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Last updated on June 7th, 2023

Swimming pool cost guide

An indoor or outdoor swimming pool will certainly maximise your enjoyment of your property and can add value to it too. Building an indoor and outdoor swimming pool is a dream for many of us, but how much does a swimming pool cost?

In this cost guide, we look at the average cost to build a swimming pool, including indoor and outdoor swimming pool costs, as well as hidden and hydrotherapy pool costs.

Types of swimming pool

When deciding on an indoor or outdoor pool, you can choose from two types:

  • Pre-built resin or fibre pools
  • Poured or sprayed concrete pools

Pre-built resin or fibre pools

Pre-built pools are already constructed from materials such as fibreglass. The swimming pool is placed, fully built, into a pre-dug hole. The benefits are that the pool is already constructed and water-tight. However, they only come in a limited range of standard shapes and sizes.

Pre-built resin and fibre pools are more flexible than concrete pools, which makes them more resistant to cracking. Average swimming pool installation costs are lower too.

Poured or sprayed concrete pools

Poured concrete pools are built by shuttering and pouring ready-mixed concrete to form a shell. Sprayed concrete pools use pressure sprayers to shoot concrete at high pressure at high speed onto the reinforcing steels.

The concrete is then sealed and finished with a layer of tiles. Poured or sprayed concrete pools can be built in all shapes and sizes, but they are more expensive to construct than pre-built resin and fibre pools.

Outdoor swimming pool in garden

Steps to build a swimming pool

Building a swimming pool is a complex process that typically follows the steps below:

  • Excavation – digging out space for the swimming pool
  • Installing a pre-built pool or concrete shell
  • Tanking – the process of creating a watertight shell
  • Installation of the swimming pool liner or tiles
  • Fitting of the filtration system to keep the water clean
  • Installation of the heating system, fittings and pipework
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Average swimming pool installation costs

The prices below are for the installation of the pool itself, with a depth of 1.25 metres. The water in the swimming pool is heated, with a system to manage the temperature.

These prices do not include additional work and hidden pool costs that you may be required to pay, which are listed below.

Cost provided UnitCost range (low - high) + VATAverage cost + VAT
Constructing an indoor swimming poolPer job£85,000 - £220,000£152,500
Indoor swimming pool building costPer square metre£1,900 - £5,000£3,450
Constructing an outdoor swimming poolPer job£60,000 - £150,000£105,000
Hydrotherapy pool costPer job£70,000 - £200,000+£135,000
Hidden pool costPer job£20,000 - £60,000£40,000
Endless poolper job£18,000 - £45,000-
Infinity poolper job£110,000 - £250,000-

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool costs

An indoor pool will cost between £85,000 - £220,000 to construct. The average cost to build an indoor swimming pool is £152,500.

Outdoor swimming pool costs

An outdoor pool will cost between £60,000 - £150,000 to construct. The average cost to build an outdoor swimming pool is £105,000.

Additional swimming pool installation costs

Whether you are building an internal or external pool, there are significant other expenses that need to be considered and budgeted for, including:

  • Design and planning
  • Excavation work
  • Plumbing
  • Any disruption to mains water or gas supplies
  • Pool cover
  • Making good any damage to your property or garden
  • Pool maintenance

If you are constructing a building to house the pool in, budget an average of £3,450 per square metre for a new indoor swimming pool building.

It’s worth speaking to a specialist about the total cost of building a swimming pool and where you could make savings.

Hydrotherapy pool costs

If you’ve ever been to a fancy spa, then you’ll know that the rejuvenating and relaxing benefits of a hydrotherapy pool make them hard to beat. Through a combination of temperate, pressure and the flow of the water, the mind and body can be soothed, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

You no longer need to go to a spa to get this experience and it’s possible to have a hydrotherapy pool installed in your own back garden, or inside your home. You can even customise the pool to your needs, including lights, sounds, heating, and the power of the jets to ensure maximum relaxation.

Depending on these requirements and the size, hydrotherapy pool costs will vary from £70,000 - £200,000+.

Infinity pool cost

If you’ve ever stayed at a rooftop hotel or clifftop resort, then chances are you’ll have taken a dip in an infinity pool, also known as a zero-edge pool. This luxurious pool design plays a trick on the eye, seemingly presenting a body of water that goes on forever into the horizon.

This illusion is created by making one side, or typically an end, lower than the rest of the sides, allowing the water to flow over and seemingly connect the pool to the surrounding cityscape, seascape or landscape.

