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Handyman prices

A handyman can help with a number of home renovation jobs. From flatpack furniture to minor electrical, plumbing or carpentry work, a handyman’s skill set is ideal for odd jobs, quick fixes and home improvement work. But what are the average handyman prices?

If you’re looking to save time and ensure a job is carried out correctly, professional assistance can make all the difference. Costs will inevitably vary depending on the scale of the project and scope of work, not to mention a number of other factors.

To help you plan your budget ahead of hiring a handyman, we’ve put together the following guide to the typical costs you can expect to find.

Handyman prices

With such a variety of jobs in their repertoire, it can be hard to know what sort of prices you might expect to pay when you hire a handyman. Also known as a fixer or handy worker, these professionals are the Jack of All Trades of the industry. Their job is to help with everything from quick repairs to regular maintenance, saving the less-experienced DIYer considerable time and fuss. Handyman job prices vary from task to task – the typical jobs you can call upon them for include:

Handyman jobAverage time takenAverage cost +VAT
Flat pack furniture assembly2-4 hours£70
Put up 8 basic shelves in living room 4-8hours£200

Paint woodwork (skirting boards and door in 4m x 4m room)
3-5 hours£95
Picture & mirror hanging1-2 hours£45
Put up curtain rail
1-2 hours£45
Minor electrical work1 hour£60
Minor plumbing work
1 hour£60
  • Curtain rail installation
  • Decorating
  • Decking
  • Fixtures & fittings
  • Moving & assembling furniture
  • Picture & mirror hanging
  • Re-sealing baths & showers
  • Shelving and fitted furniture
  • Small carpentry/building jobs
  • Minor plumbing jobs
  • Small electrical jobs

Handyman prices per hour

The average UK hourly rate of a handyman is £20-30 per hour, but charges can range depending on their skill-set and your location. Inevitably, the hourly rate will increase in London and other big cities where the demand is higher. Factors such as access and complexity of job could see additional charges, so make sure you have communicated your requirements clearly ahead of sourcing a quote.

It’s worth noting that most handymen have a minimum call-out fee of £40-£50, so you may want to make a list of small jobs you need doing before making the call. 

This in mind, the average cost to hire a handyman is £60.

Handyman prices per hourIf you have a large job or a number of small jobs that are likely to take a whole working day (between 7-8 hours), it’s worth asking a handyman to charge their day rate which could be cheaper overall.

When getting quotes for the work, keep in mind that larger firms often subcontract work to individual handymen – these are usually more expensive at £60 per hour.

Flatpack furniture assembly cost

Ever find a supposedly simple furniture assembly taking twice as long as it should? Or perhaps on more than one occasion, you’ve built an item and been left with some seemingly crucial fixtures left over. If that sounds familiar, you certainly aren’t alone.

Flatpack furniture can be surprisingly tricky at times and benefits greatly from the help of a handyman.

Prices will vary, but as an example, a handyman will charge between £50-100 to assemble a flat pack double wardrobe and five-drawer chest of drawers. On average, you should put aside between 2-4 hours for this.

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handyman job pricesWhat to consider when hiring a handyman

Most professionals in this trade will have a ‘handyman price list’ that provides the average cost for the typical home improvement tasks they can help with.

However, there will be instances in which fees will increase, so it’s worth communicating your requirements clearly before hiring a handyman. Factors that will influence the total amount quoted include:

Type of project

As you would expect, the more complex or time-consuming the task, the higher the price. For example, hanging a picture or putting up a curtain rail costs an average of £45. Electrical work is charged at a minimum of £60, while a bigger project such as putting up 8 shelves will cost £200.


Since handymen are more than familiar with most home renovation or repairs, they know how long to account for a particular job. However, jobs that end up over-running due to being more time-consuming than expected will be charged at an hourly rate.

Number of projects

Got more than a few odd jobs that need tackling? The longer your list, the higher the total cost.

Additional work

Should you request further assistance once the handyman has completed a job, an additional charge per half hour will apply. We recommend drawing up a list of tasks ahead of time to get the best price.


Across the UK, the average hourly rate of a handyman is £20-30. However, London rates skew higher, with typical costs starting at £50 per hour (£20+ for subsequent half hours) and £350 per day.

Why hire a handyman?

We’re all guilty of putting those small repairs or odd jobs off when life gets a bit too busy. Hiring a handyman can allow you to tick off all those tasks in one fell swoop, getting them off the list for good. But that’s not all – the expertise of a handyman can ensure home renovations or repairs are done safely and to a high standard.

What’s more, since most handymen have vast experience in domestic repairs and improvements, they’ll complete the task in a timely manner – saving you days, weeks or even months. While big projects such as building a porch or getting an extension are best left to specialist contractors, a handyman can help you tackle the little face-lifts and quick fixes that can make all the difference. It will also save you the costs of equipment or materials should you opt for the DIY approach.


Flatpack furniture assembly costHow much does a handyman cost?

Handyman prices range depending on your requirements but usually fall between £50-100. 

Can a handyman do painting?

Yes, a handyman can help with painting. They can also help with plastering and drywall repair.

What does a handyman do?

A handyman helps with minor home renovation or improvement tasks. Fixing a fence, painting your skirting boards, servicing your windows or installing a rail are all examples of small tasks a handyman can help with.

When should I hire a specialist?

For larger, more niche projects that require a qualified expert, it’s best to call in a specialist. There are also jobs that will need licensed professionals. This includes more complex plumbing, electrical or building works. When getting a quote for handyman prices, they may advise that a particular project is beyond their remit.

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