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Driveway ideas that are on trend

When it comes to driveway ideas, there are various materials, designs and combinations to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a path, patio, garden or gravel combination, we’re here to inspire your next renovation and enhance your kerb appeal.

Driveway materials and their benefits

Before we dive in, it’s worth understanding what choices are available to you and your driveway hopes and dreams. With so many materials on the market, let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.


Driveway ideas for greater kerb appealPoured concrete is one of the most common materials on the market. It’s used to create a low-maintenance driveway that requires minimal upkeep.

Benefits: Durable, permanent, decay-resistant, long-lasting.


This smooth, dark paved material is another popular driveway option. Consequently, asphalt creates a smooth and seamless edge than many homeowners favour.

Stamped concrete

Instead of pouring the concrete, stamped concrete driveways are created using moulds that are ‘stamped’ while the concrete is still setting. This gives it the appearance of a different material such as stone or brick.

Benefits: Durable, permanent, decay-resistant, long-lasting, versatile.

Interlocking pavers

Paved driveway with shrubsMade using concrete or cement, pavers that interlock are quick and easy to install. They’re a cheaper alternative to cobblestones and can be arranged in various combinations for different aesthetics.

Benefits: Easy to install, look like cobblestone, medium-maintenance, adaptable


Resin is a new, robust, and attractive material that’s increasing in popularity – especially in London. Used as an alternative to block-paving, resin offers a striking aesthetic with a smooth finish. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about any loose stones clogging up your driveway. And, as a result, resin driveways are one of the lowest maintenance options. They naturally drain water, are environmentally friendly, incredibly durable and hard-wearing, and one of the most versatile materials in terms of design options.

Benefits: Versatile, durable, long-lasting, attractive, environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, modern.


resin driveway ideasA great alternative to asphalt, tarmac is a skid-resistant material that’s cheaper to install than other alternatives. Although it doesn’t offer the same smooth finish as some of its counterparts, it can be enhanced through ‘chip sealing.’ This is when tar is poured onto a gravel base, stones are added, and it’s pressed with roller equipment.

Benefits: Affordable, versatile, no sealing necessary, minimal maintenance, suitable for hotter weather.

Exposed aggregate

Aggregate is the top 2020 trend for ‘driveway ideas.’ It creates a beautiful finish with a non-slip surface, comes in a range of colours, shades, and sizes, and is created with unique aggregates that offer a smooth but textured finish.

Benefits: Non-slip, durable, smooth-textured stones, long-lasting, attractive, on-trend.

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Types of driveway ideas

Now we know the types of materials used, let’s take a look at some driveway design ideas.

Gravel driveway ideas

Gravel, block paved edge and cleft post and rail fence driveway
A driveway transformation by Checkatrade’s Pete Beasley in Hampshire – check out this gravel, block paved edge and cleft post and rail fence.

If you want low maintenance, opt for a gravel driveway. It’s great for homes that suffer from wetter conditions, as it absorbs rainwater and stops puddles forming. The crushed stones are also attractive and come in a variety of colours, from grey, natural, black and white.

You could even add some paving slabs to create a stepping stone effect, and install solar-powered lights to guide your way home.

You could even combine gravel with block paving – gravel and a block paved edge for example is a much more affordable option than a fully block paved driveway.

Resin driveway ideas

Resin’s neat and smooth finish is stunning all by itself or with a few key features. Consider the shape of your resin driveway and whether you’d like any cut-outs for plants, trees, water features or decorative edging. Due to resin’s versatility, the sky is your limit. Make a statement or keep things simple. Opt for a two-tone design or use a block colour paired with a bordered lawn.

Tarmac driveway ideas

Tarmac is a lovely dark material that pairs well with patterned bricks. Border the blocks around your driveway to mark out the area and add two textures or tones for extra interest. Also, if you have space, consider building an elevated lawn that sits above the tarmac for an extra ‘wow’ factor. Tarmac looks its best when it’s contrasted with lighter stone or brick edging. A lush green lawn also tones down the darkness for a pleasant finish.

Concrete driveway ideas

Concrete Driveway ideasAlthough the word ‘concrete’ doesn’t immediately conjure up design dreams, it’s actually a malleable material when installed correctly. For example, it can make lovely patterns when poured into moulds, ‘stamped’ onto your drive in large blocks or sectioned and paired with other materials, such as aggregate or slate. Coloured concrete is also great if you want to add dimension and interest, such as a cream border or chequered patterns.

Block paving driveway ideas

Block paving is usually made from concrete, which is engineered in a factory for consistency and accuracy. For this reason, block paving is a durable and versatile option for your driveway. Whether you use one type of block, two-tones, mixed, or a combination of materials, block paving is a decorative option that offers a lovely finish. A top 2020 trend is light grey blocks that border and ‘edge’ the drive and any central features, such as a roundabout, lawn, water feature or pathway. A dark grey paving block is then used to fill in the remaining area, offering a great aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Stone driveway ideas

Gravel, pebbles, stone blocks, crushed stone, marble chips and river rocks are all types of stone driveway materials. They’re a great option if you want to create a personalised driveway or pair it with other materials such as concrete stamps, stepping stones or block paved borders. Stones are attractive and popular due to their low maintenance and weather-resistant durability. Consider pairing them with a brick border and lawn. Then add some ground lights, a few potted perennials, and a pathway to turn your driveway from ‘drab slab’ into ‘stone throne.’

Monoblock driveway ideas

Monoblocked patterned driveway ideasAs the name implies, a monoblock driveway incorporates two-tones to create patterns and interest. The two tones can be two different materials or two colours of the same material.

Some popular combinations include:

  • Grey block paving with a tarmacked driveway.
  • Large stone pathway slabs atop a slate gravel driveway.
  • A dark resin driveway with light monoblock edging and borders.
  • Grey and cream bricks with bordering walls.
  • An asphalt driveway with a light monoblock brick border.
  • A natural stone driveway with brick edging that borders a lawn.
  • Mosiac stone slabs atop short grass. (Also known as ‘grass block pavers’).

For more ideas like this, check out our carousel content below. And remember, hiring a professional tradesperson to install your driveway is a worthwhile investment to ensure longevity, finish and professionalism. Find a reputable local tradesperson on Checkatrade today.

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