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Fire suppression system cost guide

When it comes to owning a property, one of our main priorities is ensuring it meets all the required health and safety standards. Research into fire suppression system costs is on the rise, which is why we’ve put together this guide to discuss:

  • The benefits of a fire suppression system
  • Commercial fire sprinkler system costs
  • Residential fire sprinkler costs

Although house fires are rare in comparison to other home safety concerns, the UK alone reported 157,156 fire incidents in the year ending December 2019. With tragedies like Grenfell, fire-proofing our commercial or residential properties is something worth investing in.

Average price of a fire suppression system = £1500
Avg domestic sprinkler system cost = £15-25 per m2

What is a fire suppression system?

A fire suppression system is a safety feature that ‘seeks to extinguish fires through the application of a substance.’ They are engineered to detect fires when they start using heat and smoke sensors. Once activated, they deploy a substance such as foam, mist or water to extinguish the flames.

Benefits of a sprinkler system

Active fire protection

Where fire alarms alert you to a hazard, sprinkler systems take an active role in protecting you from said hazard. They offer more active fire protection that doesn’t require manual input.

Prevents fire damage

As the sprinklers are activated as soon as the system detects smoke or fire, damage to your property is kept to a minimum. Evidence shows that properties with fire sprinkler installations reduce damage by up to 90%.

More effective than fire alarms and extinguishers

Fire sprinkler systems are more reliable, safe and cost-effective. They require less maintenance than fire alarms or extinguishers and don’t need to be activated manually to protect your home. They also eradicate the need to call the fire brigade and wait for a fire engine to show up.

Factors affecting the cost of a sprinkler system

The cost of fire sprinkler systems can add up to the same amount it would cost you to have new carpets fitted. However, there are various factors that affect the overall price of installing a sprinkler system. These include:

  • The size and design of a building
  • The number of sprinklers required
  • Any recent refurbishments undertaken
  • Whether the property is a new build or not
  • Where the mains supply is located
  • The property’s location

Fire suppression system cost

We spoke to the online estimators at My Build Estimate – a professional estimating company monitored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) – they confirmed all of the prices within this guide.

Fire suppression system costs How much does a fire suppression system really cost?
UnitPrice range (low)Price range (high)Average cost
Domestic sprinkler systemPer m2£25£35£30
Domestic sprinkler system – small 2 bed terrace houseArea£2500£3500£3000
3 bedroom semi-detached houseArea£3000£4000£3500
4 bedroom detached houseArea£3500£4500£4000
1 – 2 bedroom apartmentArea£1500£2000£1750
1 – 2 bedroom bungalowArea£1750£2500£2000
Sprinkler headPer unit--£225
Valve boxPer unit--£95
Backflow devicePer unit--£150
Shut off valvePer unit--£195
Alarm systemPer unit--£600
System controllerPer unit--£750
PVC pipeworkPer m2--£15

*These are estimated, average costs. Our prices have been researched widely online by the Checkatrade team and represent a ballpark average for your proposed project. Costs may vary by region, the scope of the project and indeed by the products you plan to use.

Find a fire system installer near you

Find a fire system installer near you

Automatic fire sprinkler system costs

Fire sprinkler system cost

Commercial fire sprinkler system cost

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are automatic fire protection systems installed within commercial properties. They are based on the British compliance standard: BS EN 12845:2015.

Average cost to install a commercial fire sprinkler system: £34 per m2

Residential fire sprinkler cost

Also known as a domestic fire sprinkler system, residential fire sprinklers are automatic fire protection systems installed with residential properties, such as flats, sheltered housing or care homes.

They are based on the British compliance standard: BS 9251:2014 (for residential sprinklers) and BS 8458:2015 (for residential and domestic mist sprinkler systems)

Average cost to install a domestic fire sprinkler system: £20 per m2

Fire sprinkler system cost calculator

Choosing to have a fire suppression system installed can be a daunting task. We understand how there are various factors and costs to consider, which is why we’ve put together a table within this guide to help make your decision as easy as possible.

Can I install a fire sprinkler system myself?

Due to the regulations and standards required to install a fire sprinkler system in the UK, you cannot fit or install one yourself.

When choosing a contractor, ensure they have a robust quality procedure that meets ISO standard 9001:2000 or equivalent. It is within your rights to ask for proof of certification before you agree to any works being carried out.

Key findings

  • The average fire suppression system cost is £1500
  • The overall cost to install a fire suppression system will depend on whether it’s a commercial or domestic property
  • Fire sprinkler systems need to meet robust British standard installation regulations
  • Any contractor installing your fire suppression system needs to be ISO certified
  • Fire sprinkler systems are more cost-effective and reliable than their manual alternatives