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Last updated on March 5th, 2024

How much do bifold doors cost to install?

Bifold doors are a great way of bringing the outdoors in and adding lots of light to a space. Read on to find out how much you'll need to budget for your new bifold doors.

Fast Facts

  • In the UK, the cost to install bifold doors is around £4,000
  • Average labour costs for installing bifold doors come in at about £600 - £1,200
  • The size and material are two of the main factors that will affect the cost of bifold doors

Installing bifold doors can transform your home by creating an indoor-outdoor space. But, how much do bifold doors cost to install?

In this guide, we cover the different options and the factors that affect how much bi-folding doors cost in the UK. Keep reading to find out more.

How much are bifold doors in the UK?

Bifold doors are becoming more and more popular for their stylish, classy appearance and as an energy-efficient, easy-to-maintain entryway option.

The average price to install bifold doors is £4,000.

As such, the cost to install bifold doors is a little more costly than other options, but they are worth the investment.

Below are some of the average bifold door costs in the UK…

Door typeCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Aluminium doors (supplied and installed) £3,000 - £7,500£5,000
uPVC doors (3 - 5 panels), supplied & installed£2,000 - £4,500£3,000
Timber doors (3 - 5 panels), supplied & installed£2,500 - £5,500£4,000
Cost of installing bifold patio doorsFrom £600
Labour costs (Small to Large door)£600 - £1,200£800

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

How much are bifold doors to install?

When it comes to labour, the installation of bi-folding doors costs somewhere in the region of £600 - £1,200.

When fitting bifold doors, tradespeople usually work in pairs as the job can be extremely difficult for a single professional to do correctly.

The price of labour, as part of the total bi-fold doors cost, will depend on several factors. They include:

  • The size of the door
  • Type of door
  • Complexity of the installation
  • Where you live

The average time to install bifold doors is usually one day.

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Rear extension with bifold doors

Factors affecting the cost to fit bifold doors

As with any home improvement project, the exact price you pay for bifold doors will depend on several factors.

So, how much are bifold doors in total? You’ll need to consider the following factors:

  • Choice of material – This a big factor that affects how much bi-folding doors cost, with aluminium typically being the most expensive option
  • Number of panels – Bifold doors are sold with differing numbers of panels and the more panels you need the higher the cost
  • Width and height – The size of your bifold doors will impact the cost and for larger doorways, the cost will increase
  • Quality – Not all bi-folding doors are the same quality and, in general, the higher the quality the higher the price tag
  • Ease of access – With any installation that has difficult-to-reach areas, the cost will be greater than the average
  • Complexity of installation – If extra work is needed to install your bifold doors, it will take longer and increase the labour cost

Additional bi-folding doors costs

There are additional costs that you might want to factor in to work out how much bifold doors are going to cost.

  • Tinting the glass of your bifold doors (this costs around £60 – £170 per m2)
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-marking glass treatment
  • Removing your old bi-folding doors (if you’re replacing existing doors)
  • Converting a window or French doors into bifold doors

Bifold door cost calculator for the UK

With the above costs in mind, here’s a quick equation to work out a budget for how much bi-folding doors cost in total:

Materials + Installation + Additional costs 

The best way to work out how much bi-fold doors cost is to speak to local bifold door specialists. They’ll be able to give you professional advice and quotes for the job.

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What is the best material for bifold doors?

The most common material types used for bifold doors are uPVC and aluminium however composite and timber options are available too.

Each material has its benefits and we have compiled the following list to help you choose the perfect door for you:


If aesthetics are important to you, aluminium doors are the best option. With a modern, chic appearance, these bifold doors need little maintenance but can be expensive.

Furthermore, they are energy efficient and extremely strong.

The cost of aluminium bifold doors with 3 – 5 panels ranges from £3,000 - £7,500.

Related guide: How much do aluminium sliding doors cost?


The cheapest option and perfect for those on a tight budget. uPVC doors are durable and available in a large choice of colours and styles.

The cost of uPVC bifold doors with 3 – 5 panels ranges from £2,000 - £4,500.


Although difficult to maintain, as is the norm with most wooden products, timber doors bring a natural style and complement older properties well.

It is essential to regularly paint or treat timber doors to ensure they stand up against the elements.

The cost of timber bifold doors with 3 – 5 panels ranges from £2,500 - £5,500.


These doors are made from a combination of two other materials. As such composite bifold doors can be stronger, more durable and easier to maintain than other options.

Key takeaways for bi-fold door installation

  • Bifold doors are available in timber, uPVC, aluminium and composite options
  • Installation usually takes one day but can take longer for larger doors
  • The cost to install bifold doors depends on many factors such as the number of panels, type of material and time needed
  • Installing bifold doors is a tricky and dangerous job for those without proper training so it is recommended you do not install bifold doors yourself unless you are qualified

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Why install bifold doors?

Bifold doors offer a multitude of benefits throughout the year, whether they’re both open or closed:

  • During colder months they flood your inside space with light and give excellent views of your garden
  • During warmer weather, open them to fill your home with fresh air and create an extended indoor-outdoor living space
  • Bifold doors are a very desirable feature and can add value to your home

All in all, bifold doors are a wise choice and offer so much in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Can I install bifold doors myself?

When undertaking a job of this magnitude it is essential to ensure you have the skills to complete the installation.

Unless you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast, we would always recommend hiring a professional to install bifold doors.

If you’re considering installing them yourself, here are a few points to consider:

  • Bifold doors are heavy and will require at least two people with physical strength to carry out the installation
  • If you drop them, the glass panels may well shatter and you’ll be responsible for replacing them
  • It’s not a simple job and you’ll need in-depth knowledge to install bifold doors safely and efficiently
  • There’s a potential for injury when working with large, heavy bi-folding doors
  • If they’re not installed properly, you could jeopardise the appearance and security of your home

To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalised cost to install bifold doors use our free search feature.

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