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Mark Sparks Electrical
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Mark Sparks Electrical
9.86(74 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

18th edition NICEIC Registered electrician, landlords safety certificates, Electrical installation condition report (EICR) 3 phase 400V-230Volts, RCD, SPD, Earthing, Bonding, Minor works, smoke alarms
Call07488 843553
Hambridge Electricals Ltd
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Hambridge Electricals Ltd
9.88(81 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

S H Electrical Services is a family run business with many years of experience. Carrying out a wide variety of work from small odd jobs to highly complex projects. We are a NICEIC approved contractor
Call07458 190322
Livewire Electrical Services
Livewire Electrical Services
10(80 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

Livewire Electrical are Electrical contractors with over 30 years experience. We are NICEIC approved contractors so all work carried out is to BS7671 standards.
Call07488 832627
Wilson Bros Electrical
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Wilson Bros Electrical
10(34 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

Wilson Bros Electrical is a family run business. We pride ourselves on an high standard of work for an affordable price. We specialise in Electrical Safety Inspections. Call us for a free
Call07488 816387
D Gallagher Electrical Limited
D Gallagher Electrical Limited Logo
D Gallagher Electrical Limited
10(8 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

We offer high quality Electrical Installation Services to both domestic and commercial clients. Registered NICEIC Approved Contractor and Part P Domestic Installer. We are fully insured, and all...
Call07488 823556
Short Fuse Electrical Services LTD
Short Fuse Electrical Services LTD Logo
Short Fuse Electrical Services LTD
9.99(135 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

An electrician with over 25 years experience, Short Fuse Electrical provides highly skilled and qualified electrical services to West London and the surrounding areas.
Call07488 832666
Sterling Electrical Solutions Ltd
Sterling Electrical Solutions Ltd Logo
Sterling Electrical Solutions Ltd
10(123 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

Welcome! We are Sterling Electrical Solutions Ltd offering a high-end electrical service at affordable pricesAbout Sterling. I am Gav the company Director.I have been working for well-known...
Call07488 829791
PCC Electrical Service's Ltd
PCC Electrical Service's Ltd Logo
PCC Electrical Service's Ltd
9.97(201 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

Welcome! My name is Peter Collins and I am the owner of PCC Electrical Services Ltd. The company was founded in 2016, we are a growing business that takes a great deal of pride in our work.
Call07488 831751
Elexsis Electrical Services
Elexsis Electrical Services Logo
Elexsis Electrical Services
9.75(19 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

Hi, Elexsis Electrical Services based in Hayes West London, I have over 32 years experience in electrical contracting carrying out electrical installations in Domestic, Commercial and industrial...
Call07488 816100
Sokhi Construction (uk) Limited
Sokhi Construction (uk) Limited
9.75(6 reviews)

Operates in Uxbridge

Good availability

Electrical Certificates, Smoke alarm testing, PAT testing, Minor electrical repair, EPC ...
Call07488 842647

Electric heating installation, service and repair in Uxbridge

Searching for an electric heating specialist in Uxbridge doesn’t need to take hours. Let us help speed up your search by showing you professionals who are recommended by your neighbours.

Below are two ways of finding electric heating engineers in Uxbridge:

  1. Search Checkatrade for electric heating installers in Uxbridge and get in touch with them directly.

  2. Fill in our request a quote form. Simply tell us about your job and we’ll send your information to three electric heating professionals in Uxbridge for quotes.

  • What is electric heating?

    Electric heating is a heating system that runs off electricity rather than other fuel types. This includes but isn’t limited to underfloor heating, electric storage heating or electric boilers. Different types of electric heating can be found in homes throughout the UK and many homeowners prefer this to traditional gas heating systems.

  • How does electric heating work?

    Electric heating works by converting electricity into heat. This is usually done using a heating element that reaches a high temperature, diffusing heat through your home. In the case of electric boilers, the heating element is used to warm up water. The water is then used to heat your home or to create hot water for your bathrooms and kitchen.

  • What are the advantages of electric heating?

    If you’re considering switching from a gas heating system, you may be wondering what the benefits of electric heating are. The good news is that there are several advantages of electric heating systems, including:

    • Safety - Electric heating is often considered safer than gas heating as there are no dangerous fumes produced. This means you’ll eliminate your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and the risk of gas explosions.

    • Cost - Generally, electric heating systems are less expensive to install than gas heating systems.

    • Environmentally friendly - Using electricity to heat your home means less damage to the environment. This is because no carbon dioxide is produced by an electric heating system. You can even power your electric heating using renewable energy sources like solar panels.

    • Low maintenance - Electric heating needs less maintenance than gas heating and servicing isn't essential.

    How efficient is electric heating?

    Another benefit of electric heating is its efficiency. Unlike gas heating, which is generally 50% efficient, electric heating can be 100% efficient, reducing wasted energy.

  • Is electric heating more expensive than gas heating?

    Generally, electric heating systems are cheaper to install than gas heating systems, however when it comes to running costs, gas systems are cheaper.

    To learn more about how gas and electric heating compare to each other, check out our gas vs electric heating cost guide.

  • What is the benefit of getting an electric heating service?

    Gas central heating systems need annual maintenance to ensure they’re safe to use, but there’s no requirement to get your electric heating serviced. However, there are benefits to getting a regular electric heating service.

    For starters, having your system serviced is a great way of making sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. As well as this, a service will also check for any developing issues that are often cheaper to fix before they get worse. Finally, a regular service can help to extend the lifespan of your electric heating system.

    As a rough guide you can expect to pay between £55 - £90 for your electric heating service. You can find more information in our boiler service cost guide.

  • How much does electric heating cost?

    The amount you pay for electric heating installation will vary based on a few key factors. These include:

    • Size of home - Larger homes will need bigger electric heating systems which are generally more expensive than small heating systems.

    • Current set up - Depending on your current heating set up, the price of switching to electric heating will vary. For example, switching like for like is a lot cheaper than installing an entirely different system.

    • Number of radiators - The more radiators that are needed to heat your home, the more you’ll pay.

    • Make and model of system - Different heating systems will be priced differently.

    • Type of electric heating system - Whether you choose underfloor heating, an electric boiler or another option will affect the amount you pay.

    Electric heating cost

    The above variables should help when it comes to budgeting for your new heating system. As a rough guide, the average electric heating cost is £3,790, although this will vary. For more prices and information, check out our central heating installation cost guide.

  • Should I repair or replace my electric heating system?

    One of the benefits of choosing an electric heating system over gas is the reduction in repairs needed. As electric systems have less moving parts, electric heating repairs aren't often required. However, if your electric heating stops working, you may be wondering whether it's better to pay for electric heating repairs or a replacement system.

    Ask yourself:

    • Is your boiler still in warranty? If it is, you may not need to pay for repairs yourself.

    • Is your boiler quite new but outside warranty? Making repairs is generally the better choice.

    • Is your boiler old? Older boilers can be very expensive to fix and getting parts can be tricky. In this case, a replacement may be the better option.

    • Is your boiler badly damaged? Extensive damage may be more expensive to repair than buying a new boiler.