On average, an infinity pool will cost around £110,000 - £250,000 depending on size and location.

The bulk of the additional infinity pool cost comes from the engineering that has to go into its construction, particularly as it requires a fairly intricate combination of balance tanks and pumps to ensure the edge overflow remains consistent, no matter the number of swimmers in the pool.

Also, as zero edge pools are typically installed on a rooftop or hillside, an infinity pool price is influenced by additional logistical, structural and construction considerations compared to an outdoor pool fully sunk into the ground. Reason enough to make sure you use a professional on your pool project.

Endless pool cost

Often mistaken as another name for an infinity pool, an endless pool is in fact a compact swimming pool with an adjustable current that you can swim against. When you match the speed of the current to your strokes you essentially stay in the same place, which is why they are called endless pools, because you never get to the end.

Due to the fact that the majority of endless pools are above ground installations and fairly compact in size, you’ll find an endless pool cost is significantly lower than a traditional ‘lap’ swimming pool. Depending on the size and the functionality of the in-built current generator, an endless pool price can be between £18,000 - £45,000. Of course, your total endless swimming pool cost will be influenced by its location, indoor or outdoor, and related logistics, which is why it’s always best to get an accurate quote for your project from an expert.

Hidden pool cost

Do you like the idea of a pool but hate the fact it will take up much of your garden when you’re not using it? Or, do you have a small garden and don’t think you’ll have enough space left when adding a pool? Then the hidden pool trend is an ideal solution.

These incredible pools can be hidden away at the press of a button, leaving a neat, tidy patio space that can be used just like the pool was never there. Not only is it practical and useful for the winter months, but it’s also great for parties too!

If you have kids and pets it also means you can hide the pool when not using it, keeping them protected without the need for safety fences. Some hidden pools even allow you to set the depth, so you can change from a deep pool to one that’s perfect for paddling.

Hidden pool costs tend to be lower than traditional pools as currently they only come in relatively small sizes. The price of hidden pools varies from £20,000 - £60,000, although if you want a large pool or walkable top for an existing pool you’ll need to have something bespoke created. Maintenance costs are also reduced, as fewer chemicals are needed to keep the water levels right.

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Factors that could affect swimming pool costs

The average cost to install a swimming pool can be affected by a variety of factors, such as:

  • Size of the pool
  • Method of construction
  • Design costs
  • Survey of land prior to building
  • Type of soil or ground (if building an outdoor pool)
  • Location in the house/garden
  • The area you live in
  • Access to the property, pipework and to wastewater

Swimming pool cost calculator

To calculate the cost of building a swimming pool you’ll need to start by working out the size and style of pool you want. From there, the location is an important factor as the labour cost will depend on the complexity of the installation and any digging and prep work needed. You also need to factor in the plumbing, pipework, electrics and other associated services that will be needed to build a swimming pool.

If you want a basic above the ground swimming pool with no lighting or additional features, the cost will be lower than a beneath the surface heated pool with lights and a jet stream. We always recommend speaking to local swimming pool specialists to get their professional advice, a rundown of your options and quotes with accurate costs for the project.

Swimming pool installation quotes

We always recommend obtaining at least three quotes from our trusted tradespeople. Our request a quote feature is perfect for getting quotes – just post the details of your job and we’ll send it out to local tradespeople in your area. Try it out!

Swimming pool installation hourly rates

Due to the nature of installing a swimming pool, a number of different tradespeople will usually be needed. Therefore, there is no single hourly rate for swimming pool installation. However, here are the average rates of the various specialists you might need to hire for the job:

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Can I build a swimming pool myself?

Building a swimming pool is not a DIY job and could be dangerous if not done properly. Only work with an established and experienced professional.

Before going ahead you should speak to an experienced swimming pool builder who can assess your property and your proposed pool location. They can answer any questions you may have about the design and installation of your pool.

Build a swimming pool - Tiling the pool

Swimming pool costs – key takeaways

  • A professionally built indoor or outdoor swimming pool can add value to your property
  • You need to choose between a pre-built resin or fibre construction or a bespoke, poured concrete pool
  • The average cost to build an indoor pool is £152,500
  • The average cost to build an outdoor pool is £105,000
  • There are significant other costs that must be covered, such as excavation, design and planning and water access
  • Timescales depend on the size of the pool, construction type and other factors listed in the guide
  • All prices will be affected by a range of factors, including the size of the pool, method of construction, your location and access to your property
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