have two quick and easy ways to find a reliable alarm installer near you:

  1. Search for local alarms/security installers in Berkshire and contact them yourself.

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature and we’ll find them for you – tell us what you need doing, we’ll reach out to recommended security professionals in your area and they'll contact you directly.

  • How do home security systems work?

    Home security systems can provide comforting peace of mind for you and your loved ones, knowing that you have an extra level of security for your home – more than just locks on your doors.

    Before you go booking your alarm systems installation, it’s useful to know how home security systems work. Below is an overview of the main elements and types of home security systems in the UK.

    Burglar alarm panel

    This is what some describe as the traditional home security system, where a loud alarm will ring if an intruder attempts to break into your property. In recent years, burglar alarm panel technology has become much more elevated in the features and specifications available, such as being compatible with smartphones and sending texts, calls or alerts when a break-in is detected on your property.

    Alarm sensors

    In order to detect intruders, a home security system needs to have sensors, which are typically either infrared or magnetic. Infrared sensors are very popular with homeowners as they can detect subtle changes in the temperature of your household caused if someone enters your property.

    Magnetic sensors are usually fitted to doors and windows to create a magnetic seal that triggers the alarm when broken.

    Wired or wireless alarms

    Traditionally all home security systems were wired, but with modern technology you can now get wireless alarm systems – which are generally much quicker and easier to install.

    Wired sensors require wiring to be installed to connect all sensors with the main alarm panel. The benefit of this is that wired sensors are very resilient, but they will require an electrician to ensure the system runs properly.

    Wireless sensors are powered by batteries and send out low-frequency signals that connect them to the main alarm panel. Wireless sensors are much simpler to install, but you’ll want to seek the advice of a professional alarm fitter to know where to place them for maximum efficiency. If they’re positioned too far away from the alarm panel then the signal could be too weak to trigger the alarm.

    Monitored burglar alarms

    For a premium home security system, you can opt for a monitored burglar alarm. If a break-in is detected then a security agent will contact you (or your designated contact), and they can even be advised to contact the police directly.

    Hire a local alarm fitter

    If you’re keen to install a home security system in your property, we can help you find the best local alarm fitters near you – including those who come highly recommended by your neighbours.

    You can either use our quick and easy online search to find and contact alarm fitters in your area. Or, alternatively, request a quote and we’ll do the legwork for you by reaching out to the best local tradespeople near you.

  • How much do home security systems cost?

    The cost of a home security system can vary massively, but here are some of the average alarm fitting costs you can expect to pay:

    • Bell-only wireless alarm (supply only) – £525

    • Bell-only wired (supply only) – £500

    • Smart alarm system – £650

    • CCTV system (supply only) – £800

    • Burglar alarm technician hourly rate – £60 - £80 per hour

    Where the safety and security of you and your home is concerned, we always recommend hiring a professional alarm fitter to install your home security system. Professional alarm fitters are skilled in efficiently installing alarm systems to ensure they work properly.

    Factors affecting alarm system installation costs

    The alarm installation cost for a home security system will depend on a number of factors, including:

    • Type of alarm system you choose

    • Size of your property

    • Complexity of the installation

    • Additional features, including smartphone control

    Quotes for alarm fitting costs

    To get accurate quotes for alarm installation costs in your area, we always recommend obtaining at least three quotes from different local alarm fitters. By shopping around you can make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price for the work.

    Thankfully, we've got a tool that makes finding multiple quotes super easy. Our request a quote tool is perfect for getting quotes. All you need to do is post details about your home security system project and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area and get them to contact you directly. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

  • How much do home security systems cost per month?

    In addition to the initial alarm installation cost, you may also need to factor in the running costs – although not all home security systems will have a monthly charge. Depending on the type of security system you choose, the monthly cost could range from £0 to around £50 per month.

    If you have a monitored security system, you can expect to pay roughly £30 - £40 per month. This monthly charge is to cover the cost of constantly monitoring your property and responding in the case of an attempted break-in.

    For systems that include a smart camera, there may also be a monthly cost of around £2 - £10 per month for the cloud storage to save your security video footage to. That said, for many households it’s possible to make do with a free cloud storage service.

    Want to find out more?

    To find out more about alarm system installation costs, the options available and which one might be the best choice for your home, we recommend speaking to your local alarm fitters. Experienced alarm specialists will be able to provide useful professional advice on the latest technology and features on offer.

    Keen to get started? Search for the best alarm installation experts near you and get in touch with them to discuss your chimney cleaning project. Alternatively, you can get multiple quotes from local tradespeople using our request a quote feature – simply post details of what you’re looking for and we’ll get reliable local alarm fitters to contact you directly.

  • How do you install home security systems?

    Each home security system will require a different process to install it successfully, so we always recommend speaking to your local alarm fitters for advice and guidance. Or, if you’re planning to install the system yourself then always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for how to install their home security system.

    How to install home security systems - wireless alarms

    Here’s a quick summary of how to install a wireless alarm system in your home:

    1. Install the wireless home security panel – Ideally this should be installed close to your front door (or other main entry door to your home).

    2. Position sensors and detectors – Your security system should include basic door and window alarm sensors (and maybe also motion detectors) that should be distributed throughout your home and may include motion detectors. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidance on positioning sensors in optimum locations.

    3. Test the security system – Once installed, make sure the alarm system works by testing it out. Your security system should come with directions for how to test the system and make sure everything is working properly.

    Find the best local alarm fitters

    If you’re eager to have a home security system installed, you want to find the best alarm fitters in your area to carry out the work. And, thankfully, we can help you find them.

    You can either search for alarm fitters using our online search and contact them yourself. Or, use our request a quote feature and leave it to us to find them for you – just tell us what you need and we’ll reach out to recommended alarm fitters near you and get them to contact you directly.

  • How much is an alarm system?

    Not all alarm systems are designed to detect intruders. For many homeowners it’s also important to have a fire alarm system installed in their home. Fire alarm system installation costs vary depending on the size of your property and the type of alarm you choose.

    Fire alarm fitting costs

    Here are some of the average fire alarm fitting cost you can expect to pay in the UK:

    • Battery-powered fire alarms – £25 - £75

    • Wired fire alarms – £150 - £250

    • App-enabled fire alarms – £175 - £300

    • Grade A fire alarm system – £1,750 - £3,000

    • Commercial fire alarm system (8 zones, 20 detectors) – £3,000 - £6,000

    • Magnetic door release system – £175 - £250

    • Manual call points / Break glass – £100 - £200

    Wireless fire alarm installation costs

    If you want a wireless fire alarm in your home, here are some of the prices for wireless fire alarm installation you might expect to pay:

    • Wireless fire alarm systems prices – £1,400 (materials) + £1,500 (labour)

    • Detectors – From £140

    • Control panel – From £600

    • Call point – From £130

    • Beacon/sounder – From £140

    • Wired fire alarm system cost – £120 (materials) + £160 (labour)

    Want advice from an experienced local alarm fitter?

    Sometimes it helps to have a quick chat to understand what your options are when it comes to home alarm systems – whether that’s a home security system or a fire alarm. If you’re keen to reach out to local alarm fitters, we can help you find the best tradespeople in your area with our quick and easy online search – or request a quote and we’ll get multiple local alarm fitters to contact you directly.