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Local surveyors near Farnham

​​There are plenty of good local surveyors in Farnham who come well recommended by your neighbours.

We have two quick and easy ways to find reliable local surveying companies near you:

  1. Search for local surveyors in Farnham and contact them yourself

  2. Use our handy request a quote feature and we’ll find them for you – tell us what you need doing, we’ll reach out to recommended surveyors in your area and they'll contact you directly.

  • How much is a surveyor in the UK?

    The cost of a surveyor in the UK will depend on the type of surveying work that you need doing. If you’re buying a house then you’ll want to hire a surveyor to carry out a house survey for you and here are the average costs for a house survey:

    • Level one (condition report) – £400 - £950

    • Level two (condition + homebuyer report) – £450 - £1,000

    • Level three (building survey) – £600 - £1,500

    How much does a chartered surveyor cost for a structural survey?

    If you’re planning to have a structural survey carried out on a property, then the average cost for a chartered surveyor to do the work will mainly depend on the value of the property being surveyed.

    Here are some of the average costs for a structural survey based on property value:

    • Up to £100,000 – £630

    • £100,001 - £200,000 – £700

    • £200,001 - £300,000 – £800

    • £300,001 - £400,000 – £900

    • £400,001 to £500,000+ – £990+

    How much does a building surveyor cost for a homebuyers survey?

    The average cost for a homebuyer’s survey starts from around £450, depending on the value of the property, and can go up to around £1,000.

    How much does a surveyor cost per hour?

    The hourly rate for a surveyor will depend on the type of surveying work they’re doing, the complexity of the project and the experience of the individual surveyor. As a guide, you can expect to pay an experienced structural surveyor in the UK somewhere in the region of £100 per hour.

    Party wall surveyor cost

    For specific work dealing with party wall issues, the party wall surveyor cost can vary depending on the number of surveyors involved and the experience of those surveyors – anywhere from £90 - £450 per hour.

    Quotes for surveyor costs

    To get accurate surveyors costs in your area, we always recommend getting at least three quotes from local surveyors near you. By shopping around you can make sure you're paying a fair and competitive price for the work.

    Thankfully, our request a quote tool makes getting multiple quotes super easy. Simply post details about the surveying work that you need help with and we’ll send it out to the best local surveyors in your area, who will contact you directly. Try it out – it's quick and easy!

  • What does a surveyor do?

    The classic surveyor meaning is often classified as a skilled professional who examines the condition of land and buildings for a living. One of the most common reasons you’ll need a surveyor is when you’re buying a property.

    When a surveyor carries out a house survey, the process they follow will depend on the level of survey that they’re doing. Here’s a quick rundown of the three levels of survey and what’s involved with each:

    • Level 1 (condition report) – The surveyor will highlight any obvious risks or defects and identify any potential legal issues, but won’t carry out an in depth inspection or give you a detailed report on the findings.

    • Level 2 (condition report + homebuyer report) – In addition to the basic condition survey, the surveyor will carry out a closer inspection of the property and check for structural problems and other issues, such as subsidence or damp.

    • Level 3 (building survey) – This is the most thorough house survey, where the surveyor will perform a comprehensive survey to investigate the structural integrity of the building, including checking behind walls, under floorboards, and behind furniture. They'll also provide you with a very detailed report covering all the issues found and specific recommendations with a timeline and estimated costs for any work suggested.

    How long will the surveyor be in my house?

    The time it takes for a surveyor to complete a house survey will depend on the level of survey being done. For a basic condition report or homebuyers survey you can expect the surveyor to be in the house for around 1-4 hours. For a full structural survey it can take roughly 3-8 hours to complete.

    Need help with surveying?

    Whether you need a basic condition survey done on a property you’re buying, or you’re planning to build a new home and need a land survey carried out, it’s always good to get advice from local surveyors before you get started.

    Find the best local surveyors near you with our quick and easy online search. Or request a quote and we’ll reach out to multiple local surveyors for you and they’ll get in touch with you directly. You might also want to read our guide on tips for hiring a surveyor when buying a house.

