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Do you need planning permission for a garage?

Whether you want to build or convert a garage, you may be curious if you need planning permission. This article is packed with advice, prices and guidance.

Garages are extremely multi-functional. Although perfect for housing your car, garages are often used for additional storage, or even as a workshop, music studio or entertainment room. But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a garage’s potential. The space could be converted into an office, a home gym or even a bedroom.

Whether you want to build a new garage or convert an old one, you may be wondering if you need planning permission for your new/converted garage.

This article covers everything you need to know about garage planning permission, including extensions and conversions.

Benefits of garage conversions and new garages

Many homeowners neglect their garages and, in truth, have no idea just how beneficial owning a garage can be.

For starters, a garage conversion can increase the value of your home. This is especially true if your garage has been converted. A garage can also become a whole new extra living space to your home. Imagine having that second bathroom you desperately need, or even a home gym or office.

You could even choose to convert part of your garage, leaving space for storage. In fact, garage conversions are quite reasonable and won’t impact the amount of council tax you pay.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a garage already, you can consider building one from scratch.

planning permission for garageDo you need planning permission to build a garage?

Well, this will depend on a few factors, but generally, no, you won’t need planning permission to build a garage.

Garages are usually considered as outbuildings and don’t need planning permission. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. If you want to avoid needing planning permission, ensure your garage:

  • Has a floor space of below 15m2 if freestanding or 30m2 if attached to your home.
  • Isn’t used as a living space.
  • Isn’t higher than 4 metres.
  • Takes up less than half of your land.
  • Is only one storey high.

If your garage falls outside any of these regulations, you’ll likely need to apply for planning permission before building commences.

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Do you need planning permission to convert a garage?

Whether or not you need garage conversion planning permission depends on the scope of your plans. For example, if you’re making internal changes and not increasing the size of your garage it’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission. If you’re extending it, then it’s always best to check if planning permission is required, as it could be likely for an extension.

If you need further clarification, it’s best to contact your local planning authority.

planning permission to extend my garageDo I need planning permission to extend my garage?

Building a garage extension that’s attached to your home is a great way of adding more storage space. But does would that require planning permission?

Garage extension planning permission is a little more complex than if you’re converting an existing garage, so there are more regulations in place. Jump back to our earlier ‘do you need planning permission to build a garage’ section for further guidance.

Another brilliant source of information is the HomeOwners Alliance planning permission guide.

Do I need planning permission for a garage in my garden?

Along with sheds and greenhouses, garages are considered to be outbuildings. What’s more, outbuildings are treated differently than other types of home additions when it comes to planning permission. This can lead people to ask ‘do I need planning permission for a garage in my garden?’

Generally, outbuildings are considered as permitted development, meaning you won’t need planning permission to build one in your garden. However, you need to ensure your garage doesn’t exceed the regulations in place which state that your garage can’t take up more than half of your land and isn’t higher than 4 metres.

Do I need planning permission for a wooden garage?

Whether your garage comes readymade or is built from a kit you’ll usually not need planning permission. When it comes to building a wooden garage, this is often seen as a temporary structure, unlike traditional brick garages.

Which tradespeople do I need to hire for the job?

The best tradespeople to convert or build your garage is a builder or general contractor. They’ll have the knowledge and qualifications to complete your project to the highest standards.

Depending on how much work is going on with your garage conversion or build, you will more than likely need to work with electricians and plumbers too. You can either find these yourself on Checkatrade, or speak with your builder to see if they know reliable experts to do the job.

Search your postcode below to see who your neighbours recommend for your garage conversion or build.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

garage conversion planning permissionHow to find the best tradesperson to build or convert your garage

Before you jump in, take a little time to find the right professional for your job. You’ll need to hire someone trustworthy, reliable and experienced to get the job done to the best standard.

The easiest way to find a trusted contractor near your home is through our online directory. A quick search will connect you with a wide range of professionals perfect for your job. Even better, all recommendations will be honest reviews from your neighbours!

As we mentioned previously, the HomeOwners Alliance website is an excellent resource when building or converting a garage. They have helpful guides on everything from garage planning permission and how to find the best professional for your job.

How much does a garage cost to be built or converted by a professional?

Well, this will all depend on whether you want to build a freestanding garage, add a garage extension, or convert an existing garage. Each option has its own challenges, difficulty level and timescale which adds up to completely different costs.

Thankfully, the below guides are full of prices, considerations, and factors to help you plan your garage project:

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