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Door installation cost

In our homes, doors are the pieces of hardware we use the most. When they’re in good condition, we hardly notice them. However, when they begin to show signs of wear and tear, we start to consider upgrading them.

If you’re thinking about replacing your old doors, or perhaps you’re renovating or extending your property, then researching door installation costs should be your first step.

Thankfully, we’ve put together this handy door installation cost guide. Use this to understand the various options available when it comes to upgrading the doors in your home.

Typical cost of external door installations: £75 - £175
Average time to install external doors: 2 - 6 hours

What to consider when choosing a door


If you’re looking at replacing your front and back doors, then opting for a higher quality material is advised. If you’re only upgrading the doors inside your home, then you can get away with less robust options and opt for style over sturdiness.


Are you living in a grade listed building? Do your door options match your exterior or interior aesthetics? Are you looking for rustic, plain, dark or light wood?

With so many to choose from, the appearance and suitability of your doors is a consideration that will impact the overall door installation costs.


When it comes to door handles, hinges, knobs and even letterboxes, there’s a wide range of options available on the market. Whatever you choose, ensure they match your theme and any decorative decisions you’ve made.


Whether it’s the time it takes to have your doors delivered or the time it takes to install them, consider how long you’re willing to put aside to upgrade your home. Jobs that take longer will inevitably cost more, while quick fixes that can be carried out in a day will cost you less.

Type of door

When it comes to the type of door you’re looking for, there’s softwood, hardwood, aluminium, composite, UPVC, glass, panel, french, patio and a host of other door types to consider.

uPVC doors are the cheapest on the market, while timber doors are always more expensive.

How long does it take to install a door?

The time it takes to install a door depends on several factors:

  • Whether the removal of the old door is included
  • How many doors are being replaced
  • The type of installation (e.g., patio doors will take longer to install than front doors)
  • Any customisation involved (e.g., if the frame needs resizing)

The actual installations shouldn’t take longer than a few hours, but we recommend you upgrade your doors when the weather is nicer to ensure your home is insulated in time for winter.

Door installation costs
UnitPrice range (low)Price range (high)Average cost
uPVC door installation (including glazing and architrave)Per door£100£150£125
uPVC French & patio door sets (including glazing and architrave)Per pair£125£200£175
Softwood internal door hangingPer door£40£95£75
Hardwood internal door hangingPer door£50£110£95
Softwood external door hangingPer door£100£150£125
Hardwood external door hangingPer door£125£175£150
Brick cut outs – single doorsPer cut out£75£95£85
French or patio door brick cut outsPer cut out£100 £150£125
New lintelsPer lintel£100£150£125

*These are estimated, average costs. Our prices have been researched widely online by the Checkatrade team and represent a ballpark average for your proposed project. Costs may vary by region, the scope of the project and indeed by the products you plan to use.

Find a carpenter near you

Find a carpenter near you

Door installation costsCost to install a door

We spoke to the online estimators at My Build Estimate – a professional estimating company monitored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Here are some of the estimated, average costs from them for door installations.

Factors affecting door install cost

  • The type of door being installed
  • The prep work involved
  • Any debris and old door removal requirements
  • Any painting and finishing requested (internal doors)
  • Installation of additional features (e.g., letterboxes, locks and handles)

Patio door installation cost

Patio doors are a wonderful way to flood your home with light and gain access to an outdoor area. Most commonly built to slide along a track, patio doors are more modern and contemporary than their French counterparts.

Average cost of patio door installations: £175

Sliding door installation cost

Sliding doors are great for space conscious people who prefer their doors to slide instead of swing open. Fixed on top and bottom tracks, these doors are hingeless. They are most often seen on interiors such as wardrobes.

Average cost of sliding door installations: £125

French door installation cost

French doors are a popular, double hinged option that consist of framed translucent panels (leafs) that fold or open outwards. They are more classic in appearance and tend to cover a smaller area than their patio counterparts. If you’re looking for a wider opening, french doors may not be suitable.

Average cost of french door installations: £175

Front door installation cost

As it’s the point of entry to your home, your front door is its most prominent feature. Not only should it reflect your taste and style, but it should be safe, robust and deter potential intruders.

Average cost of front door installations: £138

Interior door installation cost

The aesthetics of your home is an entirely personal choice, as are the doors you choose to access each room. Although safety and durability are factors, the type and finish of interior doors come down to personal preference.

Average cost of interior door installations: £85

Can I install a door myself?Door installation costs

Although there are some works you can complete yourself, such as prepping the area and removing the door about to be replaced in advance, we always recommend waiting for a professional who is trained and experienced in handling every aspect of door installations.

Search for a tradesperson here.

Other cost factors to consider

Door ironmongery

This refers to accessories such as handles, knobs, hinges, knockers, letter plates, push plates and stoppers. They come in different materials, size and shapes, all of which will affect the overall cost of your door installation.

Size of door frames

The size of your door frames and any potential reworking or reshaping they require will incur additional costs.


Architraves are a type of finish that frame your doors. The size and type of architraves you pick are an added expense.


Whether your doors are part of your redecoration efforts or not, once they are installed, the area will need a touch-up.


It’s worth considering any works that are needed to your walls before having new doors installed. Ensuring a good foundation improves the longevity of your door installations.

Key findings

  • The cost of each door installation is dependent on the type, number, materials and finish required
  • The typical cost of external door installations is between £75 and £175
  • The average time to install external doors is between 2 and 6 hours
  • Hiring a builder to remove and replace your doors is advised
  • The cost of your door/s is a separate expense to their installation