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Last updated on April 5th, 2023

How much does a conservatory roof cost to replace?

Looking to replace your conservatory roof? We've put together the average costs to help you plan your budget.

Conservatories bring the outdoors inside, offering panoramic views of the changing seasons and flooding adjacent indoor spaces with natural light.

Replacing an old plastic or glass roof can do wonders for the appearance of your conservatory. It can also make all the difference to the insulation of the room, helping to retain the heat in winter and keep it out in summer.

Today many homeowners are seeking a replacement for their polycarbonate conservatory roof, but tiled and double glazed roofs still remain popular. Due to the nature of the work and the implications of small mistakes, conservatory roof replacement is a job best left to a professional.

We’ve put together a practical guide on conservatory roof costs to help you budget for the task at hand. Please note that these prices are intended as ballpark figures to help you plan your project. For an accurate cost for your project, use our request a quote feature to get quotes from three tradespeople near you.

What’s the average cost to replace a conservatory roof?

Type of conservatory roofSize of roofPrice - Range LowPrice - Range HighAverage UK Cost
Polycarbonate(3,000mm x 3,500mm)
Glass(3,000mm x 3,500mm)
Polycarbonate(4,000mm x 4,000mm)
Glass(4,000mm x 4,000mm)
Polycarbonate(5,000mm x 5,000mm)£10,000
Glass(5,000mm x 5,000mm)£15,000£30,000£22,500

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The costs of conservatory roof replacement vary, ranging on average between £6,300 – £22,500 including installation. It’s sensible to earmark at least £10,000 for the project.

While there is an upfront investment required, it’s much more cost-effective than replacing the entire conservatory.

What’s more, modern conservatory roofs that use more substantial materials have been proven to save homeowners an average of £200 per year on utility bills.

While the average cost of conservatory roof replacement is £10,000, the price tag for the project will ultimately depend on a number of factors.

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Conservatory roof replacement cost calculator

The costs of a conservatory roof replacement will be determined by the type of the roof, the size of the conservatory and the material you choose for the roof replacement. The most common materials are polycarbonate, tile and glass. Each has its own benefits, drawbacks and typical cost.

Replacing or fitting a new roof on a conservatory will require a minimum of 2 people and typically takes between 1-3 days to complete the job. Labour costs are usually between £300 - £500 per person per day.

Conservatory roof replacement hourly rates

How much a roofer or tiler will charge you to replace a conservatory roof will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Where you live
  • How old your property is
  • The condition of the area that needs work
  • Ease of access
  • The materials required
  • Other equipment required (e.g. scaffolding)
  • How much time the job will take

Some roofers or tilers may charge more if they need to travel a long distance to your property. There are also regional variances in prices, with roofers in London and the South East being the most expensive.

The average day rate is between £300 - £500 which works out at approximately £50 per hour.

How much does it cost to replace a glass conservatory roof?

Offering high energy efficiency and an appealing aesthetic, glass conservatories are widely regarded as the best choice. Naturally, the price of a glass conservatory replacement roof is typically more expensive than polycarbonate.

The price of a new glass conservatory roof starts from around £6,300 for a lean-to conservatory (sized 3000mm x 3500mm). For an average size of 4000mm x 4000mm, the average cost is approximately £14,400.

While modern polycarbonate roofs have been improved to retain heat, glass outperforms plastic in keeping your conservatory warm in winter. Your choice will usually depend on the budget you have put aside for the job.

Cost savings from energy bills are an obvious draw, but another benefit is that glass is less prone to weather damage. Ultimately, that means less maintenance and a longer lifespan for your conservatory roof. Glass also has the advantage of not discolouring over time, which you can’t say about polycarbonate or tile, both of which are a good home for moss, lichen and mould.

The cost of replacing a polycarbonate conservatory roof with glass

Accounting for different sizes, the cost of upgrading to a glass replacement roof can stretch a smaller budget by around 10%. Small polycarbonate roofs cost from around £4,200 while a similar-sized glass roofs start from £6,300.

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How much does a new polycarbonate conservatory roof cost?

Type of conservatorySize of conservatoryPrice - Range LowPrice - Range HighAverage UK Cost
Lean-to conservatory
3000mm x 3500mm
Lean-to conservatory
3500mm x 3500mm
£4,900 £9,800£7,350
Victorian conservatory4000mm x 4000mm
Victorian conservatory4500mm x 4500mm£8,100£16,200£12,150
Edwardian conservatory4000mm x 4000mm£6,400 £12,800£9,600
Edwardian conservatory4500mm x 4500mm£8,100 £16,200£12,150

The price of polycarbonate conservatory roofs makes this material a popular choice for homeowners on a budget.

It’s also ideal for those looking to enhance their security, as polycarbonate is harder to break than glass. If used correctly, this type of roof will reflect light back into your living space with less glare.

Although they lack the natural insulation that glass roofs offer, this problem is quickly resolved with solar inserts for polycarbonate roofing. The result? A cosy home through the colder months without the pricetag of a glass roof.

Naturally, costs will depend on size. For a conservatory roof that is 4,000mm by 4,000mm, the price will fall in the range of £6,400 – £12,800.

How much does it cost to tile a conservatory roof?

Thinking about replacing your glass conservatory roof with a solid, tiled roof?

On average, the price you can expect to pay for a smaller conservatory (below 4,000mm by 4,000mm) is £16,000. For a larger conservatory roof, replacing glass or plastic with tiles will cost around £30,000.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these costs are an average estimate, and prices will vary depending on your location. Costs in the capital and bigger cities will reflect the higher competition from suppliers.

