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Local handyman in Nottinghamshire

​​There are plenty of good local handypeople in Nottinghamshire who come well recommended by your neighbours.

We have two quick and easy ways to find a local handyman near you:

  1. Search for local handy professionals in Nottinghamshire and contact them yourself

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature and we’ll find them for you – tell us what you need doing, we’ll reach out to recommended handymen in your area and they'll contact you directly.

  • How much does a handyperson cost per hour in the UK?

    The average hourly rate for a handyman/woman in the UK is around £20 - £30 per hour. The price you pay will depend on the nature of the work, the size of the project, and the experience of the individual handyperson.

    Most handypeople will charge a call-out fee of around £45 - £60 for the first hour, and then will charge an hourly rate for any further work. With that in mind, it’s often a good idea to have a number of different jobs that the handyperson can do at the same time, to make the most of paying the call-out fee.

    How much do handyman services cost?

    Due to the nature of their work, handyperson services can cover a wide range of jobs – depending on what you need them to do in your home. To give you an idea of prices, here are the average costs for popular handyperson services in Nottinghamshire:

    • Flat pack furniture assembly – £70

    • Put up 8 basic shelves in living room – £200

    • Paint woodwork (skirting boards and door in 4m x 4m room) – £95

    • Picture & mirror hanging – £45

    • Put up curtain rail – £45

    • Minor electrical work – £60

    • Minor plumbing work – £60

    We always recommend confirming the costs of any handyperson services before deciding who to hire, so that you know exactly what you’re paying before they start work.

    How much does a handyman cost per day?

    If you have a lot of jobs for a handyperson to do, then you might be able to fill a full day (or even a number of days). If that’s the case then it would be worth agreeing a day rate with the handyperson you choose, which is usually somewhere in the region of £180 - £250 per day.

    As with their hourly rate, the handyperson cost per day will depend on the type of work they’ll be doing and where you live. London is typically more expensive, where a handyperson can charge up to around £350 per day.

    Quotes for handyman costs

    As with all home improvement projects, we always recommend obtaining at least three quotes from different handypeople in your area. By shopping around you can make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price for their work. And, thankfully, we've got a tool that makes finding multiple quotes super easy.

    Our request a quote feature is perfect for getting quotes: you post details about the work you need doing and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

  • What electrical work can a handyman do in the UK?

    When it comes to electrical work in your home, ensuring the health and safety of you and your loved ones is paramount – as well as the safety of the tradesperson. That means you need to make sure that anyone carrying out electrical work is qualified and experienced enough to complete the job to a professional standard.

    If you hire a handyman who doesn’t have electrical qualifications, they should only carry out minor electrical repair work. Some of the common minor electrical work that handypeople in Nottinghamshire get hired to, include:

    • Replacing light switches and lights

    • Changing lighting fittings

    • Replacing plug sockets

    • Installing wall brackets for electrical appliances

    When not to hire a handyman

    There are many occasions when a handyperson won’t have the skills or qualifications to carry out the electrical work. That’s because all new or major electrical work in England will need to adhere to Part P of the Building Regulation, which covers electrical safety in dwelling.

    Here are some of the common jobs that will require a qualified electrician to do the work:

    • Any work that involves changing old or damaged electrical wires

    • Electrical work in places where water is also present, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outside areas

    • Installing new light fittings

    • Moving plug sockets

    • Installing electrics for an extension or conversion

    If you hire a handyman to carry out notifiable electrical work, you’ll need a qualified electrician to check if their work is of a suitable standard – so you’re better off hiring an electrician from the start for that type of work.

  • What does a handyman do?

    A handyperson can do a massively wide range of jobs around the house, depending on the interest, skills and experience of the individual tradesperson.

    Here are some of the most popular jobs that handypeople in Nottinghamshire are being hired for by your neighbours:

    • Assembling furniture or equipment

    • Mounting and installing TVs and audiovisual equipment

    • Putting up shelves and pictures

    • Changing light bulbs and ensuring other fixtures and fittings are in good working order

    • Clearing and making minor repairs to gutters

    • General painting and decorating

    • Installing or repairing fencing

    • Minor plumbing and carpentry

    • Maintaining property exterior through the different seasons

    • Repairing or replacing loose or damaged fixtures and fittings

    • Fitting smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

    The great thing about a handyperson is that they can do a lot of minor jobs around the house, and they’ll have the handyman tools to get the jobs done. And not only that, when you hire a handyman they can do those different jobs in the same visit – so you can tick them off your to-do list.

