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Conversion and extension builders in Newport

Our database is full of many highly qualified conversion and extension builders in Newport. It couldn’t be easier to find builders for your conversion or extension, just use the below options:

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  • What is a building extension?

    If you’re looking for a little extra living space in your home, an extension could be the answer. Extensions involve adding new walls, flooring and a ceiling, effectively increasing the size of your home. You could choose to add a new room or simply to extend a small room that’s already a part of your home.

    What are house extensions?

    House extensions work well if you have a good amount of outdoor space. They’re an excellent alternative to buying a larger home and can save you the hassle of a stressful move.

    What is a conversion?

    Unlike extensions, conversions involve transforming a room or area of a building into a new space with a different function. For example, you could upgrade your small cramped attic with a loft conversion, creating a large space for an extra bedroom or office.

  • What are the different types of extension and conversion?

    The good news is that there are many different types of extension and conversion, so finding the right option for your home won't be too tricky.

    Below are some of the most popular types of extension and conversion:


    • Rear extension

    • Semi detached extension

    • Garage room extension

    • Kitchen diner extension


    • Loft conversion

    • Garage conversion

    • Basement conversion

    • Barn conversion

  • How to plan an extension or conversion:

    Planning an extension or conversion is a vital step in the construction process. Without a bulletproof plan, the whole project could derail at any time. The best way to plan an extension or conversion is to sit down with your contractor or an architect to draw up plans.

    When planning an extension or conversion consider the following points:

    • Do you need planning permission?

    • What is your budget?

    • How big will your extension be?

    • Will your project comply with building regulations?

    • How do you want your extension or conversion to look?

    • What tradespeople do you need to work with?

    • How will you source the necessary materials?

    • Will you run the project yourself or hire a project manager?

    How long does it take to build an extension or conversion?

    This will vary depending on the scope of your plans. For example, a bathroom conversion may take two weeks, while a double storey house extension could take months.

  • How to build an extension or conversion

    Once you’re ready to go ahead with your exciting project, you’ll need to hire an extension builder and other tradespeople to carry out the work.

    Wondering how to build an extension or conversion? Most large scale home renovations follow the below stages:

    1. Planning

    2. Preparation

    3. Construction

    4. Adding utilities

    5. Decoration

    Our guide to building an extension goes into more detail about the process to build an extension. It also includes guidance on planning for your extension and some excellent resources.

  • How much does an extension or conversion cost?

    It can be difficult to estimate just how much an extension or conversion costs. This is due to the many factors that affect the amount you pay. Below are some of the things to consider when estimating the cost of your extension or conversion:

    • Extension or conversion?: Extensions often take longer and are more labour intensive than conversion so can be more costly

    • Scale of your plans: If you’re making minimal changes to your home it’ll be much cheaper than extending the entire rear and side of your property

    • Location: Depending on where you live in the UK, this could affect your conversion or extension cost

    • Quality of materials: The higher quality of materials you choose, the more expensive your renovations will be

    • Planning permission: If you do need planning permission, this is an extra cost

    • Access: If your home is difficult to access, labour times will increase and so will the total amount you pay

    Extension costs

    If you’re hoping to add an extension to your home, there are many different options available to you. Below is a list of our handy cost guides covering average extension costs and so much more:

    Conversion cost

    Converting a room or building is a fantastic way to maximise its potential. A conversion can turn a small unused space into something spectacular.

    Looking for inspiration? Below are some of our conversion cost guides packed with prices and other information:

    How much do drawings for a house extension cost?

    Getting professional drawings helps to put your ideas down on paper, creating a clear design and plan for your contractor to work from. Drawings are often done by an architect, ensuring the dimensions are accurate and you’re making the most of the space available.

    Based on the size and shape of your home, drawings could cost anything from £350 - £950.

    Will an extension or conversion add value to my home?

    Absolutely! If you choose to add an extension or convert part of your home, this can add value. Plus, it makes your property very attractive to buyers.

    So, how much value can an extension or conversion add? Well, this really depends on the alterations you make but you could add up to 20%.

    Below are some examples of how to add value to your home:

    • Double storey extension: Up to 12%

    • Loft conversion: Up to 20%

    • Garage conversion: Up to 20%

    For more information, please see our how much value does an extension add guide.

    Want to speak to conversion or extension builders in Newport?

    Converting part of your home or building an extension is a brilliant way of adding value, increasing your living space and making your home more functional. Having said that, it’s really important to find an experienced builder you can trust

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