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Local locksmiths in Cheshire

​​There are plenty of good local locksmiths in Cheshire who come well recommended by your neighbours.

We have two quick and easy ways to find a reliable local locksmith near you:

  1. Search for local locksmith in Cheshire and contact them yourself

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature and we’ll find them for you – tell us what you need doing, we’ll reach out to recommended locksmiths in your area and they'll contact you directly.

  • How much is a locksmith?

    The average cost of a locksmith depends on the type of work you need them to do. A locksmith price to change a single lock will be different to hiring them to replace all the locks in your whole house, or install a multi-point lock system.

    Locksmith prices in Cheshire will depend on a number of factors, including the type and number of locks, the quality of locks used, how long the job takes and the time of the callout – emergency locksmith prices will be higher than their standard rates.

    Depending on the time of day, the average hourly rate for a locksmith can range from £65 to £120 per hour.

    Common locksmith prices

    Here are some of the average locksmith prices in Cheshire:

    • Change standard uPVC lock – £100 - £150

    • Change anti-snap uPVC lock – £125 - £175

    • Change a yale lock – £80 - £120

    • Garage door lock replacement – £75 - £85

    • Patio door lock replacement – £85 - £95

    • Replace nightlatch – £85 - £95

    • Rim cylinder replacement – £65 - £75

    • Replace mortice lock – £100 - £150

    • Change all locks (2 exterior doors + windows) – £300 - £400

    Quotes for locksmith prices in Cheshire

    To get accurate locksmith costs in your area, we always recommend getting at least three quotes from local tradespeople near you. By shopping around you can make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price for the work.

    Thankfully, our request a quote tool makes getting multiple quotes super easy. Simply post details about the work that you need help with and we’ll send it out to the best local locksmiths in your area, who will contact you directly. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

  • What is a locksmith?

    A locksmith is a skilled tradesperson who works with keys and locks or all kinds. There are no official requirements for a locksmith to have formal qualifications to carry out their work, as many locksmiths learn on the job or through an apprenticeship.

    That said, there are a range of training courses that locksmiths can take to build up their skills and experience. There’s currently only one nationally recognised locksmithing qualification, which is the Master Locksmith Association apprenticeship that leads to a Level 2 Certificate in Locksmithing

    If you need specialist locksmith services in Cheshire, we recommend speaking to local locksmiths to see what specialist services they offer – as each locksmith has their own experience and skillset.

    Need to find a local locksmith?

    Whether you need a new key cut or you plan on installing new locks throughout your home, it’s always helpful to get advice from experienced local locksmiths before you get started.

    Find the best local locksmiths near you with our quick and easy online search. Or request a quote and we’ll reach out to multiple local locksmiths for you and they’ll get in touch with you directly.

  • How do I find a reputable locksmith?

    If you’re on a quest to find local locksmiths who can provide a reliable, professional service, we’ve put together some tips to help you find the best locksmiths in your area.

    1. Use Checkatrade search

    We have thousands of reliable, qualified tradespeople registered on Checkatrade and all of them have been checked and verified by us – so you can trust that each locksmith you find will provide a professional service. Ready to get started? Search local locksmiths

    2. Ask other reliable tradespeople

    Good tradespeople like to work with other reliable professionals, so ask any tradespeople you know or have worked with before if they can recommend locksmith services in Cheshire. It’s highly likely that they’ll be able to help you find a good locksmith in the area.

    Want to know more about locksmith services in Cheshire?

    Sometimes it helps to have a quick chat with local locksmiths to understand what locksmith services are available in your area and how much they’ll cost.

    If you’re ready to reach out to local locksmiths, you’re in the right place. We can help you find the best tradespeople in your area with our quick and easy online search – or request a quote and we’ll get multiple local locksmiths to contact you directly.

  • What does a locksmith do?

    Local locksmith services in Cheshire will perform a range of tasks dealing with locks. Some of the most common locksmith services include:

    • Key cutting (including keys for garage door locks, window locks and padlocks)

    • Cutting, programming and repairing car keys

    • Fitting, opening and repairing safes

    • Installing access control systems

    • Door unlocking/lock open service

    • Emergency car opening

    • Lock repair service

    • Lock fitting

    • Emergency lock replacement

    • Advising on security options

    If you have any specific locksmith needs, or want advice on the best locks for your home or ways to improve the security for your property, speak to local locksmiths for their professional advice.

    Want to know more? Check out our guide on what locksmiths do.

    Find the best locksmith services in Cheshire

    If you need a locksmith, we can help you find the best local locksmiths near you – including those who come highly recommended by your neighbours.

    You can either use our quick and easy online search to find and contact local locksmiths yourself. Or, alternatively, request a quote and we’ll do the legwork for you by reaching out to the best local locksmith services in Cheshire and we’ll get them to contact you directly.

  • What tools does a locksmith use?

    In order to provide effective locksmith services, a locksmith will use a number of different tools and pieces of equipment, depending on the work they’re doing. Below are some of the most common tools that locksmiths use.

    • Pick set – This tool is used to pick locks where keys aren’t available and usually consists of three main elements: rake, hook and diamond. A standard pick set will unlock most conventional types of lock.

    • Tension wrench – When working with locks that use a tumbler and pin mechanism, locksmiths will use a tension wrench to hold the lock in position.

    • Shim – A shim is basically a thin metal piece, usually steel or iron to ensure they’re strong enough for the job of loosening a lock so that it’s easier to then pick the lock.

    • Tweezers – One of the key tools for a locksmith, tweezers are used most of the work that locksmiths carry out. The tip of locksmith tweezers is usually magnetic to allow them to pick up small bits of metal that might fall off locks while they’re working on them.

    • Lock plug follower – This is a tool that locksmiths use to remove the lock core as it prevents the pins and springs from loosening.

    • Pick gun – A pick gun is usually quite expensive but it enables the locksmith to work faster and more accurately, making it an extremely useful tool for emergency locksmith work. The gun is able to hit all the pins of a lock simultaneously in a single direction, allowing the tension wrench to then turn the lock with ease.

    Find local locksmith services

    When planning a project that requires any kind of work with locks, it’s important to speak to local locksmiths to understand what’s involved and how much it will cost. Experienced locksmiths will be able to advise on the options available and what you’ll need for your project.

    Keen to get started? Search for the best local locksmith services in Cheshire and get in touch with them yourself. Alternatively, you can get multiple quotes from local locksmiths by using our request a quote feature – simply post details of what you need and we’ll get reliable local tradespeople to contact you directly.