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Use job sheet templates to save yourself time and effort on the job

From efficiency and productivity, to professionalism and time-tracking, using a job sheet will bring real benefits to your business. Best of all, with a job sheet template, it doesn't need to be a struggle to keep on top of.

If you’re winning more work and filling your calendar fast, then you’ll definitely want to stay super organised with all your admin, including the admin around managing jobs and keeping a log of your work on the job. This is where job sheets come in handy.

Job sheets can be fiddly, though. So more specifically, you’re looking for job sheet templates to use over and over again, making it really easy to keep on top of everything.

There are different options to think about when it comes to introducing and using a job sheet template in your business.

What is a job sheet?

It’s a useful document that gives all the information needed for a trade to complete a job. But it’s also the document to fill in when the job is completed. The trade can document the completion, almost like a handover and log should you ever need to revisit the notes.

It means your employees can track their work and easily track the time it took to complete a task or job.

What’s a job sheet template?

A job sheet template is a structured version of a job sheet document. It has a set layout that’s ready for you and your team to complete before, on, and after a job.

The job sheet template will be tailored to your business. It will have your branding and all the other necessary information for you to handover to a tradesperson on the job and for them to feedback once the job is complete.

Why use a job sheet template

Using a job sheet template will save you and your team a lot of time. It’s an easy-to-use blank template that helps to stop you and the team faffing around with how it looks or what information needs to be included on the job sheet. The template makes sure everything you need is already there and ready to be completed.

Professionalism is the first big reason. As you begin to add more structure and processes to your workflows, you will improve your ease of life, but most importantly, the customer service you provide.

Clarity is another. The ability to brief your team on a job, include its details, and know they can head onsite clear on what they need to do as soon as they get there.

From clarity comes efficiency. The ability for your colleagues to get straight into the job without asking questions, guessing or making phone calls back to base.

Then you have tracking, as the job sheet enables you to understand how long a specific job took.

This then feeds into pricing, as you are able to use the data from tracking to accurately price future jobs of a similar nature, potentially making you more profitable.

All of this can be achieved from a digital or printable job sheet template! It’s easy to see why they’re so popular with other trades.

So, how do you get a job sheet template? Or how do you create one?

two electricians working
Job sheets make it clear to your team exactly what work needs doing

Your job sheet options

Create your own template using a free job sheet template online, go down the paper route (time-consuming to fill in and hard to track), or use something a little smarter and easier for your team.

Digital is the way forward when it comes to doing job sheets right, so here are your digital options.

Job sheet template in Excel

With Microsoft Excel being one of the most commonly used pieces of software in businesses, it’s no surprise there are a range of Excel job sheet templates available.

Excel itself doesn’t include a job sheet template. But job sheets that work within the software are readily available to download from third-party websites. You then simply open in Excel, edit and save the file, making copies for all of your jobs.

If you already use Excel, then the program is a great option for creating and managing job sheets within your business. To find one online, search ‘job sheet template excel’ or ‘job card template excel’ and you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Job sheet template in Word

If Word is your preferred Microsoft software within your business, rather than Excel, then you can still find a job sheet template to download and use.

As with Excel, there aren’t any job sheet templates free within Word, but there are plenty available through third-party companies and individuals. Just search ‘job sheet template word’ online and choose one that works for you.

An advantage of using job sheet templates in Word is they can be easier to print-off than in Excel, as you don’t have all of the cells to squeeze into one page of A4 – we’ve all been there!

What you may want to include in your job sheet template

In the top section, at the very least you should expect to see:

  • Employee/contractor name
  • Date

In the main table section, there should be:

  • Job number
  • Client name
  • Client address
  • Job description
  • Site visit notes
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Total time on job

And in a bottom free-writing section:

  • Notes
  • Attachements

Top tip: If you want to see some examples of a job sheet before you decide on one for your business, you can search for a job sheet sample online and then tweak a template to make it perfect for your line of work.

Also, for more in-depth support around organising your daily jobs, check out our guide to managing time and workload.

The best type of job sheet template

Explore using a field service management software’s job sheet template

Imagine having a system that has everything from your job schedule, customer information, and a job sheet template to use. It would make everything so much easier to access everything you need in one place.

That’s where our partners over at Powered Now come in.

Checkatrade members are saving time from finances and paperwork, thanks to Powered Now

Daily job sheet templates with Powered Now

Powered Now’s job sheet software is really easy to use. In just a few clicks, you or your team can create a digital job sheet.

Powered Now Job Sheet Template for tradespeople
From Powered Now

You can see just how easy it is to create a job sheet in Powered Now in their blog on job sheet templates.

Best of all, with one system you will have access to everything you need, making it easy to complete a job sheet at any given time.

Make sure to explore Powered Now, and if you join as a Checkatrade member, you can get 30% off the full Powered Now system!

How Powered Now can help your business

Best of all, Checkatrade members get an exclusive deal for this software!

Find out more

Job sheet template for electrician

While some trades may need a specific layout, a job sheet template for an electrician will be similar in design to that of any other tradesperson.

As an electrician you can find a job template free online and use it within your line of work. The only amendment you might want to make is a section for any specific dangers onsite/in the area of work that you need your colleague to know about.

Maintenance job sheet template

Unlike a regular job sheet that will be different every time, a maintenance job sheet is likely to contain set tasks that are required to be completed periodically. The address and client may change, however, as the same maintenance may be required at different locations.

A good maintenance job sheet template will contain much the same as a daily job sheet, but may have check boxes next to the maintenance items to show they have been taken care of, and to keep a contract or warranty period valid.

invoicing being done at a desk
Using job sheets makes invoicing easier and more accurate

How Powered Now can help your business

Best of all, Checkatrade members get an exclusive deal for this software!

Find out more

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