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Concrete garage builders in Heathfield

There are many excellent builders of concrete garages in Heathfield who are fully recommended by your neighbours.

You can easily find concrete garage builders in two quick and easy ways:

  1. Search for professionals who build concrete garages in Heathfield and contact them directly

  2. Use our time saving request a quote feature and we’ll find builders for you – just give us the details of your project and we’ll reach out to experienced concrete garage builders in your area. They’ll then contact you directly.

  • Is it worth building a concrete garage?

    Not every home comes with a detached or attached garage. Many people choose to add a concrete garage to their property for storage or to add extra living space to their homes.

    You could use your new garage for a variety of functions, such as:

    • To protect your car

    • To store your tools and spare materials

    • As a workshop

    • To build a home gym

    • To add a home office

    Pros of building concrete garages

    As well as increasing your storage or living space, concrete garages have many benefits. Choosing to build your garage out of concrete means it’ll be strong, durable, weatherproof and have great aesthetics. Concrete garages are secure and can add value to your property.

    Cons of building concrete garages

    With the many benefits of building a concrete garage it can be easy to get carried away. However, concrete garages do have a few drawbacks. For starters they’re more expensive than other types of garage. They also take longer to build and once built can’t be moved to a new location.

    Do concrete garages get damp?

    As concrete is quite a cool material, this can cause damp when warm air reaches the surfaces of your garage. You can eliminate damp in your garage by damp proofing the space. This can be done by adding extra ventilation, raising the air temperature in your garage, or reducing the humidity in the air.

    To learn more about reducing damp in your garage, read our damp course cost guide.

  • How much is a concrete garage?

    Building a concrete garage is an investment that comes with a variety of benefits, but you may be wondering ‘how much is a concrete garage?’. This will strongly depend on a few different factors including the size of the garage, the quality of materials used, the type of roof and its location.

    Average concrete garages prices

    Generally, your concrete garage will cost between £13,000 and £15,000. However, as mentioned above, this figure will be affected by many different factors. You can find a full list of concrete garage prices in our build a garage cost guide.

    Extra concrete garage costs

    In addition to paying for your garage to be constructed, you’ll need to budget for extra concrete garage costs. These may include;

    • The installation of electrics

    • Flooring

    • Decoration

    • Furniture

    • New garage doors

  • How to build a concrete garage

    Learning how to build a concrete garage is definitely not a project for a DIY novice. It takes experience to construct an entirely new building on your property and complying with building regulations is essential.

    If you’re looking for builders of concrete garages in Heathfield, try our online search feature.

    Do you need planning permission to build a concrete garage?

    You may be pleased to know that often you won’t need planning permission to build your new concrete garage. You’ll only need planning permission if your garage floor space will be over 15m2 (freestanding) or 30m2 (attached), will be used as a living space, is over 1 storey high or covers more than 50% of your land.

    To learn whether you need planning permission to build a concrete garage, check out our handy guide.

    Concrete sectional garage planning permission

    Sectional garage doors are made up of panels that join together to appear like a standard garage door. Thankfully, you’ll only need concrete sectional garage planning permission if your garage meets the above conditions.

    How long does it take to erect a concrete garage?

    Concrete garages usually take longer to build than other types of garage. The reason for this is that the construction process is more complex and time consuming. This means it could take up to 2 months to complete construction on your new garage.

    Is insulation important for a concrete garage?

    Absolutely, insulation is particularly important if you plan to use your garage during the colder months. If you’re hoping to spend long periods of time in your concrete garage, adding heating to the space will help you feel more comfortable. Insulation can prevent heat loss and reduce your energy bills.

  • Where should I build my concrete garage?

    Finding the right location for your concrete garage is vital for aesthetic and practical reasons. Your garage should be easy to access and built on a flat, solid surface.

    We’d recommend choosing a location that is dry, level and supportive. Clay soil is a great choice. Also check for pipes, cables and other obstacles before construction starts.

    Want to speak to builders of concrete garages in Heathfield?

    Once you’re ready to get started on building your new concrete garage, it’s important to find the right professional for the job. This guarantees amazing results from a tradesperson you can trust. A professional garage builder will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

    Finding a tradesperson who builds concrete garages in Heathfield doesn’t have to be complicated. Using our free search feature can help you to look for local experts at the touch of a button.

    Or, our request a quote feature is a fantastic way to find a professional. Simply send us the details of your project and we’ll pass these to three garage builders who’ll contact you directly.