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9 reading corner ideas

Step into a world of whimsical reading corner ideas, where imagination knows no bounds and adventures await you at every book-shaped corner.

From the classrooms of eager young learners to the cosy bedrooms of avid readers, we have delightful reading corner design ideas for every nook and cranny.

We believe the joy of reading must spill into the very spaces we inhabit. So, whether you’re a teacher seeking to inspire your students, a parent looking to spark a love of reading, or an adult seeking a sanctuary of literary bliss, we have the perfect reading corner idea just for you.

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Under the sea: Reading corner ideas for KS1

Looking for reading corner ideas for your classroom? Let your young KS1 readers dive into a captivating underwater realm with an aquatic-themed reading corner. Use ocean-themed pillows, fish-shaped bookshelves, and seashells to create an oceanic reading adventure.

Reading corner ideas KS1

Additional ideas

  • Consider a ‘mermaid and pirate’ reading challenge, where kids can choose their reading path and pick their own adventure
  • To foster a love for reading and peer learning, pair older students with younger ones for a buddy learning system

Enchanted forest escape: Classroom reading corner ideas

Imagine stepping into an enchanted forest every time you step foot in your classroom! To create a verdant reading corner, cover the walls with tree-themed wallpaper or murals.

Classroom corner reading ideas

Consider artificial vines from the ceiling and weave fairy lights throughout the space to give it a magical glow. For some extra comfort, add some soft, mossy floor cushions to make the perfect seats for young readers as they disappear inside their favourite books.

Additional ideas

  • Place a reading tree stump or a hollowed-out log as a table for books and snacks
  • Add plush animal puppets to the forest scene, allowing kids to bring their stories to life during reading time

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Time-travelling nook: Reading corner ideas for KS2

Unleash the imagination of older students in KS2 with a time-travelling reading corner.

Decorate the area with vintage maps and antique clocks to create an aesthetic of exploration.

Why not incorporate a ‘time machine’ made from an old phone booth? How about a makeshift TARDIS for an extra touch of excitement?

reading corner ideas ks2

Additional ideas

  • Introduce historical fiction and sci-fi books that will take the kids on thrilling adventures through different eras
  • Host ‘time traveller book clubs’ where students can discuss their favourite time-travel stories and share their thoughts

Space Odyssey: Kids reading corner ideas

Make learning an out-of-this-world experience with a space-themed reading corner.

All you need to do is paint the walls dark blue or black and stick on glow-in-the-dark stars and planets.

For the finishing touch, scatter cosy bean bags or spaceship-shaped chairs for kids to lounge on as they explore the cosmos through paper and ink.

kids reading corner ideas

Additional ideas

  • Hang paper lantern planets from the ceiling to create a mini solar system
  • Display captivating space photographs or illustrations as wall art, which will help spark an interest in astronomy

Take a look at average painter and decorator costs to see how much you could expect to budget.

The cosy book burrow: Bedroom reading corner ideas

Turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and reading bliss with a cosy book burrow.

Install wall-mounted shelves filled with your favourite books and line the corner with plush cushions, soft blankets, and fluffy rugs.

Create a canopy using sheer curtains to add a touch of elegance and warmth to your reading nook.

bedroom reading corner ideas

Additional ideas

  • Set up a mini snack station with your favourite treats and beverages for a complete reading experience
  • Personalise the space with a chalkboard or corkboard to pin quotes, book recommendations, or artwork

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A world of adventure: Reading corner ideas for your home

Bring the wonders of the world into your home reading corner with a global adventure theme.

Use vintage suitcases as makeshift tables or bookshelves, and decorate the walls with maps and postcards from different countries.

Encourage exploration by providing a diverse collection of books representing various cultures and landscapes.

reading corner ideas for home

Additional ideas

  • Create a reading passport where family members can ‘travel’ to different countries by reading books from those regions
  • Organise a family book club that explores books from around the world and discusses cultural insights

Pirate’s cove: Preschool reading corner ideas

Ahoy, young buccaneers! Set sail for adventure in your very own pirate’s cove reading corner.

Decorate with pirate flags, treasure chests, and sea-themed books to encourage preschoolers to set their course for reading success.

Don’t forget to include pirate costumes and props for imaginative play!

preschool reading corner ideas

Additional ideas

  • Create a reading treasure hunt where kids follow clues to find hidden books or reading challenges
  • Use puppet shows featuring pirate characters and exciting tales of the high seas for storytelling time

Retro library lounge: Reading corner ideas for adults

For the grown-ups who are kids at heart, these ideas for a reading corner are for you.

Why not create a cosy reading lounge with vintage furniture, classic novels, and a roaring fireplace?

You can even incorporate a bookshelf filled with timeless literature and old-fashioned decor to evoke a sense of nostalgia and intellectual charm.

reading corner ideas for adults

Additional ideas

  • Set up a vintage typewriter or calligraphy set if you enjoy journaling or creative writing
  • Organise a book exchange club for fellow book enthusiasts to swap favourite reads and discuss literary gems

Take a look at what you could expect to pay for custom built shelving.

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Storybook cottage: Reading corner ideas for school

Step into a charming storybook cottage right in your school’s reading corner.

Decorate the space with fairy-tale-inspired artwork, including castle turrets and magical creatures.

Use bookshelves shaped like cottage windows to house an enchanting collection of fairy tales and folklore.

Reading corner ideas for school

Additional ideas

  • Organise a ‘Once Upon a Time’ reading challenge, where students read classic and lesser-known fairy tales (just avoid the Brothers Grimm!)
  • Host author visits or storytelling sessions in a storybook cottage to create a magical connection between students and writers

Did you find what you were looking for with these reading corner ideas? Let us know in the comments! For more content like this, check out our blog.

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