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Conservatory roof conversions in Luton

Looking for conservatory roof specialists in Luton? It can take time to find the right company for you but we can help speed up the process. Our tradespeople even come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

You can find professionals who offer conservatory roof conversions in Luton in one of two ways:

  1. Search Checkatrade for conservatory roof companies and get in touch with them directly.

  2. Or, if you’re busy, try our request a quote feature. Just give us the details of your job and let us do the hard work for you. We’ll pass your information to three local conservatory roof specialists who’ll get in touch to offer you a quote.

  • Can you convert a conservatory roof?

    Absolutely. Many conservatories are built with glass or plastic roofs that bring in lots of natural light. However they can cause the conservatory to become uncomfortably hot in the summer. A great way to fix this issue is to convert your conservatory roof. Changing the glass to tiles may be the solution to your problem.

  • What are the benefits of converting a conservatory roof?

    If your conservatory roof has seen better days, it may be time to consider a conversion. In fact, choosing to convert your conservatory roof comes with a wide range of benefits. These include:

    • Reducing the glare of the sun on hot days, allowing you to enjoy views of your garden while working on your favourite hobby.

    • Reducing the heat coming through the roof during the summer. This can make your conservatory very uncomfortable but converting the roof eliminates the issue.

    • Making your conservatory more energy efficient, reducing your heating bills in the winter.

    • A conservatory roof conversion can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers.

  • Do you need planning permission to change a conservatory roof?

    Often, planning permission won't be needed when converting your conservatory roof. However, if you replace your roof with solid tiles, this may make your conservatory into what is considered as a permanent extension. In this case you’ll need planning permission. It's best to check with your local authority to be certain.

  • What is the best replacement roof for a conservatory?

    When it comes to replacing your conservatory roof you have a few options to choose from. It’s difficult to say what the best roof type is because it really depends on your needs. Below are some of the most popular conservatory roof choices:

    • Tiled roof

    • Lantern roof

    • Polycarbonate roof

    • Hybrid roof

    The best conservatory roof conversions are designed to perfectly suit the needs of anyone using the space. For example, if you plan to read in your conservatory and need lots of light, you may consider a lantern roof. Alternatively, if you want your conservatory to adapt to the seasons, a hybrid roof may be the perfect choice.

  • How long does it take to convert a conservatory roof?

    This really depends on the size and type of roof you choose. Larger more complex roofs will take longer to install. On average, your conservatory roof conversion will take three days.

  • How much does a conservatory roof conversion cost?

    The price you pay to convert your conservatory roof will be impacted by several variables. This makes it difficult to estimate your exact conservatory roof conversion cost. When budgeting for this project, consider the following factors:

    • Size of the roof: The larger your conservatory roof, the more the replacement will cost.

    • Type of roof: If you choose a special type of roof, for example, a lantern or hybrid roof, this will cost more than a standard conservatory roof.

    • Materials used: Whether your conservatory roof is made of glass, polycarbonate or tiles will impact the price.

    • Location: Labour costs vary throughout the country.

    • The condition of your conservatory: If extra repairs are needed, these will push up the price.

    • Scaffolding: If scaffolding is necessary, this is an extra cost to consider.

    Conservatory roof conversion cost

    After considering the above points, you’ll be able to better estimate how much you need to budget for this job. As a rough guide, the average conservatory roof conversion cost is £4,625.

    You can find more prices and advice in our conservatory roof replacement cost guide.

  • How to tell if your conservatory roof needs replacing

    If your conservatory roof isn't looking its best or is quite old, you may need to consider a replacement roof. So, how can you tell if your conservatory roof needs replacing? Well, keep an eye out for the following:

    • Damaged panels and tiles

    • Draughts

    • Leaks

    • Mould

    • Sagging

    • Worn appearance

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    If now is the right time to convert your conservatory roof, we can help you find the right expert for your project. Our members are all thoroughly checked to ensure you get great service and they’re also recommended by your neighbours.

    One of the best ways we can help you find professionals who offer conservatory roof conversions in Luton is to use our free search feature. Type in your postcode to see a variety of conservatory roof specialists in your area.

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