  • What are the types of surveyors?

    In the UK, there are different types of surveyor who all specialise in a certain area of surveying. They are:

    • Quantity surveyors – Their job is to manage the costs of a large construction project, from start to finish, whilst also ensuring that legal requirements and quality standards are met.

    • Land surveyors – A land surveyor (also known as a geomatics surveyor) typically spends a lot of time outdoors working on different types of sites due for development, surveying the land and boundaries.

    • Party wall surveyors – The role of a party wall surveyor is to settle disagreements between neighbours that have come up as a result of The Party Wall Act 1996, which was created to resolve disputes between neighbours who share walls or boundaries.

    • Valuation surveyors – This type of surveyor is responsible for completing valuation and property surveys and they usually specialise in a certain type of property, such as residential or commercial.

    • Building surveyors – Building surveyors are often more generalised in their field of work and can be involved in all aspects of property and construction, from completing building surveys and advising on property management to repairing, maintaining and restoring commercial and domestic properties.

    Want to speak to surveyors in Farnham?

    Sometimes it helps to have a quick chat with local surveyors to understand what services you might need and how much they’ll cost.

    If you’re ready to reach out to local surveyors, you’re in the right place. We can help you find the best surveying experts in your area with our quick and easy online search – or request a quote and we’ll get multiple local surveyors to contact you directly.

  • Is it worth getting a surveyor?

    The value that a surveyor can bring will depend on the type and scale of project you’re dealing with, and also the skills and experience of the individual surveyor. However, when it comes to buying land or property, a surveyor can save you a lot of money and grief down the line.

    The last thing you want to do is buy a property only to find out afterwards that there are major issues that will cost a lot to put right, such as electrical faults, damp, central heating problems or structural issues.

    Benefits of hiring a property surveyor

    If you’re on the fence about hiring a local surveyor to carry out a property survey, here are some of the reasons why we think it’s a good investment:

    • They can identify all sorts of issues or defects that affect the property, which you may not notice

    • An experienced surveyor can advise on estimate costs to fix issues with a property before you buy it

    • If a survey reveals problems with a property you can use their report to reduce the price you pay

    Find the best local surveyors

    If you’re keen to get started with your surveying project, we can help you find the best local surveyors near you – including those who come highly recommended by your neighbours.

    You can either use our quick and easy online search to find and contact local surveyors companies yourself. Or, alternatively, request a quote and we’ll do the legwork for you by reaching out to the best surveyors in your area and we’ll get them to contact you directly.

  • What is the difference between a building survey and a structural survey?

    There’s often a lot of confusion around the difference between a building survey and a structural survey, so you’re not alone when you ask that question. Here’s a quick summary of the two types of survey:

    • A building survey is typically carried out by a qualified RICS building surveyor and in a full inspection of all accessible parts of a property and will report details of anything that can be seen.

    • A structural survey will usually be carried out by a chartered civil or structural engineer and will specifically look at the structural integrity of the property in detail.

    What’s included in a full structural survey?

    When you hire a surveyor to carry out a full structural survey of a property, they will provide a full analysis of the property that covers a range of areas, including (but not limited to):

    • Building materials

    • Roofing

    • Guttering and waste pipes

    • External and internal walls

    • Condition of all doors and windows

    • Ceiling material and height

    • All interior flooring

    • Wiring and electrics

    • Plumbing and heating

    • Paintwork, plastering and other decoration

    • Damp and ventilation

    • Condition of any garages and outbuildings

    To find out more about the types of property survey available, check out our guide on house surveys explained.

    Want to find out more about local surveyor services?

    If you’re dealing with a property purchase or project that requires any kind of surveying, it’s important to speak to local surveyors to understand what’s involved, what surveys might be needed, and how much it will cost. Experienced surveyors will be able to advise on the options available and what you’ll need for your project.

    Keen to get started? Search for the best local surveyors in Farnham and get in touch with them yourself. Alternatively, you can get multiple quotes from local CATEGORY by using our request a quote feature – simply post details of what you need and we’ll get reliable local surveyors to contact you directly.