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13 unbeatable vaulted ceiling ideas

Vaulted ceilings can make a space feel bigger, brighter and airier. Check out our awesome vaulted ceiling ideas to make the most of yours.

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Lucky enough to have a vaulted ceiling in your home? Then making the most of this eye-catching and space-enhancing design feature should be a priority. To help, we’ve put together a selection of 13 unbeatable vaulted ceiling ideas. Enjoy!

By the way…if you don’t yet have a vaulted ceiling in your home, all is not lost. You can still make the most of these vaulted ceiling design ideas by having one professionally installed – check out our vaulted ceiling cost guide to get started.

1. Vaulted ceiling ideas: draw the eye up

vaulted ceiling ideas portholes

Want to make a statement of your vaulted ceiling? The key is to draw the eye up, so that anyone who walks into your home can’t fail to notice those gorgeous high ceilings.

Here, the homeowner has installed round porthole-style windows at the top of the space, helping to bring in natural light, as well as accentuate the height of the room.

2. Vaulted ceiling design ideas: install skylights

Vaulted ceiling design ideas

Vaulted ceilings are known for making a room appear bigger and brighter, especially when skylights are installed! In this image, the skylights help to flood the room with natural light, which is a huge mood booster. The white ceilings and walls also serve to reflect the sunlight, making the room appear even lighter and airier.

If you’re wondering what the typical price for skylights is, our guide to skylight installation costs is a good place to start.

3. Vaulted ceiling decor: add panelling

Vaulted ceiling decor

One fantastic way to add character is to install wood panelling on your vaulted ceiling. The vaulted ceiling in this image is covered in shiplap.

This not only helps to bring texture to the room, but it also works as an optical illusion, making the tall ceiling feel even taller!

Check out our guide to ceiling panelling costs if you fancy going down this route.

4. Vaulted ceiling lighting ideas: variety is key

Vaulted ceiling lighting ideas

Lighting a room with vaulted ceilings can be a challenge, due to their height and pitch. Chandeliers are arguably the most popular and effective vaulted ceiling lighting ideas.

However, we’d recommend complementing them with other forms of lighting too for flexibility and variety.

For instance, the homeowner here has teamed chandeliers with spotlights and table lamps (on top of letting in plenty of natural light), ensuring that there are no dark or gloomy corners.

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5. Vaulted ceiling master bedroom ideas: create a tropical oasis

vaulted ceiling master bedroom ideas

The drama and character of a vaulted ceiling is ideal for a show-stopping master bedroom. In this image, the natural wood of the beams is echoed in the window frames and bedroom furniture.

The room has then been decked with botanical wallpaper and accessorised with plants to create the perfect tropical retreat for bedtime.

6. Vaulted ceiling ideas for a bedroom: go minimalist

vaulted ceiling ideas bedroom

If rich patterns and colours aren’t your thing, another vaulted ceiling idea for a bedroom is to embrace minimalism.

The bedroom here is painted completely white, from the walls and shiplap panelling to the beautiful beams overhead.

This has created an environment of complete calm and tranquility – ideal for a good night’s sleep.

7. Vaulted ceiling beams ideas: go natural

Vaulted ceiling beams ideas

If there’s one thing better than a vaulted ceiling, it’s the beams that often come with them! We love how the homeowner here has left these beams exposed. The natural wood really pops next to the white walls and ceiling, making their natural beauty the main focal point of the room.

8. Vaulted ceiling ideas for a living room: embrace natural wood

vaulted ceiling idea for a living room

If you want to go a step further, why not really embrace the beauty of natural wood and add panelling to your vaulted ceiling alongside your beams?

This vaulted ceiling has tons of wow-factor, bringing warmth and texture to the living room as a whole. The homeowner hasn’t held back, even opting for wood floors and kitchen cabinets!

9. Low vaulted ceiling ideas: give the illusion of height

Low vaulted ceiling ideas

If you have a low vaulted ceiling, there are a few tricks you can use to give the illusion of height.

Firstly, consider painting your ceiling white to give the impression of more space, as in the image above.

It can also help to employ a statement pendant light to give the impression that you have more room to play with than what you have in reality.

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10. Vaulted ceiling crown molding ideas

vaulted ceiling crown molding ideas

Crown molding is a fantastic way to add character to a room.

Here, the homeowner has used crown molding along the lowest edges of the vaulted ceiling, making everything above it feel like bonus space.

They’ve also teamed the crown molding with a chair rail for added character.

Fancy adding crown molding to your home? Head over to our crown molding installation cost guide.

11. Vaulted ceiling paint ideas: use the slope

Vaulted ceiling paint ideas

Painting your vaulted ceiling white can help to give the impression of height and extra space, but doing something different can be fun, especially in a room like a nursery!

In this nursery, the homeowner has painted a tree on the wall, which extends upwards onto the lower part of the vaulted ceiling. In this way, it feels as if the branches are reaching into the room and over the cot, making for a creative spot for a baby to sleep.

If you’ve got a fun paint idea for a room in your house, why not have a peek at the typical mural painting cost?

12. Vaulted ceiling kitchen ideas: plan your space around beams

Vaulted ceiling kitchen ideas

In a kitchen, it’s important to work with your vaulted ceiling when planning your layout, rather than against it.

In this kitchen, a long central island stretches down the length of the space and sits directly beneath the central beam.

The homeowners have also used a pallet of muted colours and white, working hard to ensure that nothing detracts from the beam and it remains the room’s primary focal point.

13. Vaulted ceiling color ideas: create contrast

Vaulted ceiling colour ideas

We’ve mentioned already that painting your room white is a great way to enhance the feeling of space and the height of your room.

However, if you want to create a cosy environment, consider using warmer tones, such as beiges, warm greys or sage green (as above) on your walls.

Then, contrast this by painting your vaulted ceiling a bright white to keep the feeling of height and draw the eye upwards.

A painter and decorator will be able to help you get the look you’re after – check out the typical painter and decorator prices to learn more.

Key takeaways

  • Use white to enhance the feeling of space.
  • Let in as much natural light as possible, such as by adding skylights.
  • Turn beams into focal points.
  • Shiplap and other kinds of wood panelling can help to add texture to your vaulted ceiling.
  • Combine chandeliers or pendant lights with spotlights, wall lights and table lamps to give your room versatility and prevent dark corners.
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