Lightweight tiles handle temperature extremes more efficiently than glass or polycarbonate, offering shade in summer and retaining warmth during winter. This type of renovation can be a game-changer, allowing you to transform your conservatory into an extension to be used all year round. In doing so, you change the classification of your conservatory from a temporary to a permanent extension.

Planning permission may need to be obtained, which currently costs around £460. Ask your local council whether you will need to apply so you can add a possible planning fee to your budget.

Tiled conservatory

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How much does it cost to replace a lean to conservatory roof?

Lean to conservatories are the most common type of conservatory. A lean-to conservatory typically has three glass sides, with an exterior wall of the house forming the fourth. For this reason, they tend to be a little cheaper to build compared to Edwardian or Victorian styles.

They feature a simple angled roof that slopes downward, allowing rain to run right off the top. They also tend to have slightly smaller roofs than traditional builds, so there’s less material to replace, making the replacement cheaper.

The cost of a new roof for a lean-to conservatory varies depending on size and materials. For an average conservatory size of 300cm x 300cm, the cost is £6,300 for polycarbonate and £9,450 for glass.

A lean-to conservatory

How much does it cost to replace a solid conservatory roof?

Transform the look and feel of your property by replacing a glass roof in your conservatory with a solid tiled structure. An insulated conservatory roof is ideal for homeowners seeking to enhance energy efficiency.

With a solid roof, you can turn your conservatory into a premium living space to be used in every season. To keep the room feeling light and your energy bills low, add a skylight to control ventilation. With a range of materials to choose from, you can boost your home’s kerb appeal and refresh the aesthetic of the exterior.

For a standard solid conservatory roof replacement, the average cost is £19,000. For a larger conservatory, prices start at around £30,000 to replace a glass or polycarbonate roof with a tiled structure. If you intend to have the ceiling plastered, don’t forget to factor this into the total costs of the project.

Conservatory roof replacement quotes

The quickest way to get a quote for your conservatory roof replacement is to use our request a quote service. Add the details of the job and we’ll send your request to 3 specialist tradespeople so they can reply with their quote.

When looking for a quote, the most important thing is to find a tradesperson you can trust. By searching online, it’s easy to find local tradespeople that come highly recommended.

You can look on search engines, social media, or use our search function that will show you tradespeople in your area. You can look at their profile and see verified reviews. If you choose a Checkatrade member you also have the option of our guarantee for extra peace of mind.

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How long does a conservatory roof replacement take?

It shouldn’t take more than three days for your tradespeople to get the job done, unless you’re opting for a solid roof that requires extra structural work.

What’s the best material for home security?

Tiles are probably the best bet for home security, though polycarbonate is still tougher to break than glass.

What’s the most eco-friendly material for a conservatory roof replacement?

Polycarbonate roofs have the most eco potential as you can retrofit solar inserts.

Conservatory roof replacement cost checklist

  • Conservatory roof replacement is a cost-effective way of improving the look and functionality of your property.
  • The average cost for a polycarbonate conservatory roof is £10,000, but the size and type of conservatory factor into the cost.
  • Glass is the most popular choice of conservatory roof material, but polycarbonate is the most cost-effective.
  • Replacing a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with solid tiles will transform the space into a permanent extension, which may require planning permission.
  • Due to the delicacy and expertise required for the correct installation of conservatory roofs, it’s best to hire a professional for the job.


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What others think of this article:

Neale Browne

Our old glass conservatory roof was replaced with a solid roof by a local Warrington firm and it’s amazing the difference it has made to the use of the room. It’s now used more than our lounge. Would highly recommend the firm and workmen, on day one 4 men worked quickly to remove the old roof and on site the timber roof was fitted ready for the tiles. New ceiling plastered on day 4.


Hi Mr Burkett, please enter your postcode in the search bar to find tradespeople near you that can replace your conservatory roof.

Mr Burkett

Looking to replace Victorian Conservatory roof


Hi Anna, the prices quoted will reflect the complexity of the job and the cost of the materials. Getting three quotes is a great way to see what the prices are.


I also had 3 quotes last year to replace my polycarbonate conservatory roof with a light weight tile roof. I realise that this was the more expensive option but was shocked by the £13 -£15k quotes.


Hi John, thank you for your comment. We have spoken to an expert who has confirmed these ballpark figures are correct, but every job is different due to the complexities of it and so the quotes you receive will reflect the particular job. The best thing to do is get multiple quotes so you can make the right decision for you and your budget. You can use Checkatrade's request a quote feature to get quotes from three trades at

John Phillips

A bit surprised at your costings. I'm looking to replace my polycarbonate roof with a glass replacement 3.1M square but the quotes I'm receiving are in the £9-12,000 region which is 3x the figures you are suggesting. They cant all be cowboys?


Hi Alan - thanks for the feedback. Yes, you can get self cleaning glass and we are just about to publish a cost guide on this, so please search on our site in a week or so time. The roof strengthening question is best answered by an expert who can actually look at your lean-to, they will review your conservatory age, footprint size and analyse the supporting structure capability. Always best to get an expert to look at something like this as the blue glass you are thinking of may well be too heavy. A good tradesperson will always be willing to take a look and advise you. Search on our site for one near you

Alan Thorpe

Brilliant, well presented articles . Recommend anyone to read. I have a lean to conservatory, approx 3m x 5m with a polycarbonate roof which I intend to replace with blue glass. Two questions 1 Is self cleaning glass available. Is it expensive? 2 Will my roof need strengthening? AT

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