    Handyman tools

    There is no standard handyman toolkit, because each handyperson is different. That said, there are a number of tools that a handyman is likely to possess in order to carry out their work. They include:

    • Screwdrivers and allen keys

    • Electric drills

    • Screws, nuts and bolts

    • Wall plugs

    • Wide selection of drill bits

    • Hand saw

    • Electric sanding machine

    • 25m mains extension lead

    • Ladders (to reach most ceiling heights)

    • Dust sheets

    • Buckets

    • Dustpan and brush

    • Vacuum cleaner

    Whatever job you hire a handyman for, it’s always a good idea to confirm that they’ll be bringing all the necessary tools with them before they start the job.

    For more advice on hiring a handyperson, check out our guide on what is a handyperson?

  • When should I hire a handyman?

    Hiring a handyman is a great idea when you need any of a large number of minor home improvement or repair jobs done around the house. An experienced handyperson will be able to help with a number of jobs at the same time, meaning you can deal with lots of niggly tasks on your to-do list with a single hire.

    If the project doesn’t involve specialist skills or qualifications, a handyperson could be the right person for the job. As long as the work doesn’t involve working with gas appliances, dealing with major electrical work, or working on the main plumbing of your home, a handyperson should be able to help.

    With most jobs for a handyperson being small and usually very quick to do, you’ll find that the tasks you’ve been putting off doing can be sorted speedily with the help of a handyperson.

    Jobs to hire a handyman for

    • Mounting plasma screens

    • Assembling flat pack furniture

    • Changing locks

    • Putting up shelves

    • Installing a dishwasher or washing machine

    • Filling cracks in plaster and wood

    • Renewing old tile grout

    • Small painting jobs

    • Replacing extractor fans

    • Replacing electrical sockets

    • Fit and repair light fittings

    Jobs to hire a specialist tradesperson for

    • Any new electrical installation

    • Fitting kitchen worktops

    • Fitting wooden flooring

    • Installing a kitchen

    • Boiler repairs

    • Power shower installation

    • Unblocking drains

    • Plastering and rendering

    • Replacing roof tiles

    • Large painting jobs and wallpapering

    • Electrical modifications in the bathroom

    No matter the job, we always recommend speaking to at least three local tradespeople for your home improvement project. Not only to shop around for prices, but to also make sure you choose the tradesperson with the right set of skills, experience and attitude.

    Ask them questions about their experience and how they’ll approach the job. And discuss the details of the job to see if they’re a good fit for what you need them to do. If they don’t have the right experience or qualifications, find another local tradesperson that does.

  • How do I choose a good handyman?

    If you’re looking to hire a handyman near you, you’ll want to make sure that the person you’re hiring is suitable for the job and can deliver the service you need. We’ve put together our 4 top tips for how to choose a good handyman in Nottinghamshire.

    1. Hire a handyman with experience

    Choosing the right handyperson means hiring someone with relevant experience, skills and attitude. You want to make sure that the handyperson you hire has the skills and know-how to do the work efficiently and to a professional standard.

    2. Always read their reviews

    Reviews and ratings for reputable handypeople should be easy to find online, starting with their Checkatrade profile. Take time to read through the reviews to see what previous customers are saying about the individual handyperson, their attitude, and level of service they provide. If you see the odd negative review, that’s OK, just as long as the majority are very positive.

    3. Ask for quotes to compare

    No matter what odd jobs you need doing, make sure you get a quote upfront before you hire a handyperson. We always recommend getting at least three quotes from local handypeople, so that you can shop around to make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price for the work.

    Looking to get quotes now? We’ve put together a handy tool that makes finding multiple quotes from reliable local handypeople super easy. Our request a quote feature is perfect for getting quotes: all you have to do is post details about the work you need doing and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area.

    4. Check their previous work

    When choosing a good handyman, it’s always helpful to see examples of recent jobs they’ve done that are similar to what you need to do in your home. Ask for references from previous customers and follow up on them to have a chat about how they found working with the handyperson in question.