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Alexanders' Property Development
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Alexanders' Property Development
9.72(32 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

Alexanders' Property Development - Turning ideas into viable solutions in and around Gloucestershire.  With reliable and time served tradesmen
Call07488 847039
ADL Building
ADL Building Logo
ADL Building
10(28 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

Over 40 years building experience. Foundations to the roof, Kitchens, Bathrooms,Garage conversions,Steel beams for open plan living. We can do it all. You don't have to relocate if you
Call07458 187170
FullFix Building Solutions Ltd
FullFix Building Solutions Ltd Logo
FullFix Building Solutions Ltd
9.75(87 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

We take great pride in our work and treat each property as if it were our own. We provide a friendly, affordable & professional service to homeowners, landlords & letting agents.
Call07458 166305
Newman Construction & Sons Ltd
Newman Construction & Sons Ltd Logo
Newman Construction & Sons Ltd
9.75(104 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

Established over 20 years ago. Our most critical value, in our business, is enthusiasm for fantastic work! Main work is Renovations, Alterations, Extensions, Garage conversion, Basement conversions.
Call07458 165736
KMS Construction
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KMS Construction
10(36 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

BUILDING Kitchen & bathrooms Renovations Landscaping Extensions
Call07488 823571
Apex Construction
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Apex Construction
9.5(8 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

Apex Construction have experience in the trade spanning 18+ years. We have a professional attitude that has seen many customers return time and time again! Free estimates. Great service.
Call07488 838684
Ryan Meadows Building
Ryan Meadows Building Logo
Ryan Meadows Building
9.94(132 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

Ryan Meadows Building - Realistic prices, amiable staff - the real building experience.
Call07458 188292
Future Refurbishments Ltd
Future Refurbishments Ltd Logo
Future Refurbishments Ltd
10(82 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

Hello, we are Future Refurbishments ltd. We will happily cost and construct your project, with every project managed at every stage. We can offer a conception to completion service. Thank you
Call07458 179618
Sovereign Roofing & Building Ltd
Sovereign Roofing & Building Ltd Logo
Sovereign Roofing & Building Ltd
9.71(97 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

Sovereign Roofing & Building Ltd. Prides itself in quality workmanship, traditional skills and cost-effective solutions. We do work for home owners and commercial businesses, call us 07458 165421
Call07458 165421
Morgan Home Improvements
Morgan Home Improvements  Logo
Morgan Home Improvements
9.46(42 reviews)

Operates in Gloucester

All General Building Works, Extensions, Roofing, Carpentry,
Call07458 188316

Repair & listed building specialists in Gloucester

If you’re looking for listed building repair specialists in Gloucester, we can help. Our members come recommended by your neighbours so you know you’re hiring the best tradesperson for your job.

There are two options when finding specialist builders for listed buildings in Gloucester:

  1. Search Checkatrade for listed building repair specialists who work in your area and contact them directly.

  2. Try our request a quote feature. Just give us the details of your job and we’ll send these to three listed building specialists. They’ll then get in touch with you to offer you a quote.

  • What is a listed building?

    Listed buildings are structures with extra architectural or historical interest. As these buildings are incredible examples of past architecture, they’re protected under UK law. This means any alterations or repairs need to be approved before they can begin.

    Most listed buildings were built before 1700 but there are also listed buildings from between 1700 and 1850.

    Types of listed building

    Listed buildings are also classed in different grades which affects how they can be repaired or renovated. The different classifications are Grade I, Grade II* or Grade II. Below is a summary of each type of listed building:

    • The majority of listed buildings fall into Grade II and are classed under special interest.

    • Around 5% of listed buildings are considered Grade II* and these are buildings of more than special interest.

    • The remaining 3% of listed buildings fall under Grade I and are classed as buildings of outstanding interest.

    What are listed building repairs?

    As listed buildings are generally quite old, repairs are inevitable. However, making repairs to a listed building isn't as simple as hiring a handyperson to fix any issues. If a listed building needs repairs, they not only need to be carried out by a listed building specialist but they also need listed building consent.

  • What is listed building consent?

    In order to protect and preserve listed buildings, there are certain rules and regulations stating what can and can't be done. That's why before altering or repairing your listed building, you need to get consent from your local authority.

    To do this, you’ll need to complete an application covering all the details of your plans. This will then be looked over by your local planning authority who’ll approve or decline the changes. To learn more about this, visit our listed building consent guide.

  • What listed building renovations are allowed?

    Not all changes to a listed building need consent. In fact, there are a few renovations that are allowed on Grade II listed buildings without going through the application process. These include small changes like property maintenance and minor repairs, although you need to ensure that you use like for like materials and methods.

    If you’re unsure whether you need listed building consent, it’s better to be cautious and submit an application. You can learn more about listed building renovations in our handy guide.

  • How to find out if a building is listed

    If you’re unsure whether or not your home is a listed building you can check your governing body’s website. Depending on where you live in the UK you’ll need to check the below websites:

  • Can any builder work on a listed building?

    No, listed buildings should only be repaired or renovated by a builder specialising in listed buildings. They need to have the right training and experience working on listed buildings. This is vital to preserve the building and prevent damages.

  • How much does listed building consent cost?

    When your listed building needs repairs or any other type of work to be carried out, it’s important to get consent from your planning authority. Thankfully, listed building consent costs nothing, so you won't be out of pocket.

    Check out our listed building consent cost guide for more information and advice.

  • What to look for from builders specialising in listed buildings

    Hiring the right professional to work on your listed building is essential. Other builders may not have the right skills in certain techniques that are necessary to properly preserve and restore your home.

    The best way to know if a contractor is a good fit is to invite them round, have a chat and ask for a quote. Also consider asking whether they:

    • Can provide pictures of past jobs

    • Are willing to explain the project details to you

    • Are able to answer your questions

    • Have sufficient experience in working on listed buildings

    • Have positive reviews on Checkatrade

    • Have the right qualifications

    • Have a friendly and professional manner

    • Have the necessary insurance in case anything goes wrong

    Want to speak to specialist builders for listed buildings in Gloucester?

    As we mentioned above, hiring the right builder to complete any repairs on your listed building is vital. However, you also need to be able to trust them to invite them into your home.

    The good news is that our members pass through 12 checks before becoming a Checkatrade member, so you can be sure that you’re hiring someone you trust for your project. What’s more, you can also see the reviews left by your neighbours.

    You can discover listed building repair professionals by using our free search feature. Just add your postcode for a variety of results.

    Alternatively, try our request a quote feature. Simply fill in the full details of your job and we’ll forward these to three specialist builders for listed buildings in Gloucester. They’ll then contact you with a quote. It couldn't be easier!