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Decking ideas: inspiring your garden decking project

No matter the size of your garden, a well-designed decking area is both an attractive landscaping feature and a great way of extending your living space outside. Whatever your reasons for creating a deck, it’s only natural that you would want it to look its best.  The good news? The possibilities for garden decking design are endless.

But where to begin?

Whether you’ve just moved house and have been blessed with an outdoor decking area, are looking to build your own decking or are simply in need of inspiration to get you started, we’ve pulled together some of the best decking ideas for your garden.

Ideas for raised patiosRaised decking ideas

A raised deck is a perfect way to marry your outdoor space with indoor living. Whether made from timber or composite materials, raised decking creates a regal aesthetic that acts as a focal point for your garden. If you want to take advantage of the views while relaxing outside, this type of decking is ideal.

Installing raised decking

From a logistical point of view, raised decking is a great way to reclaim space in a sloped garden. So, if the uneven ground in your garden is putting you off building a deck, don’t lose hope just yet.

It’s worth noting that raised decking is typically trickier to install than ground decking and usually requires the help of professional tradespeople to get it looking perfect. If you are new to DIY we recommend you call in the Checkatrade professionals.

Add steps to your raised decking

In terms of style, your choice will typically depend on how much space you have, the aesthetic you want to achieve and how you plan to use it. From multi-levelled showstoppers to magical play areas and sophisticated dining spaces, it’s amazing what adding height to a garden decking can do.

When it comes to adding steps, you may choose to build a staggered patio area that stretches across the exterior of your house. Complete this look with dining furniture and a garden sail, parasol or gazebo to provide some much-needed shade in summer.Alternatively, you might opt for a more contemporary feel by adding composite deck steps to the side of a raised decking, complete with panel lighting and railing for a modern yet sophisticated look.

Remember, decking plus rain can equal danger – so it’s wise to consider an anti-slip decking treatment.

A sail canopy will also keep the rain off your wood.

Balustrade decking ideas

Frame your patio with decking balustrade or railing to create privacy. With a range of styles to choose from, the railing you opt for will ultimately depend on the aesthetic you want to achieve as well as potential safety considerations.

A contemporary garden deck that is raised from the ground can benefit from composite spindle railing in adding to the sense of luxury. A smaller decking intended as a cosy reading nook may be more suited to privacy screens made with metal and sandblasted balustrade panels.

Choose a theme for your decking

A raised decking can make for the ultimate social space in the summer and a cosy nook for hot cocoa in the cold winter. As well as making your neighbours jealous, a custom-built raised deck is a sure-fire way to add value to your property. The next step? Choose a theme for decorating the decking.

A partitioned decking for private dining will benefit from plenty of plant life to frame the dining furniture. To complete this look, choose rattan or wicker seating for a country-chic aesthetic. An open-plan patio perfect for lounging may benefit from a muted colour scheme and warm lighting to create a cosy feel.

Cheap decking ideas

You don’t have to break the bank to build a beautiful garden decking. With a few quick fixes, you can keep to a low-budget and bring your decking area to life. From potted plants and hanging planters to upcycled crates for creative patio storage, there are plenty of ways in which you can add character and comfort while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Decking ideas for large gardens

If you are fortunate enough to have a large garden space, why not take advantage of this area to build a luxury decking area? If your budget allows, the potential is vast: from creative water features and swimming pools with space to sunbathe to adventure playgrounds, large gardens offer space for the imagination to run wild.

Decking ideas for small gardens

Just because you’re limited in size, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you have. Make your decking area work for you by opting for creative storage solutions and simple touches to add character.

Even a small dining area can be brought to life with stylish design: think potted plants, matching cushions, sail shades, solar lighting and ladder shelving for a start.

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