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How to install a Ring Doorbell

Find out how to install a Ring Doorbell, so you can see who’s coming to your door.

Ring Doorbells have become commonplace in homes across the UK, with the added security benefits an attractive feature for homeowners.

Wondering how to install a Ring Doorbell? Our guide will take you through the steps, with some top tips and FAQs too. You may also be considering automating your home fully. Check out our home automation cost guide for more information.

How to install a Ring Doorbell

As you’d expect for a globally recognised brand, a Ring Doorbell is a relatively easy product to install. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Before starting the installation, fully charge the battery in your Ring Doorbell using the cable provided in the box. Your Ring Doorbell is fully charged when the light on the top glows green.
  2. Remember to insert the fully charged battery into the bottom of your doorbell. It’s secure when you hear and feel a click.
  3. Use the manual to check all of the parts needed for installation are in the box before you start.
  4. You’ll need a screwdriver, and possibly a drill (make sure it’s fully charged if cordless), pencil and hammer depending on the model you’ve bought and the mounting method you choose. Be sure to use a pencil instead of a pen, in case you need to reposition the doorbell before drilling.
  5. Give yourself an hour for the job and ideally do it on a dry day.

Top tip: If you’re at all unsure about how and where to drill, we recommend hiring a handyperson to take the job off your hands. Find out how much doorbell installation costs.

How to install a Ring Doorbell on brick without drilling

Whether you live in a rented property and are worried about potential repairs, you don’t have a drill, or you simply don’t want to drill into your brickwork, here’s how to install a Ring Doorbell without drilling:

  1. Find the no-drill mount in the Ring Doorbell box. The no-drill mount will have double-sided adhesive on the back.
  2. Choose your Ring Doorbell’s location, ideally around 48 inches from the ground.
  3. Hold the no-drill mount in the location you want it, make sure it’s level and make a mark on the wall in pencil.
  4. Remove the covering on the adhesive, line up with your pencil mark and press firmly against the brick wall.
  5. Ensure the mount is firmly attached to the wall by holding it with pressure for two minutes.
  6. Line up your Ring Doorbell and screw it into the no-drill mount plate.
  7. Push on the faceplate and secure using the security screw on the underside.
  8. Your Ring Doorbell installation is complete.
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How to attach a Ring Doorbell to a uPVC door

There are two ways to install your Ring Doorbell if you’re planning on attaching it to a uPVC door frame:

Installing your Ring Doorbell without screwing into the uPVC

  1. Find the no-drill mount in the box, take off the strip covering the adhesive on the back and stick to your uPVC frame where you want the doorbell to be located. This should be around 48 inches up from the ground.
  2. Hold with some pressure for two minutes to ensure the mount is firmly stuck to the uPVC frame.
  3. Line your Ring Doorbell up and use the screws included to attach it to the mount.
  4. Pop the faceplate on and tighten the security screw underneath the unit.

Good to know: If you ever need to remove the no-drill mount, find the two tapes behind the top of the mount and pull both upwards together.
ring doorbell how to install

How to install a Ring Doorbell Pro with plug-in adapter

If you’ve gone for the Ring Doorbell Pro, then your installation will require the use of a plug socket in order to run a cable to power the doorbell unit. Here’s how to hardwire a Ring Doorbell and install a Ring Doorbell Pro:

  1. First of all, locate the nearest usable socket to where the doorbell will be located. Don’t plug the adapter in yet.
  2. Run the cable to the Ring Doorbell unit location and attach it to your wall along the way using the clips you’ll find in the box.
  3. Take the cable through the wall to the rear of your doorbell.

Once you’ve done this, you need to install your doorbell as with any Ring model. If you don’t have a plug socket in place, we recommend getting an electrician in to do this for you.

Installing a Ring Doorbell Pro using a drill:

  1. Click the included level tool into the front, just underneath the camera.
  2. Choose where you want your Ring Doorbell to be located. This should be around 48 inches from the ground.
  3. Line up your doorbell on the wall or door frame and ensure it’s completely level using the level tool.
  4. Mark the surface behind using the mounting holes and a pencil.
  5. Drill holes and insert the plastic anchors.
  6. Secure the cable into the back of the doorbell.
  7. Line up the doorbell and secure with the included screws.
  8. Place on the faceplate and secure with the included security screw.

Installing a Ring Doorbell pro without using a drill:

  1. Stick the no-drill mount in the box to your wall surface or door frame, 48 inches up from the ground.
  2. Hold with pressure for two minutes.
  3. Secure the cable into the back of the doorbell.
  4. Line your Ring Doorbell up and attach it to the mount.
  5. Add the faceplate and security screw underneath.

Then simply plug in, turn on and start using your Ring Doorbell.

How to set up a Ring Doorbell

With your Ring Doorbell installed, you now need to set it up. This is fairly simple and requires you to have a smartphone and wifi. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Ring app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. You’ll need to log in or create an account.
  3. Find the QR code or MAC ID barcode on your Ring device or on the packaging and scan it using your phone.
  4. Enter your geographical location and name your device.
  5. Connect your doorbell to the Ring wifi network and to your wifi network
  6. Test your Ring Doorbell and you’re good to go!
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Is a Ring Doorbell easy to install?

Compared to other home security and convenience installations, a Ring Doorbell is easy to install. It should take around an hour and requires basic tools. That said, if you’re at all unsure or don’t have the right tools, we recommend hiring a professional to do the job properly.

Does a Ring Doorbell require wiring?

The standard Ring Doorbell is completely wireless, using a rechargeable battery for power and wifi for a network. The Ring Doorbell Pro is a wired model, requiring a hardwired cable to be connected for a constant power supply. You will need to hire an electrician for this.

What’s needed to install a Ring Doorbell?

This depends based on the model you go for. With a standard Ring Doorbell, you’ll either need a screwdriver and a drill, or just a screwdriver if using the no-drill mount. If you’re installing a Ring Doorbell Pro, you’ll need the same again depending on your install, plus a hammer to secure the power cable to your walls.

If you’re short on time or don’t have the tools to install your Ring Doorbell, simply enter your postcode below to get quotes from local professionals recommended by your neighbours.

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